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You Are You

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Whether you're perfectly pimply, magnificently mole-y, beautifully black, wonderfully white, or anywhere in between, you will find support here. From me, and from others.
Thank you

*no racism meant


Okay, so if you don't think you are, go listen to some Alessia Cara, girl (or guy, or trans, or bi, etc)! Specifically, 'Scars To Your Beautiful.'
So maybe you don't quite fit the media's idea of pretty, but you're pretty to me. And I haven't even met you!
I have a friend who is EXACTLY like a 'model' and it annoys me half to death. I mean, she literally thinks she's ugly! How rude, Hanna (name was changed for privacy)!
And remember, what you see is SO FAKE. Remember that.
On Instagram and other social media platforms, there are accounts that actually show you how modelling agencies change the looks of models COMPLETELY.
They remove facial and body blemishes, put the waist in, make them skinnier... it's ridiculous.
Now, please feel so free to say anything in the comments below. In fact, I would love it if you started a chat there!
Please, no judging of others, only advice and love.

Lovingly from,


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504 days ago
OH SORRY MIRIAM. i wasnt ignoring you, just didnt see your comment until now (ack!). will try and get to that
533 days ago
I make $70 a week on average cleaning. I’m 14 and I love to bake.
Could you please post a blog on friendship, my “friend” is gossiping about me behind my back, and she judges me and tells other kids her thoughts. She totally ignores me when we’re with a group of friends. She’s so cr@ppy to me. Pls help!
Thank you so much 😊
540 days ago
Just quickly saying I will try to be online at least once per day to answer questions and talk. I'm in England, so the time might be different to where you are. Also, feel free to share your frigging life stories. Get it all off your chest!
542 days ago
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Questions about sunburn, hair, rashes, bites, burns, body figure, migraines, bloating, anorexia…
Obviously I'm not a health professional, so do find a doctor if something is severely bothering you. And don't completely rely on anything I say. I only know what books and Google have taught me.
But do get anything off your chest. Even a person who's bothering you at work/school, or tension with family, peer pressure, anything to do with people.

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde
542 days ago
Hello, beautiful people! I adore you all so much, and am sure you're all wonderful! And remember, a healthy body is a happy body is a beautiful body.