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Period Talk 101

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I am so HAPPY to help you learn about periods, or talk with you about periods. I am here to help you with your period needs, and questions. Feel free to share your period stories or share your first-period story. I haven't started my period, but have done a lot of research and will share when I start my first period!
NOTE: I will try my best to answer you! Remember I will not be able to be here every day! Have a Great rest of your day!


No Swearing!

No Hate!

Don't comment if it is other that periods, or puberty!

Please no arguing!

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19 days ago
I didn't lie that I have loads of arm hair. YES IT'S TRUE! but for me to really see them though, I need to look really closely and I need light to see them

50 days ago
This may be irrelevant, but my 💋l discharge is clear whenever I wipe, but is a brown stain on my pants.
64 days ago
Hi I'm back!

I've got 2 more quizzes for you to take, girls!




You can take these 2 if you want.

As I told you, I'm not forcing you!

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65 days ago
Hi I'm back!

Hello everyone! Come on and take my quizzes: (links in pink below)



You can take these tests IF you want. I'm not forcing you!

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71 days ago
Hey Alice, I'm sorry that I've been gone. I'm so happy for you! I hope everything has been going well for you!
73 days ago
Hello everyone. PinkScience14 here! ;D
81 days ago
Congratulations Alice! :)
81 days ago
🌼A🌼 I just got my period!! It’s me Alice from the other chats! 🥳