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Ghosting - Why people ghost & tips on how you can deal with it

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Ghosting describes the phenomenon when a person simply breaks off contact with another person unexpectedly. The person never gets back in touch and ignores further advances. This often happens in the dating field. Especially on dating apps like Tinder, this phenomenon is very well-known. However, there are also cases where long relationships or friendships have ended this way.

When a person is ghosted, she does not understand why this happened because of the abrupt termination. She is left distraught and struggling with negative emotions and thoughts such as heartbreak or self-doubt.

In this guide, you will find 5 reasons why other people ghosted and 6 tips on how to deal with it when it happens to yourself. Or if you need to cheer up one of your loved ones.

    ((bold))((big))((teal))• 5 reasons •((eteal))((ebig))((ebold)) ((bold))((maroon))1. Fear of confrontation((emaroon))((ebold)) Some people have tro
    • 5 reasons •

    1. Fear of confrontation

    Some people have trouble confronting others. So if your interests are not aligned, the person has trouble addressing that. This may be because they would rather not hurt you or because they are afraid of your reaction and don't want to witness it.

    So if the person actually wants to say that they don't want to have anything further to do with you or that they have screwed something up, they are afraid of how you might react. Therefore, out of cowardice, the person doesn't tell you what they really think and leaves you in the dark about their thoughts. Even if the person means you no harm, this is an unattractive way to pull yourself out of the problem and unfair to you.

    2. Commitment Anxiety

    Some people love the feeling of being in love or want to be close to a person. However, they are afraid to commit to that person for certain reasons. Some people are not fully aware of this and if they are, they do not have the courage to bring it up and be honest about it.

    So, when they realize that they can't commit properly after all, they quickly pull out of the responsibility and look for the "easiest" and "fastest" way out of the situation, in other words: they ghost.

    3. Not interested

    One of the most likely reasons is that the person just wasn't interested in you. If you only know each other casually, then you probably weren't important enough to her. Or rather, the person feels she/he doesn't owe you an explanation and simply doesn't get back in touch.

    This reason is often used for ghosting when a person is writing with multiple people and wants to meet or even date many people. For ghosters who ghosted someone after a long friendship/relationship, this reason is rather unlikely.

    4. Mind Games

    Unfortunately, there are also people who have evil intentions. Not everyone is looking for their dream prince/princess or is always honest during a friendship and relationship. There are also people who ghost to test if you are chasing them. So, they do it deliberately to make you feel insecure. This is a tactic to manipulate people and make them dependent on themselves.

    Most of the time they ghosted and when the other person writes again, they shower them with love and compliments ... until they ghosted again. If you run into such a person, RUN! And not to the person, but in the other direction. Go far, far away from them.

    5. "It's not that bad".

    One reason, ultimately related to all the others, is this: ghosting is happening more and more often and is becoming more and more normal.

    Some people talk themselves into ghosting and underestimate how their actions affect other people. Very few people want to intentionally hurt others. That is exactly why some people talk down their actions. Ghosting is not that hurtful or you need a thicker skin.

    But what do I do when someone harasses me or scares me?

    Sure, if someone is literally harassing you, ghosting is definitely warranted. Also, when someone won't take no for an answer. But it shouldn't be the first resort in harmless situations. It is and remains hurtful. Studies show that ghosting can have serious consequences for those affected.

    ((bold))((big))((teal))• 6 tips •((eteal))((ebig))((ebold)) ((bold))((green))1. Distract((egreen))((ebold)) The classic tip for heartbreak: distra
    • 6 tips •

    1. Distract

    The classic tip for heartbreak: distract yourself! Of course, it's also important to let out your sadness and maybe cry for real sometimes. But no one can be sad all the time. Ring up your friends or family and do something with them. It helps to get your mind off things. Plus, that way you're around people who really appreciate you and love you for who you are.

    2. Do what's good for you!

    When you're really not feeling well, just allow yourself to do what really makes you happy. A little spa day by pampering yourself. Trying out a new game. Going out to eat something delicious that you totally love. Do something that helps your heart heal. Sometimes it feels like the end of the world when you're ghosted. But there are so many things that make our lives so much better. So allow yourself to do something that makes you happy!

    What you can do, for example: Styling/beautifying yourself, meeting friends, going out to eat something delicious, blowing off steam by exercising or talking, pursuing your hobbies, and so much more!

    3. Don't chase the person

    One of the worst things you can do is chase the person! If the person has stopped responding to your messages and maybe even blocked you, ban that person from your life. Delete the person's number, unfollow the person, block the person. Whatever works for you to not get weak and not get away from the person.

    Ghosting has something in common in all cases: the person wants nothing more to do with you. So let them go. If it helps you, you can also write something last and tell the person how disappointed you are. But only do that if it helps you get closure. Don't sell yourself short! Don't chase after someone who treats you like that.

    4. Don't become a ghoster yourself

    Even though it's easy to learn from and do what's been done to you: Please don't become a ghoster yourself! Keep it honest. If you've been through it once, you know how much it hurts. Therefore, inform the people you don't want to have anything to do with and stay true to yourself.

    5. Self-reflection, but don't blame yourself!

    Sometimes it is also quite good to reflect on the situation. Of course, you shouldn't let it get to you too much, but maybe you can take something away from the situation. Were there any signs before the ghosting that something was wrong? How are you feeling right now? What are your thoughts?

    This is not about thinking about whether it was your fault. Don't blame yourself for the ghosting. Ghosting has nothing to do with your worth as a person, but is the other person's problem. Just think about the situation and what happened. What can I learn from it and take away for the future? How did I behave?

    6. Looking forward

    Of course, it's a shock to suddenly be ghosted. But don't lose sight of your own life. Focus on the coming future. What's happening soon that you're looking forward to? Think about it. Set some goals that you can achieve.

    These can be very small goals like going to the gym 3 times this week. Finish a book you started. Paint a picture. Unlocking achievements in a game. Also focus on building relationships with people who really like you. For example, your close friends! Plan something together with them and leave the person who hurt you behind.

    Have any other questions, experiences, thoughts or tips yourself on how to deal with ghosting? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know how you feel about it!

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