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Helplines and links to help you

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I care about everyone on this website. So I wanted to help everyone on here by posting some links that could help you. If anyone has anymore links or helplines then it would be great if you could post them in the comments! Please let me know in the comments if any of these links have helped you.

I have written this for everyone. Not just anyone who is struggling. This is for everyone. Because I'm sure that you know someone who is going through a tough time. They may not show it and they may not want to get help. But you can help them by sharing these links with anyone you know. I hope these help. If I manage to make a difference to even one person's life then that would mean the world to me! Please don't comment any hate comments as this is not the place to do it and I have worked very hard on this. I'm always here for you. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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114 days ago
Hey guys am new! Hey Fox what to be friends?
171 days ago
Hey CrazyMadison! I’ve never been on here, but I just wanted to say thank you for making ASPFV (a safe place for venting). The people that I’ve met there have become a second family to me. Thank you so much for making that page!
— Fox
180 days ago
Hey guys! If you need assistance, go to https://www.allthetests.com/fan-fiction/ask-advice-get-answers/quiz38/1618847019/a-safe-place-for-venting#comments_anchor. We will help you who is struggling and is thinking of suicide! This was made by CrazyMadison in 2021 but none of us is unactive.
305 days ago
shes the same one who made the vent place cool
466 days ago
crazymadisson thanks for making this
860 days ago
ALSO CRAYMADISON COME BACK ILY!!!!!! they have been inactive for so longggggg
(Also I don't know your preferred pronouns sorry)
868 days ago
I just read this thank you so much you are amazing this helped
868 days ago
Hi this place is unactive but Crazymadison you are amazing and brave and oh so nice : )
943 days ago
Heyy this is very helpful for me, an autistic suicidal, formerly abused, teen
954 days ago
Thanks for the positive feedback guys 💖
970 days ago
Thanks so much for this. I will bookmark it in case I need it :)
1129 days ago
Happy Halloween everyone!!!
1135 days ago
Dear,Crazy Madison

I dont have anything wrong with me but theres lot of folks out there that do and it lit up my heart to know that someone like you is helping the community! You are an amazing person i wish you the best in life,and again thank you!

Your friend,Wish
1160 days ago
I have Autism (ASD) but none of the links helped
But this thing is cool
1162 days ago
hey. im dealing with a lot of suicidal thoughts and self harm. i just wanted to say thatnks for this :))
1189 days ago
hey, I'm dealing with some depression...in a weird way. I was hoping this might help.
1209 days ago
hi! i just want to tell you Crazymadison.... you are a amazing human you seem so nice and amazing thank you for making this!! i have really bad Dyslexia ;-; it makes its i hard to learn or understand things. :(
1222 days ago
Hey that's okay! If you are new here or are looking for friends may I recommend you my community it's for nice people to come and talk and it's like a family there's been a tons of hackers on here so yah it's best to have a big family to navigate you so here


And there's another quiz that we like to chat on its by anshika jha it's called 100 percent accurate first period quiz very popular just search accurate and it pops right up! Well if you decide to come we all will be glad and accepting 😊
1222 days ago
Oh sorry that makes more sense! Sorry about being so dramatic! I don't know why I got so offended about it I'm really sorry!! And thanks. You said you have anxiety and depression and anorexia so I hope it all gets better for you! Sorry again! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!
1222 days ago
No please don't, I'm just saying not everyone will use these. And honestly that's okay I used a anxiety helpline once it helped so please keep them and spread awareness bc ppl with depression and anxiety and everything else need that attention to get help😊❤️