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My life advice

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Break the rules be a FIGHTER any DREAM is POSSIBLE if you are brave enough to do it your way. I'm simply just saying whatever you want go for it don't let the haters stop you from being you or doing what you love. Stay humble and just believe in yourself there will always be people that want to bring you down but really and truly it makes you a stronger person just to turn cheek and go the other way

    IF you can look yourself in the mirror everyday with the decisions you make well that's where power starts. They say when you stop worrying about what other people think you start doing what is best for you. I use to worry about what other people think but now I just ignore and move on cause that's just people who really and truly don't have nothing better to do with their time. To say the truth I don't see the need for hate we are all capable of something if we believe and put our minds to it. You can never worry about what other people think of you cause really and truly you will never make everybody happy. I wake up every morning with a positive vibe and a positive quote it helps and truly works it changes your mentality and it's a way of letting go of all the negativity

    I am truly happy with myself. I stop listening to the negative vibes of people because I don't see the meaning of it. Somebody once told me if you have something to say to somebody you are direct but it seems like people do forget on how to be an adult these days. I don't really answer to things because I try to stay away from drama and at the same time keep out of it. Everybody wants what they can't have or what they don't have but to me what you have on the inside its so much more Beautiful than what you don't have on the outside. All I am saying to you is stay being you do what you love and love what you do and probably one day, someday you will be seen if you believe. Ignore the negative vibes of others and be truly happy with yourself, people laugh I say that's their problem.

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