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Need Advice?

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Do you need advice in something but you’re just too afraid to talk to someone, or just don’t want to... well here I can help with that.

    Hello. Today’s thing is going to be a little bit different. If you need advice on something, please put it down in the comments below, so I can do a separate quiz on it. This way I know what to do the quizzes on because you guys told me. Thanks, and have a great rest of your day!:)

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457 days ago
I have an oddly specific question. Is there anyone here who’s an adult or close to it (17/18+) who has dated a few people? Preferably a Christian who doesn’t want to have a physical relationship outside of marriage. I know this is probably a long shot, but if you are out there, what is your dating advice? How do you date someone outside of your friend group if you don’t want to be alone together? Or even before dating, just getting to know each other? What is the best way to do this?

I will also take advice from someone younger (with similar experience). I’m a sophomore in case that gives you a better idea of what to say. :)
464 days ago
BAckground info: Ok so ima be honest. Im 13 and in seventh grade. Im pansexual and I have known this since I was 10. The girl (Addie) I have been friends with for a few months.
Ok so this girl THIS GIRL she is gOrgEoUs, SMART, funny as hell, and all around AMAZING. She knows about my sexality and one day I told her and my friend owen I have a crush on a girl. Being my friends they listed like every girl in my grade. Then Owen says "Is is aDdIe Izzy?" (Izzy is my nickname) I turn and me and her (addie) spend 15 HOLY seconds blushing and staring into eachothers eyes then I break it turn to him and change the subject. The subject was brought up many other times and each time the same thing happened. I never said I did or didn't. (Eventually I told owen I did in priv) Me and addie always joke about dating we randomly hold hands in hallways, she hugs me from behind at my locker and in chorus bc shes behind me and we are always standing everyone thinks we are dating and she always blushes when people ask (I do too ofc). But.. THERE'S ALWAYS A BUT!!! Everytime I bring up HER sexuality she either 1 says tHat'S kInDa gAy bRo or just flat out changes the subject.
HELP ME do I make a move, wait, ask again, or give up IM LOST
466 days ago
um ye probably if ur good friends ask him out
467 days ago
OK soo im a cheerleader and i have a crush on a basketball player named Kyler and he is younger than me by 8 months thoo...but i honestly don't care but my friends are so extra should i still go for it?
474 days ago
@Kadie (35 days ago) same i lie to my friends i have a phone but 😍 IS THAT RULE?!
474 days ago
@alphawolf go with ur instincts or mabye ask him out. if ur too nervous then flirt and give some big hints like talking about ur future. if everyones been messing wiv u im so srry theyre a load a 🌻 🌻 (so srry if they have been messing.)
490 days ago
Are u a girl or boy? Or do u not have a specific gender?
490 days ago
Hai ppl. Some of u prob don't know me, but aubree does. So, i need help. I have a crush on a boy i've known since kindergarten(btw i'm in grade 5), but he's not in my class this year, he's giving me mixed signals, my friends say i have a chance, and some of his friends i've also befriended say he likes me back, i keep taking quizzes, but some say he wants to keep it at just friends, others say he likes/loves me back. It's so confusing!

P.S. I asked one of my old friends in his class, and she said my crush wants to kiss me
P.P.S. I'm pretty sure i've got a chance tho
492 days ago
also Grace if he teases u that he'll kiss u if u do something do that something and see what he does!
492 days ago
so i need advice.....
so i have a crush named ben. and one day my friend isabella was being annoying, and she somehow decided to go tell ben this, "hey aubree likes u and wants to be ur girlfriend" and apparently he said this "uh um tell her i'll think about it and that........ i might like her too" and then isabella and maddie (my other friend) came running up to me saying what he said and i was totally freaking out. and then in class (yes this was all in school) he kept looking at me and smiling and of course i smiled back. and then the next day at the end of lunch (btw im in 5th grade) isabella said that ben i said he likes me for the second time and thats whe i started to have my doubts. then isabella went up to ben AGAIN and said "do u want to be aubrees girlfriend" and he apparently said this, "yeah sure totally" that when i got mad. then when we wentback to class i was all mad and stuff and mayson (bens friend that i sit next to. PS. it 😍hes soo annoying) kept asking me what wrong and then he said this "ohhh its about bens plan isnt it?" and said this " did u just say PLAN?!" and he said this " yea ben had a plan to keep telling you and isabella what u want to hear" thats when i think literal steam was coming out my ears. then it was time to go home. and isbella overheard mayson pull ben aside and told him i knew about his plan and that i was super mad and mayson told ben to stop telling me yes. but then a couple weeks later (thats now) ben is smiling at me and talking to me a lot again.
and i have been liking him again for awhile since like a week after all that happened. and now im starting to think what ben said about liking me is true.

what do i do i will take literaly any advice
493 days ago
Hey, I’m back. What does it mean if a guy (three years older) teases you by saying he’ll kiss you if you do something and calling you beautiful? It looks obvious written out, but I can’t tell if he’s trying to annoy me, or flirt with me or something. He never actually kisses me or tries to. He’s said he’ll never date a minor. Just looking for another opinion, so— any advice?
508 days ago
Hi! I need some advice. I’m in 8th grade. Absolutely everyone has a phone in my grade. Well except for me and a few others. I feel left out and have even lied to some people about having one. We have a rule in our family. When we turn 14 we can get a phone but we have to take a test. Play a certain song on an instrument with only 2 mistakes at most, solve Rubix cube, run 2 miles in 15 minutes, 40 push-ups in 2 minutes and sit-ups. I feel super stressed. I don’t hate paino but I have no interest or passion for it. I have no motivation to play it. Not only that my family is very toxic and can be very unhelpful and not understanding in situations where my mental health is concerned. I am not like my two older brothers who passed with flying colors. Now I’ve made the basketball team and I have 2 hr practices everyday. I’ve become extremely stressed and my recent depression seems to be coming back because of it. I have no clue what to do!
515 days ago
Hey, thanks!
515 days ago
It is normal to have crushes that only last for a week. Everyone is different and, for example, one of my friends has three crushes right now and changes one in like, three days. You don't need to worry about it.
524 days ago
Is it normal to have crushes that only last a week or so? Because I have had two (one on a book character, one a guy) that were very short. And I’m still confused about the real guy- I’m not sure if I still like him or not, or if I ever really did. Sorry, this is kinda a rant.😅
I get nervous around him especially if I do something weird on accident. He seems to like talking to me, but he’s also pretty friendly in general.
617 days ago
Abigail, I'm the oldest in my family and I am also going through puberty. So, first of all don't listen to the advice your friend gave you because that is not remotely true. Second, you just have to be patient, she has a bunch of hormones going through her body and she can't control them, so she may be a little annoying or rude sometimes. So the best thing you can do is try the best you can to be patient with her. I hope this helped!

617 days ago
Also I meant I can't ask someone to drive me to her house lol
617 days ago
I have a LDF (long distance friendship). I see my bestie 2 times a year and we write letters to each other, but I just feel sad that I cant see her more often. I can just ask someone to drive me to her house because she lives 7 hours away from me. Any advice?

P.S. she doesn't have a phone yet so I can't call or text her.
620 days ago
What to do with An super annoying sister who is in puberty? I kinda got advice from a friend that i say "kids are Just like pancakes, the first one always fails" (PS. I'm the youngest and the annoying sister is the oldest) but i'm too shy to say this. Can someone help?
638 days ago
so my good freind hangs out with another freind group who swears all the time and makes dirty jokes. for example on a instagram post they might comment something to do wiht a body part *down there* and call each other a bad word and put a laughing or crying face. they swear so much and say weird things and laugh at weird things and it makes me feel uncomfortable. i realized that i dont want friends like that because i don't want to be dragged down, but now im wonderingg if this is becoming normal and if im the person that is... unusual i guess. is it normal to be like that friend group?
pls help me :[