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Different period products!

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Just something I thought of!

So, when most girls get there first period they start with pads. Pads can come in all different shapes and sizes. There are reusable pads which are cl
So, when most girls get there first period they start with pads. Pads can come in all different shapes and sizes. There are reusable pads which are cloth or fabric that you wear in your underwear that you can wash and reuse. And there are disposable pads that you unwrap, stick on your underwear and throw away after use. Some pads have wings to hold it in place better and some don’t. If you would like to see a example of a pad look at the image I uploaded!

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343 days ago
I didn't lie that I have loads of arm hair. YES IT'S TRUE! but for me to really see them though, I need to look really closely and I need light to see them

374 days ago
This may be irrelevant, but my 🦄l discharge is clear whenever I wipe, but is a brown stain on my pants.
390 days ago
Hi I'm back!

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Hello everyone! I'm available for estimates if anyone needs one.



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434 days ago
Can we talk about periods guys?
437 days ago
Hey everyone!!!!!!!!

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495 days ago
I am really scared to talk to my mum in case she'll mock me, or say something like 'You're not ready'. I've got all the symptoms.
571 days ago
I have a period cup! haven’t used it yet though. I’m not ready to.😳😝 My mom got it for whenever I need it. Tampons can absorb things besides blood, which isn’t good for you. So if I ever have to, I will use my period cup, not tampons.
599 days ago
imagine sticking a cardboard tampon into your 🚔! Sorry Australia!
659 days ago
Sure Elise but what do you mean? Do you mean talk about periods?
660 days ago
Thank you I needed this, can we talk abt IT🩸🩸?
663 days ago
Yes thanks ash! I forgot all about period panties! Also I thought that the disposable cup was not disposable lollll! Also what was your idea?
663 days ago
Don’t forget about reusable supplies, generally only pads are made into reusable things (other than cups), some women prefer them to save money, also known as cloth pads.
And period panties! And there are some tampons that you insert with a finger instead of an applicator (non applicator tampons) and discs, a popular company is Flex. Essentially a disposable cup that sits higher in the 😻 closer to the cervix.
That just gave me an idea I’ll post about it later
666 days ago
Thanks for reading! If you have any more products you like please mention them in the comments!