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Dealing with school tips and tricks

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I have had serious struggles at school, I’ve had times in my life when I wanted to give up on school and just fail. But that’s not the answer, I learned to push through the hard times and I ended up improving my organization skills. If you are struggling with school these tips can help you a lot!

Organization skills and routines
Anxiety, stress, peer pressure can all result from school. There are many more things that make middle school hard but don’t worry we can get through it! After 2 years of middle school, I have new and improved tips and tricks that I can’t wait to share so let’s get started! First of all, I recommend you get a planner, if you don’t want to buy one just grab a notebook and label it with each day of the week. You can even make this fun, use colorful markers and stickers if you want. Try to use your planner every day when you get home to write all your homework and check it off when you are done. This is a very popular tactic to keep you on task and getting your work done fast.
Another really great way to stay organized is to have a schedule. This consists of a plan of when you get home from school what you did in order, don’t be so strict on yourself just have a good idea. Example: empty backpack, refill water, eat something, start homework, have a short break, shower, free time, 12:00 sleep. When you are making this list don’t worry about how long each task takes or if you will be on schedule just do what you have to do in the order you made. Trust me this will help. The last thing that could help you with origination is a journal app for your phone. You may be asking how can journaling help me with school? Well it can, everything that happened during your day can be recorded in your journal. I use a journal app every day and write my thoughts in it every night, and the best part is it tracks my mood and I can make habits. It is really helpful because any stress or peer pressure that happened during the day I can type out and get it off my chest.

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