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The Pep Talk

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Is that a silly name? No. If you've ever been down in the dumps- siblings, anger, whatever- you've come to the right place. Lift yourself back up and become encouraged and inspired to become a better person. Short tempered? Don't worry, you can help push toward your goal. I hope this helps!
Sincerely, Have a Great Day

    During my lifetime,
    I used to always try to avoid the cracks in the sidewalk. The bumps in the road. Eventually you stumble. Eventually you fall through the cracks... and find yourself stuck.
    How do you Rise? It seems so impossible. Well, the word itself says, 'I'm possible', doesn't it? Why be in the background when you were born for the spotlight?
    Keep pushing. You wouldn't be there if it weren't for your mom. The person who made you angry... fill your mind with that person. Instead of thinking of dropping them in a volcano or feeding them to the sharks, remember what nice things they did for you. You wouldn't have that happiness if it weren't for them.
    Think about the blessings you have. Don't think about things you'd like, like pink bananas or blue skies. Who knows? Maybe pickles will cross your mind?
    Hey, I'm just guessing!
    Never let your emotions overwhelm your actions. Once they take over, your body falls into the deep spell and you become all roary and mad. SAVE YOURSELF!
    Did this help? I hope so. Remember- always rise up. You have courage. You got this.

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959 days ago
hey , nice! u helped a lot of ppl!
1061 days ago
thanks! i hated my mom but this helped lol xDDDDD
1515 days ago
1571 days ago
Thanks so much! You are the best! 😊