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Advice for LGBTQ+ and more!

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I'm bi and I want to help any of you I can. All questions are welcome for any topic even if you aren't part of the community.

    Hi my name on here is Bifive haha. Well ask me any questions about anything. I'll be here everyday for all of you lovely people.

    My story: so I still haven't came out but I always secretly knew I was bi but didn't accept it until this one girl I met (just a friend) opened my eyes. She wasn't bi but I loved her and still do.

    If you have questions about how to know if your LGBTQ please let me know.

    Things to remember:
    1: being bi doesn't change you or life around you.

    2: if your friends don't accept you, they aren't friends

    3: come to terms with being you and bi. It's not bad it just means you see the world different.

    4: God loves you and so do your parents no matter what they do, it's out of love.

    5. I'm here for you.

    Signs you might be LGBTQ:
    you like girls and guys
    You find girls or guys vice versa hot

    If you have questions ask me I can't exaggerate this enough! Don't email me, I used a fake email.

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13 days ago
Is anyone here? I’m lonely and all my friends left me.
17 days ago
I think I’m non-binary and Omni, any name suggestions?
17 days ago
I’m the only one on here lol

One of my friends came out as genderfluid and bisexual and another one just bisexual, very happy for them

Btw happy new year🎉🎉🎉 2021 better be better than last year

Ok so I tried to convince myself I was straight and now idk what I am. I feel... like I’m pan and Omni and just straight all at the same time and it’s confusing me😤😭 hellllppppp
56 days ago
Username messed up sorry
56 days ago
😂 thanks, happy thanksgiving y’all
56 days ago
Your not bothering me lol but just tell her not to tell anyone yet or ever and yes I agree
56 days ago
There needs to be a bi pride flag emoji since they added the trans one😂😪
56 days ago
Thanks for replying tho
56 days ago
Sorry if I’m bothering u I’m just overwhelmed with anxiety, btw gotta find out how to tell her after my fall break which stops Monday....
56 days ago
I’m kinda worried tho I know I don’t just happened to be bi one day, I’ve known since 2 months into the summer and I told her then said nvm I’m not I’m just confused but now I realize I like her and should tell her but don’t know how. Any advice for telling someone u like them without my small af school knowing?
56 days ago
Omg I'm so behind lol okay

Anonymous- well if you like her , date her if not then let her down GENTLY!

Milla🏳️‍🌈- being bi isn't a "decision" it's not something you wake up and say "ooh today I'm bi" but do something cute or ask her about it and just tell her
57 days ago
Any advice for telling her I like her?
57 days ago
Hey I’m gonna come out after my fall break is over to a bi girl and my best friend because I like the bi girl....not sure if she likes me tho😪 sad thing is I’m open about the guy crush I have who likes me back and is the love of my life, I’m having a hard time deciding but I’m bi so duh😂
59 days ago
Hi,my best friend likes me and I don’t know what to do
83 days ago
@panluv nah I don't get bothered easily hehe
83 days ago
ok @BIfive i was just woried bc i ask you alot
90 days ago
@panluv nope you don't bother me. In fact none of you do! That's why I made this page, to help people who want advice! Have a great day
90 days ago
im sorry if i bother you Bifive :_[
90 days ago
@panluv hey so what I would do is find a fun way to tell this friend. Like for example if it's Easter get a fake plastic egg and put a tiny drawing of the lgbtq flag in it or just tell them. I may never tell anyone I'm bi but these are just some ideas!
90 days ago
how do i tell my best friend im pan?