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Period Talk 101

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I am so HAPPY to help you learn about periods, or talk with you about periods. I am here to help you with your period needs, and questions. Feel free to share your period stories or share your first-period story. I haven't started my first period but have done a lot of research and will share when I start my first period!
NOTE: I will try my best to answer you! Remember I will not be able to be here every day! Have a Great rest of your day!

A very important thing to do before you start your period is to make an Emergency Period Kit!

You need a cosmetic pouch or small bag to put your stuff in!

A small travel-sized deodorant

Pads, Tampons, and Panty Liners ( It's your choice)



Extra Underwear

Pain relievers

Zip lock bag (for underwear you leaked on or for other needs)

If your school offers machines in the restrooms for menstrual products, or if you are out on a field trip or away from home, having a dollar or two quarters can be nice

Hand Sanitizer

Maybe a little mirror if you need help putting tampons in

And last some of your favorite candy because you deserve it

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14 days ago

Age: 14 (June 10 my birthday)

Breast stage: Stage 4 - 5

Cramps: had one on Monday, October 4, 2021

Bloating: only twice i remember

Irritability: last week, i think??? ?_?

Mood swings: omg like roller coaster

Pubes (pubic hairs): full bush spills to upper thighs

Armpit hair: a lot of curly black hairs

Arm hairs: lots but need light and need to look really closely to see them

Leg hairs: almost like a teenage boy's! lots and lots of black hair curling

Height: i don't know

Weight: i don't know

Breast tenderness: that rarely happens, but when it does happen it hurts so much

Growth spurt: im still in my growth spurt - im still growing

Discharge: a lot of watery clear discharge on tissue (on my pants it's yellowish or brownish, i don't know)

Nausea: this sometimes happens (i don't know the last time this happened XD)

Cravings: ALL THE TIME!!! mmm...

Tiredness: THIS sometimes happens

Trouble sleeping: sometimes happens

Hips: curvy, i think

Frequent urination: this mostly/sometimes happens


Headaches: every other day

(i personally think i'm close)
49 days ago
Also Aaaaaah - it's fine to sneeze and fart when you have your period, as long as you're wearing a pad or something
49 days ago
Hi I got what i thought was my period in October last year but I didn't get it again till a few weeks ago sooo... well is it normal if that was my period last October? Like can you have an 8-month space in between each period?
54 days ago
I didn't lie that I have loads of arm hair. YES IT'S TRUE! but for me to really see them though, I need to look really closely and I need light to see them

58 days ago
@aaaah. OMG i know that was 2+ months ago but like that was exactly whay i did for 2 days. I used a whole roll of tp. I stained my underwear and i was pretty scared to tell my mom but once i did i felt so much better haha.
For any other girls here, just do it!! Its alright in the end
73 days ago
Hello person. It’s very normal to want your period, especially if all your friends have gotten theirs. It can feel like you’re missing out or that you’re not a “woman” yet. I felt the exact same way when I was in seventh grade and all my friends were getting their periods and discussing them. I ended up getting mine during winter break in eighth grade and I can assure you it’s not fun. If you really feel like you’re being excluded from this “club” then just make up a story and tell your friends you got it! It’s really harmless and obviously won’t be a lie forever, just do some research about symptoms and bring some supplies to school. I considered doing this but decided not too because it sounds like lots of work 😅.
78 days ago
I got my period like when I was 9 years old and I'm 12 right now so I hope that its normal
83 days ago
Hey guys I’m 12 and I was wondering if it’s normal to want my period
100 days ago
Auto correct I mean Aaaah
100 days ago
Sarah, I suggest when your out somewhere, bring a couple dollars in quarters. I suggest like 5 dollars (20 quarters) go to a public restroom, and there should be a menstrual products machine. Spend your 5 bucks on pads, and stuff them in the bottom of your bag. Good luck!
108 days ago
Plz use the url below if you want to join my period club
109 days ago
Yea tell a trusted female so you can get the supplies you need
115 days ago
Just trying to be helpful as possible
115 days ago
Tell your mom and dad or just your mom because you may need to buy pads or tampons and they need to know because there is no way to help you if you don’t. I don’t have my period so Idk
115 days ago
even tho i havent had mine yet-
115 days ago
@Aaaah If you haven't handled it yet, just take a piece of tissue and stuff it down there. Go to your parent's room if it's empty and browse for your mom's pads. If your mom is there just hug here and tell her, and she will handle it. Its ok to sneeze or fart, just put your hands behind your privates just in case (like you are greeting. relax and make your hands overlap) and go to the washroom immediately.
117 days ago
I fricking hate this so much
117 days ago
And since a few months ago my larger than they were before 🚔 hurt when anything touches them
117 days ago
Also my butt hurts is this normal. Also it hurts slightly above my private. And I feel like imma throw up right now is this normal.
117 days ago
Idk if it censored my age on here but just in case. I am the first double digit number years old and just got my first period today. My mom got it at (again age censorship) a year before she was considered a teenager and I'm two fricking years younger than her nobody else I know has gotten it yet I've ruined 3 pairs of underwear that I'm hiding from my parents because I haven't told them yet and I'm currently writing this with a piece of folded up toilet paper in between my private and my underwear while crying because I'm so young and blood is already coming out of my private and I'm afraid to sneeze and fart but imma have to AAAAAAAAEAEAEAEAEAEEAEAEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA EAEAEAEEAEEAEAEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHAT IN MY GENETICS HAS CAUSED THIS HOW AM I GONNA TELL MY PARENTS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA EEAEAEAEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEAAAAAAAAAEAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA