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Need Advice?

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Do you need advice in something but you’re just too afraid to talk to someone, or just don’t want to... well here I can help with that.

    Hello. Today’s thing is going to be a little bit different. If you need advice on something, please put it down in the comments below, so I can do a separate quiz on it. This way I know what to do the quizzes on because you guys told me. Thanks, and have a great rest of your day!:)

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648 days ago
I miss this advice section 😭 I was a huge commenter on this 2 years ago!!! cant believe how much the world has changed since then
662 days ago
I'm WAY late on this, but I think you should just... stop shutting him down. just change what you were doing and maybe it will go well.
936 days ago
I can’t give myself advice! If I could I wouldn’t ask for advice
951 days ago
Maybe because Elise needs advice
951 days ago
Bruh Elise why you asking for advice when you literally have an advice column!!
956 days ago
I like this guy, and I only just realized this, but I’ve been shutting him down for the last three years... so I’m afraid that he don’t like me anymore. What should I do? I haven’t told anyone. I can’t even tell my friend I can’t get the nerve. What should I do?
988 days ago
I'm going to try to stop l1king h1m now...
997 days ago
Another thing: I had a dream, but it was weird... like, the dream was that his sister was someone on allthetests so... idk
Yes 3 comments in a row but I forgot to put this yesterday
998 days ago
I also think... just sort of think...
That I like
I'm writing it like this to try and keep
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998 days ago
Thanks, Gracie.
I will now go think about that stuff for 0 minutes to 1,234,567,890 hours
And then respond
But the things I know are a) I'm not sure if this is a "symptom" but taking "do I like him" and some "does he like me" quizzes and b) I'm pretty sure he's almost always at the front or back of my mind. C) I read some of the love (fan)fiction in here and d) I wrote some of it (under a secret name :) and also maybe one or two more things that I don't know. I know staring is a big thing but I didn't realize until after drama (which is where I see him right now, we originally met through church/youth group) was postponed/canceled. Also, one night in March I was thinking... okay, I was thinking... um... "i'M iN lOve"
Idk if he has a phone or not.

All your advice seems solid, don't worry.
P.S. I have NEVER had a crush. Like I said, I thought it was gross last year!
998 days ago
First of all, what makes you think that you have a crush on this guy? kinda a weird way to put this, but what are your “symptoms”?
For me, I know if I have a crush if I blush a lot and always want to text him.
Also, if you have had a crush before, then think about what you felt about them and compare it to how you feel about your “maybe crush” now.

Second, if you don’t feel comfortable telling anyone about your crush yet (I sure don’t) then don’t say anything. I’ve been silently crushing on people for a year or longer and nobody knew. But, do what your heart tells you.
And since you seem not want to have a crush, maybe try to get over him. It’s hard when you like a person, but it’s worth a shot.

sorry this is bad I’m not good with lovey stuff 🤣🤣
999 days ago
Well, I'm going to ask for advice now...
Sooooo I think I have a crush...
Which wouldn't be THAT big of a deal, but
1. My family (older siblings mostly) think romance is gross. And I did too!
2. I REALLY DON'T WANT TO... have a crush. On anyone.
But I'm like 93% sure that I do.
I haven't even seen this boy in like 3 months and also we haven't talked for like a year when he asked how my dog was and I had to tell him "my dog died 4 months ago"
So...have any advice? I do not want to talk about this with my family.
It is very weird.
999 days ago
You're welcome!
999 days ago
thanks, AddyNick! It’s actually great advice, thank you for responding!
999 days ago
He might. It seems very POSSIBLE, but the only way to know is by asking him. If you do and he doesn't like you back, you should still try to maintain your friendship.

Sorry if this isn't very good advice!
1002 days ago
okay y’all I need advice-
Me and my crush have been texting for a LONG time. My birthday is soon, and he asked for the EXACT time I was born so he could wish me a happy birthday on that EXACT time over text. 🥺 We are good friends and can text for hours, I think he has texted me more than anyone else during quarantine. Do you guys think he may like me? I could be totally wrong about this since we never talk about feelings, so I wanted another opinion. Also, Idk if I should confess my feelings. I don’t want my feelings for him to completely destroy our relationship, because it’s so good. What do I do???!
1005 days ago
Also, maybe I should update about my sister: we still don't talk as much as we used to, but she's in high school--what did i expect? She's 12th grade as of yesterday and like, part of that whole thing was probably me. I spend too much time on my tablet 😅
1007 days ago
I can't say
Is that abuse?
I'm fairly certain it's some sort of that but I'm not entirely sure so sorry if I'm wrong
1047 days ago
omg I can’t say

I just want to give you a hug. Seriously though I feel terrible for you.
If there is seriously anything you need I would do anything I possibly could to help.
Please if you need anything reach out to anyone possible. Sometimes that’s the glory of the internet I guess. Being anonymous kinda helps people let out their true emotions and relate to others whom have felt the same way.
So if you need anything please, I’m begging you, come here to us. We will help you.
My prayers are for you
-Gracie xox 🖤
1047 days ago
I hate my dad
I can't explain why I do
I do it cause he is so negative.
He calls me a burden on earth
He says that I am a disgrace
He makes me do work which I don't like
It's all because I don't come first in class I hate it.....
And during lockdown spending time with my dad is hell
Someone help me.