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How to become an EDM producer

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I'm not a producer, I just have tips for you guys.😄

    You wanna be a producer? Well, you don't necessarily have to know music theory. It helps, but it's not vital. Your song quality completely rests on your shoulders. Also, vocals/vocal chops are a "cheat code," as a dude named Zac said on a website. (I can't remember what the website was.) You should also listen to music. That doesn't mean "ooh I'm gonna lock meself in me room 24/7 all year listening to EDM." No. You'll just die of starvation and probably go insane. Also, you should at least watch or be at a studio sit in with a pro.
    YouTube. A few dudes can help you, just search The Producer School, Busy Works Beats, or Andrew Huang.
    Use FL Studio. Dude. This is one of the best DAW things out there.(θ‿θ) You'll see what I mean.
    Produce for at least an hour every day. If you stop producing for even a week, you'll lose your touch even if you don't publicly release music.
    Family members love to listen to your music. (, Hopefully.)

    also I'm NOT a professional EDM producer.

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662 days ago
Yes I am a producer now xD
1018 days ago
These tips actually work. i tried them.
1018 days ago
Of course you don't have to make a song i was kidding
1019 days ago
1019 days ago