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My life and how to avoid my problems

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I have had a... difficult time recently, so here is my story and some tips on how to avoid my problems.

    This is basically my friend life:
    So it all started last year when my BFF, Rebecca, moved into the neighborhood of my other BFF (at the time), Courtney. The next thing I know, Courtney and Rebecca are BFFs too, which is fine until they started to talk about... Me. And let me tell you, it was not good things. They were having fun little cats about how "bossy" and "mean" and "controlling" I am, and, hello, Rebecca is SO much bossier and controlling than me. Her motto is "My way or the highway", like are you kidding me? Well, this year, Rebecca has been acting differently. She has been treating me like dirt, never saying sorry, screaming at me, and generally being a jerk. When I tried to stand up for myself, she cried and started talking to the teacher. She throws me under the bus for everything and acts like a victim. She knows that Someone has to take the fall for her mistakes, so she thinks it should be me. She also does everything for attention. recently a friend passes away, I have been feeling sad and depressed and sometimes wanting to harm myself, and all she does is make things worse. I just a few days ago left her and I am already feeling a huge weight lifted off my chest. Welp, I'm done venting now. On to advice!

    If you have a friend like Rebecca/Courtney, here is what to do:
    1: Talk to someone you trust. maybe a parent, counselor, or friend
    2: Remove yourself from the toxic relationship. I promise you will feel better up and out of there
    3: Something about how to avoid what happened to me: if you notice a friend acting up, bring it up right away. I waited so long that it became worse.
    4: talk to a counselor/therapist WITH your friend. If you understand each other more, maybe you will be able to fix the problem.
    5: Try to stay positive and kind to the other person if they see you acting well, maybe they will too.
    (More advice coming soon)


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402 days ago
I would say to try to keep being her friend. It may just be a phase, but it also may be permanent. If she continues to be like this, tell her you don't like it and if she doesen't stop than don't be her friend. It's harsh but if she cared she would at least try to change. Hope that helped.
407 days ago
I recently started a new school (An intermedite) and my friend who I've known for years is now starting to act diffrently.
She used to be really calm, nice, gentle, and really kind. Now, she has new friends who are snoby, obnoxsous and only care about themselves and boys.
She is starting to act like that too now, and doesn't even recocnise me anymore. She says mean things to me, when she doesn't know its me she's talking to, and when I talk to her she just like 'Oh I'm SO sorry!' like I'm a little baby or something. My other friend who is in her class finds her to be a bit of a show off now as well too.
505 days ago
I would say maybe facetime more often or you would ask to visit more often. It hurts to not be close to your friends, I get that. Maybe you could try to get your ind off of it with other hobbies and spend more time with other friends? I'm not at all saying to get a new best freind, but if you distract yourself with other people you might not miss her ask much. Hope that helped!
616 days ago
I have a LDF (long distance friendship) and me and my bestie only see each other twice a year and we wirte letters to each other all the time but I still just feel sad that I can see her in person. And I can't just go have someone drive me to her house because she lives 7 hours away! Any advice?
632 days ago
@Piggy :(
I' m sorry that your uncomftorable.
My advice is to space yourself, and walk away if they are being inapropriate.
If you are REALY uncomftorable, you should tell an adult.
I am sad to say people like this ARE normal, but if you don' t like it than you are not being weird.
And if you dont want to be friends with them, than DONT be friends with them!
you are in control of who you hang out with.
Hope this helped! :)
637 days ago
so my good freind hangs out with another freind group who swears all the time and makes dirty jokes. for example on a instagram post they might comment something to do wiht a body part *down there* and call each other a bad word and put a laughing or crying face. they swear so much and say weird things and laugh at weird things and it makes me feel uncomfortable. i realized that i dont want friends like that because i don't want to be dragged down, but now im wonderingg if this is becoming normal and if im the person that is... unusual i guess. is it normal to be like that friend group?
pls help me :[