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The Looks

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The Beauty Myth and obsession with physical perfection that traps modern women in a cycle of hopelessness self hatred and self conscious as she tries to fulfill society impossible definition of flawless beauty.

    Love who you are, and love what comes with it including your flaws. Cause what makes you Different is what makes you Beautiful. Everyone comes in all shapes and sizes but rather skinny or small we are all Beautiful no matter what anyone says or thinks. When someone tell me go on a diet the only words I say. Is I love food to much to go on a diet. In My eyes you are who you are what are you going to do starve yourself every day of the day to please other people that shit is just stupid love yourself that's all I'm saying.

    All the People who have knock me down only inspire me to do Better. Never look a girl or woman in the eye and tell her she's fat because that would ruin someone self esteem. But what I have come to find out people will only do what makes them feel good. I mean it have some People in the world with a heart and know not to say those types of things to someone and then it has others who could careless. I mean come on what did that young Girl or Woman ever did to you for you to be saying that their fat. But some men or Guys do forget they come from a Mother. Don't ever worry about the Bitches in The School those are the type of People you are going to meet upon through Life. It will have Young girls telling other girls about their weight are how ugly they are I mean are you serious. I do wonder about people these days.

    Judging people on how big they are or telling someone she's not pretty is so freaking cruel. The Bullying what do people see in doing those type of things people do forget they have brothers and sisters and what don't hit you will hit the younger one. My advice to you if your Being bullied is You live your Life loudly and boldly and your joyful and Bright and others is just cynical it’s not a high school thing it’s a people thing people cut other people down out of jealousy, entertainment amusement or maybe cause is something broken inside of them or it's just for no reason at all it Don't end and it will never change. But the only way this type of people would win if your tears got turn to stone where you become bitter just like them you can't let those types of people change you. And you can't let those types of people stop you from singing and dancing around to your favorite song.

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