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How to come out as a furry.

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Here is how to “come out” as a furry. I know it’s in the FanFiction style, but it is not FanFiction!

    Technique 1: Making it obvious.
    You can come out without literally saying “I am a furry”. You can draw furry art, wear cat paws, leave furry sites open accidentally-on-purpose. This is how I did it. Wait for someone to ask if you are a furry. When they do, say yes, and now you are out of closet! I like to draw furry art a LOT. I never said the word “fursona”, however I have one character I always draw, that has a name and a personality. I own some cat paws I wear in a daily basis. I watch Sonic the Hedgehog and Zootopia so much. How could I not be a furry!
    Technique 2: Use the word.
    Use the word “furry”, but don’t say you are one. “Hey, want to see my FURRY art?” “Here’s my FURSONA.” “That FURSUIT is so cute!” Make a good image for furries so that people (particularly parents) know furries as fans of anthro characters, not the stereotypical furries. Then, when you say you are a furry, they will be more accepting!
    Technique 3: Just say it.
    Turn on furry YouTube on phone. Take a deep breath. “Mom, I think I’m a furry.” “What does that mean?” “These people.” (Shows video) “ They are fans of animals with human characteristics. They have conventions, and they make their own anthro characters, called fursonas.” Describe the bare minimum of what a furry is. Now they know, and they don’t know the stereotypes.

    I hope this helps you come out,

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111 days ago
i hope this is a joke x
364 days ago
I've liked anthropomorhic (I don't know how it's spelled) animals for a while now and recently grew to understand being a furry, but telling my parents is terrifying. So thank you for this. undefined
441 days ago
Thank you, im stressed about coming out at high school and you helped!
549 days ago
Mk..I MIGHT be a furry...
623 days ago
Ok ok I need perfect ideas for good pictures to draw for my mom any site ideas chat?
957 days ago
I'm not a furry myself, but I feel so bad for people who are. A lot of people make fun of them and think so very poorly of them. I just wanted to let all people who are a furry or not, that you matter and that you are important no matter what. :)
977 days ago
Yes, if you are a minor, try to stay away from looking up anything furry related online, especially if you are sensitive. Chances are, parents that you want to tell won’t know about furries, so you can make them seem like anything. Just don’t let them look them up.
991 days ago
But if you are determined to come out, try to make it seem like a cute animal community. And try to break the topic of and how you are a Furry instead of a Murrie (murries are the naughty furries)
991 days ago
I personally would stay away from the furry community online. Maybe not in real life, but for sure online. I am a furry and I have been for the last 4 years. But the issue is, that small minority that likes NSFW isn't as small as you think. It is actually a lot bigger. I would say between 1/4-1/8 furries will admit to some sexual activity related to yiff. If you are under the age of 18 only talk to close friends that are furries. When I first became a furry (age 10) I saw a lot more yiff than I would like to admit. But if you do, make it seems cute and harmless. As a little cute drawing community. This was a lot easier when no one knew who furries were. but now due to Tik Tok everyone knows who a furry is.
994 days ago
I'd prefer if people don't say 'coming out' as a furry because furries aren't a sexuality. They're just a fandom of people who like anthropomorphic animals! Anyways, it's ok but I just don't want to give non-furs the wrong impression since our reputation is already ruined by the nsfw part of the fandom PLUS zoophiles.
1017 days ago
John b, show them some cute furry art or some cute SFW fursuits. Try to show them all the SFW parts of the fandom, to show that it’s based on a love or anthropomorphic animals and not 🦄
1017 days ago
I would disagree with fat monkey
1021 days ago
I would recommend not being a furry
1029 days ago
My parents hate the concept of furries, its because of the nsfw ones. i keep tellking them that there are furries that are sfw and nsfw!!! Please help me explain this
1077 days ago
UwU, yes they are. Also, I don’t have a fursuit yet, but I’m going to buy one soon. Yeah I hate when emails do that.
1080 days ago
Btw I got my dad to buy me stuff from Hyena Agenda and he still gets emails from them and im freaking out.. Don't have fursuit yet :(
1080 days ago
Tbh people are 👮 for thinking furries are bad lol
1081 days ago
Thanks. Finally some furries on all the tests.
1081 days ago
that is pretty cool. i am a furry too.
1095 days ago
Hahahahahahaha!!!!! At the description I meant Becca🦊🖤, not Becca🦊🥪!!