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Bra Size! Learn how to find it!

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In this I will show you how to figure out your bra size!

    To get your size, you first need to measure. Get a soft measuring tape, like one you use to measure for clothes, or you can use ribbon and measure the ribbon after with a yardstick. First, you need to take off any shirts or bras you’re wearing, then measure all the way around underneath your bust, where the band would be. This is your band measurement. Next, measure all the way around the fullest part of your breasts, usually over your nipple. Be sure when you measure you aren’t squeezing to hard, or not enough, just have it just tight enough to fit one finger in between the tape and your body.
    Note: it is often better to have a close friend or mom measure you, if you measure yourself the way your arms are positioned can move your body in a way where it will skew the measurements, but if you have to then it’s okay.
    Next, time for some math.
    Take your band size, example: my band size is 25.5 inches, and take your busy size, mine is 30 inches.
    Then, subtract the numbers. Mine would be 30-25.5= 4.5 inches. Note that it’s more simple if you round up or down so there is no half inches, you may have to experiment when you get your bras. For each inch difference, it’s one cup size, plus your band size, and that’s your bra size! My bra size would be 30D!
    <1 inch difference: AA or AAA
    1: A
    2: 2
    3: 3

    Please note: bra size is relative. Cup size does not determine size. Here is a good way to visualize: a 30c bra is smaller volume wise than 34b.
    It’s mostly about shape and your body type.
    Thanks! I hope this helps anyone looking for their bra size.

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295 days ago
I just dropped a fork on my 👮 and god it hurt.
413 days ago
Do we do the add 4/5 inch or no?
414 days ago
547 days ago
Your age: 12

Mom and/or female relative's age when she got her period: mom 10 grandma 9 aunt 8 other grandma 9 aunt 7 and little sister 9

Breast stage: they look like adault boo bs but small and small nipples so i would say 3 mabey 4 but my mom also has small boo bs but her niples are normal

Cramps: you can answer the below 5 questions (including this one) with yes or no, if it is a yes, please add since when and how regularly, for example: Cramps: yes, have been getting it from 4 months ago, have it once a week. i get cramps everynow and then like 1 2 3 times a week and i thibk they are cramps but they arnt that bad and i have had it for 2 monthes augest id my 3rd month

Acne breakouts: small skin color sometimes red but idk if its acne but had it for 1 year

Bloating: im always bloated im pretty sure its bloated but everyday 1 year

Mood swings: all the time 1 year plus

Spotting: yes at lest i think its spotting but very small red brown sometimes pink but i only get it a cople times a month but its super small and i have been geting this for 3 4 monthes i think its so small i can bariley see it

Discharge: please answer the below questions with what colour and consistency (amount) white kinda clear mostly white and wet and i get a lot also it drys cursty white in my underwear leaks when i exersize and i had it for 6 monthes

Armpit hair: yes black wavey have to shave everyother day had it for 1 year plus

Leg and hair arm: long and lots but im blond so cant really see it

Public hair (hair down there): yes black wavey shave when it gets to long and had it for 1 year plus

Height: 5ft 1 in 1/2

Weight: 88lbs 90lbs around their

Hips: (how curved are they?) well my mom does not have curved hips really and gymnast my doctor said dont really get cured hips so mine are very little slightley curved i think

Do you have a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend: yes and lot of boy i see in movies and tv and stuff likr that i think they are hot and want to met them

also im very active im a competive gymnast and i do gymnastic 4hrs 5 days a week sometimes more hrs and more day but idk if that will slow the start of my period and i dont have like any fat im all musle becuase i exersize so much and do you think that’s why I don’t have my first period yet

anyone please estimate me period expert to i really want you to and if you need more info for my estimate just ask

Also I sweat more and wear deodorant also I wear padded bras
547 days ago
Hi period expert idk if you remember me but I went by Maddie then I used my real name Abby and I was on websites with you and you kept leaving so can you estimate me please I know this is not an estimate site but I wanted you to estimate me for a while but I could not find you so can you and if you don’t estimate anymore just say I do t estimate anymore so I won’t bug you about it anymore
557 days ago
28b or 28c idk? maybe 30aa idk
561 days ago
568 days ago
568 days ago
hi im 33 and 29 and i got 30d but idk if ur in england and thats right but i am in england and i checked on a definately english website and it said i was A36 bc my bust was 29 and in england you would add 5 inches to that then my band is 33 and i subtract that from 34 (my bust size) so that would make me A36 i am very confused lol?
629 days ago
I’m 27 inches but idk how to work the rest out...
655 days ago
Thanks, this was really useful! I always got confused on what people meant by bra size before.
661 days ago
WOW ash , I didnt know u created this so long ago! Is it ok if I said on here



How to measure bra size

I feel that I don't need to explain as my friend (Ash) has given an explanation in the site she created below


copy and paste to find a detailed explanation on how to measure bra size!

Please note that all the credit for the link that directs you into a site goes to Ash


I hope it is fine :)
661 days ago
I think u remember me?
661 days ago
hi ash! its amazing ur making this! I love it
664 days ago
Different countries have slightly different sizes and size charts
720 days ago
Also hiya ash you probably dont remember me but hey
720 days ago
Probably a 25D if thats a thing
727 days ago
Hi! So I am not familiar with the inch, feet and mile system, but I used google for a converter. My bust is around 29 inches and my band is around 25? What size would that be in a cup bra?
763 days ago
Don’t mean to be pushy, but I would really appreciate an answer. Thanks!
779 days ago
Hi, I’m pretty confused about my bra size.

I’m 12 years old
I currently wear a 36A
My band is 31 inches
My bust is 34 inches

I know this should be a 32C, but those look WAY bigger than I need. My breasts look quite small.