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How to set up a party

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Most ideal for birthdays, here is how to plan an epic party!

    STEP 1
    Make a checklist
    Make a checklist on your phone or paper. I recommend phone so you can copy and paste this.
    Set up schedule
    Make guest list
    Buy decorations
    Buy food and activities
    Set up the house
    Guests come
    Carry out party!
    STEP 2
    Set up schedule
    Set up the activities we want to do.
    In this example, we are going to do this schedule:
    Guests arrive- 10-11
    Free play- 11-12
    Pizza- 12-12:10
    Cake-12:10- 12:30
    Movie- 12: 30- 2
    Scavenger hunt- 2-3
    Painting- 3-4
    Dinner- 4-5
    Kitchen science- 5-6
    Free play- 6-7
    Pj party!- 7- 8:30
    Get in sleep bag- 8:30- 9
    Sleep- 9 pm- 9 am
    Breakfast- 9- 10
    TV shows- 10-11
    Go home- 11
    STEP 3
    Make guest list
    Write down all the people you want to add. Consider the cost of the food, and the size of your home.
    STEP 4
    Hit up that party store! Choose a theme to go with, and buy thing related! You will need:
    Table cloth
    Garland with HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it
    For optimal fun-ness!
    STEP 5
    Buy food and activities
    For our scavenger hunt, buy the things to find, and maybe some hints. For the movie, go and buy your fave movie. For painting, buy smocks, canvases, paintbrushes, easels, and paint.
    STEP 6
    Set up the house
    Order the pizza, put up decorations, set up activities, and clean your house up!
    STEP 7
    Guests come
    Give at least an hour of time between planned starting time, and the first activity to let guests arrive. Once they are all here, start the PAR-TAY!

    Hope this helps, Becca🦊🖤

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652 days ago
cool ! this is helpful thx for ur effort
857 days ago
Walker, uhhhhh, yeet? Jeffrey, thanks! Glad to help!
862 days ago
863 days ago
I like it! Nice idea...
This did help, Becca.