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Hi, My name is Doggy Delight and I will be starting this post called, LITTLE MISS ADVICE. Simply ask a question in the comments section and I'll answer them!:)

    Hi everyone! My name is DoggyDelight and I will be starting an advice column called... LITTLE MISS ADVICE!:)

    Anyone can comment here and anyone can ask a question here as long as they keep it clean. I do NOT discriminate!:)

    Simply ask a question in the comments and I will answer them!:)

    ATTENTION- Bullying, mean behavior or bad language is not accepted. Other then that, I hope you have a good time here!:)

    COLOUR CODE-There are a few colour codes that I would like you to keep in mind.

    Purple is for me to answer your questions in.

    Blue is for you to write your questions in.

    Any other colour is for comments.:)

    Thank you and I hope I can give you good advice!:)


    If this advice column is a success I will make a LITTLE MISS ADVICE 2 and LITTLE MR ADVICE.

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4 days ago
so i need advice.....
so i have a crush named ben. and one day my friend isabella was being annoying, and she somehow decided to go tell ben this, "hey aubree likes u and wants to be ur girlfriend" and apparently he said this "uh um tell her i'll think about it and that........ i might like her too" and then isabella and maddie (my other friend) came running up to me saying what he said and i was totally freaking out. and then in class (yes this was all in school) he kept looking at me and smiling and of course i smiled back. and then the next day at the end of lunch (btw im in 5th grade) isabella said that ben i said he likes me for the second time and thats whe i started to have my doubts. then isabella went up to ben AGAIN and said "do u want to be aubrees girlfriend" and he apparently said this, "yeah sure totally" that when i got mad. then when we wentback to class i was all mad and stuff and mayson (bens friend that i sit next to. PS. it 😘hes soo annoying) kept asking me what wrong and then he said this "ohhh its about bens plan isnt it?" and said this " did u just say PLAN?!" and he said this " yea ben had a plan to keep telling you and isabella what u want to hear" thats when i think literal steam was coming out my ears. then it was time to go home. and isbella overheard mayson pull ben aside and told him i knew about his plan and that i was super mad and mayson told ben to stop telling me yes. but then a couple weeks later (thats now) ben is smiling at me and talking to me a lot again.
and i have been liking him again for awhile since like a week after all that happened. and now im starting to think what ben said about liking me is true.

what do i do i will take literaly any advice
21 days ago
Hey! I’m kind of stuck in a situation here. There is this huge jerk in my grade. He’s admitted he finds pleasure from being a jerk. He’s best friends with my friends older brother. He’s extremely rude to her and her bro doesn’t even care. He can’t shut his mouth and is always rude to my friends. He’s never really mean to me tbh but it still makes me really mad when he’s mean to my friends so I argue with him and snap at him. But he likes it! He smiles because he likes the attention that he gets. My friend is thinking about switching her schedule just so he doesn’t bother her. She won’t confront him and me confronting him does absolutely nothing. It’s not really necessary to go to an adult, he’s breaking school rules obv. But one-if we got him in trouble let’s just say there’s lots of stuff he could use against us
Two-he likes attention and could care less if he gets in trouble. But he just gets on my last nerve!
36 days ago
Is it normal to have crushes that only last a week or so? Because I have had two (one on a book character, one a guy) that were very short. And I’m still confused about the real guy- I’m not sure if I still like him or not, or if I ever really did. Sorry, this is kinda a rant.😅
I get nervous around him especially if I do something weird on accident. He seems to like talking to me, but he’s also pretty friendly in general.
I can give you more info if you need it 🙂
42 days ago
hey i rlly need friendship advice. my friend group has been rlly rude to me, and today they called me racist and it rlly hurts bc i am NOT racist. i said "k and j r twinning today! they have matching fits!" and then some of the girls blew up at me calling me racist and i went home early crying bc i cant take it. they have all been superrr rude to me and then they were talking behind my back today. what do i do? pls respond ASAP if u have any advice!!!!!! ALSO SRY I DIDNT WRITE IT IN BLUE
43 days ago
hey i rlly need friendship advice. my friend group has been rlly rude to me, and today they called me racist and it rlly hurts bc i am NOT racist. i said "k and j r twinning today! they have matching fits!" and then some of the girls blew up at me calling me racist and i went home early crying bc i cant take it. they have all been superrr rude to me and then they were talking behind my back today. what do i do? pls respond ASAP if u have any advice!!!!!!! also my mom is mad bc my school if gonna make me get a covid test bc i said my stomach hurt just so i could go home.
213 days ago
Hey @suneet .............................. take a quiz?
409 days ago
Lilly I need som girl time advice
503 days ago
Hello I'm 23 and a life coach if you need advice I'm here
602 days ago
hi I am a sikh and I have a slight problem. in my religion there are no ties about lgbt but my parents don't support it. I think I am pansexual and nonbinary and my sister thinks I am either lesbian or a trans boy(if there are any lesbians or trans boys reading this I support u :)) and she is not too supportive about it. what I am trying to say is, how do I figure out my gender/sexuality and how do I come out to my friends and family? if there are lgbt sikhs reading this and know some good advice, pls feel free to help me. tysm!!!
617 days ago
Little Miss Advice,
I have a feeling I am not straight. and I am so so so so worried about it! My parents will accept it but I do what to do. Please help!
718 days ago
Dear Little Miss Advice,
I. NEED. ADVICE. PLEASE. Ok so I like this guy named Lucas. He's really cute, sweet, smart, and funny. I have his phone number and I know he likes me. The thing is, Lucas thinks that I friend-zoned him. Lately, he hasn't been answering any of my calls or texts. I asked my friend to ask him if he still likes me and she told me Lucas still likes me. At school I talk to him just fine (of course, his friends are just shipping us), but when I FaceTime him, it's just kinda awkward. How do I tell Lucas that I didn't friend-zone him without making it seem awkward? I'm thinking about confessing soon. Maybe the day before winter break? Also, any tips on how to make our FaceTime calls less awkward? Okay Thanks!!
724 days ago
Gracie tysm! We didn't kiss tho cuz she was too nervous to do it (I wasn't) and we've now broken up! I'm way better off without her but it's a bit difficult to be friends with her now cuz I kinda don't love her as a bff as I used to cuz we kinda dislike each other only the slightest bit. We had an argument yesterday and the day before.

Anyways Gracie I will definitely take ur advice for next time! Thank you!
741 days ago
Ok so quizzy ik I’m not LMA( little miss advice) but just wanna say: if you ain’t ready, don’t push ur self!
The thing is, that first kiss will be great no matter what. Keep in mind that you must be comfortable having your first kiss with this person. When thinking about boys and everything, keep an open mind. I always ask myself: “do I want to kiss (insert name here)? What would my family think of (inset name here)? Is there anything about (insert name here) that makes me feel weird or is he/she cool?”

Hope this helps!
764 days ago
Dear Little Miss Advice,
I'm going to have my first kiss and I don't know what to do. Basically, my girlfriend (I'm bisexual plz don't hate me) and I have been dating for less than a week now but she is cheating on her gf. But she's gonna break up with her girlfriend. Her girlfriend is gonna rlly hate me so plz can u give me any tips on the kiss and what to do about her girlfriend. Thank uuu
782 days ago
Dear Little Miss Advice,
I really am into this guy. He’s cute, smart, and I think he may like me, but idk. The only issue is, I really don’t wanna date. I don’t wanna have a bf. I want him to like me, but I don’t wanna bf. I just want him to dance with me at the 8th grade dance, maybe tell me he likes me, but nothing more. How can I do this? It’s impossible!
838 days ago
Dear Little Miss Advice,
I recently found out that I'm demi-pan and I have a crush on a girl and a guy right now.
The guy keeps staring at me, the girl said she likes me a lot so should I tell them? Who should I tell? I'm scared to tell them I like them. What should I do?! Helppppppp
853 days ago
Also sorry that’s not the right color, I thought it was blue.
853 days ago
Dear Little Miss Advice,
I have had a crush on this guy forever. About a month ago, he said he liked me, and I said I liked him too. He hadn’t asked me out, and we’ve just kind of been sitting doing nothing. But lately, he’s been asking who I like, and said he forgot who I like, so he forgot I like him. And that’s made me believe that he doesn’t like me, but I’m too afraid to ask him. What do I do?
920 days ago
Hi little miss advice. (I realize this isn't in blue font but I can't change it on my device) Anyways if this is still running I'd REALLY appreciate some advice. (sorry if this is long)

Ok here it goes; I just moved about 3 weeks ago and started at a new school. There's this guy, he seems to like me and he's been seeming to like me since I got to this school. I think I like him back too. He's really nice, funny and really cute. He keeps trying to talk to me, he stares at me and he seems to enjoy being around me. I don't know what I should do.
1005 days ago
Help please, I am torn between two guys and I can't decide which one to have a crush on! Both of them are super nice,
cute, caring, and good listeners. What should I do?