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Need Advice?

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Do you need advice in something but you’re just too afraid to talk to someone, or just don’t want to... well here I can help with that.

    Hello. Today’s thing is going to be a little bit different. If you need advice on something, please put it down in the comments below, so I can do a separate quiz on it. This way I know what to do the quizzes on because you guys told me. Thanks, and have a great rest of your day!:)

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1047 days ago
lol, understandable. Yes, I do believe in God and religion. Didn’t really want to put it online just because I didn’t want any backlash for my opinions.
Zoom tho.. 🤣
I frickin love zoom. It’s the best, laggiest, funniest form of communication for me and my classmates. I have so many screenshots saved on my phone of people frozen!
1077 days ago
Gracie, well, I'd say to read COVID-19 by TheFadedWalker500 but I don't know if you believe in God or have a religion so...
And these things are so disappointing!!
I miss people too 😢 but we'll see them again, and there are things like phone calls, emails... zoom
It'll get better 💕
P.s. I would have responded sooner, but I didn't know what to say
1089 days ago
So it’s been a while, but just in case anyone does see this, I might as well put it out there.
My Big School trip this year has been cancelled due to Coronavirus.
I have to take Online School for the rest of the year.
It’s been around a month since I’ve last seen my grandpa and grandma, and I miss them so much.

it seems like our lives are just ending because of this virus, and I just want everything to go back to normal.
1126 days ago
At drama last week it was on Valentine's Day so there were papers with 1 name each and we were supposed to write encouraging things on them and my friend who was the one I commented about several months ago wrote "thanks for being a great friend" but then I felt like a bad friend. And this one boy wrote some weeeeeeeeiiiiiirdddd things on everyone's paper.,blah. Also the orthodontist says I need braces. And is recommending Invisaline. So. Idk.
1126 days ago
I just realized today. My freshman year will also be my sister's freshman year. Of college. And I'm going into high school in 2 summers. Including this one.
1127 days ago
I have no idea where she could be
Because there are like a milllllllion places she could be
1142 days ago
Ikr! I’m kinda getting worried about Squid. She hasn’t been here in forever!
1143 days ago
It's been 12 days and I stilllll haven't done anything but leave a not on my sister's pillow that said "we would talk" and then she never said anything. Soo. Insert forehead-smacking emoji here.
nd still run. Margaret, Jania, Penelope, Leah, and Stella and saw Jania creeping up behind Victoria. Leah charged into Victoria, giving Jania the distraction she needed to pull th
1155 days ago
I’m shy too, so I understand! Maybe talk about a game you used to play when you were little. For example, me and my sister used to play dogs 😂. It was really funny since the dogs always had a mud-room in their dog houses. Like a literal mud room. It just had mud in it. 😂😂😂

So something like that, or a conversation that you remember having with her that impacted you. Again, just try communicating with your siblings. It’s the best you can do to not grow apart!
1156 days ago
And Dr. SQUID is probably just really busy
1156 days ago
Gracie, that IS good advice.
But, well, when we were younger I
-followed her around
-agreed with everything she said
-copied her. That's just what little kids do. :) And then the other thing we did when we were a little older is just talk about writing or something for like a while. But right now she's a junior in high school, and writes so much I only see her like 3x a day usually. So... I'm just not sure what we'd talk about.
As for bringing it up with my siblings...
I can be really shy sometimes. I just want to smack myself in the face usually. But I haven't been able to stop being shy. I'll try, though. I'll try bringing it up with them al
I have ti go now
1157 days ago
did..did.. Dr. Squid... l-l-leave us?
1157 days ago
AddyNick, I think the same way sometimes.

I have a younger sister who I think is the coolest person I know. She is funny, good at sports, and just a great person overall. She’s the person I want to be. The only issue is that she is really busy with all her sports, and I never get to hang with her.

I always hate the feeling of growing apart from her. Especially with losing my aunt, who my mom loved so much. My mom and her sister (my aunt) were so close for living so far away. I want me and my sister to have a similar relationship.

Growing apart can be hard, and I know it’s scary. Try as much as you can to do things that you used when you were younger and closer. I always bring that up with my little sister and we go down memory lane for a good 30 minutes (if not more) each time.

Also, bring it up to your siblings that you feel this way. It may help them understand what they’ve been doing and how it’s making you feel.

Of course, I’m not in your situation so I have no clue if this is good advice or not. But good luck!
1157 days ago
Okay so... I'm going to ask for advice.
So a while ago you said that siblings grow apart sometimes, and it kinda seems like we're all growing apart...or maybe I'm just growing apart from them. I'm old enough to not want to do everything with my 9 year old brother, but not old enough to like, stay up with my two older siblings who basically always stay up late now. And it feels like in doing weird things I'd never have done like, a month ago, such as writing a fan fiction and having romance in it. Like, my siblings and I have always been like, "romance is gross." I think kissing is gross! My family has always been really close. But it feels like I never really told them anything...
And yes this thing has been going everywhere and it seems like none of them are connected, but trust me, they all are. I feel pretty confused right now, and also this might be in part that we've rented a house that REALLY needs/needed (idk if it's been cleaned yet) a cleaning, and we're moving in tomorrow.
So, uh, there it is. Basically a bunch of words I dumped on a page and arranged into a couple of paragraphs telling you random problems that don't mean anything
1158 days ago
You're welcome! :)
1158 days ago
Ty! Things actually took a strange turn the other day, and me and Ally told our teachers about Cat because of that and other things! Ty for responding!
1160 days ago
Gracie, maybe you should try and talk to Cat about how it's not good to have done nothing except make her a little angry and (possibly) have really bad things happen. Or try and talk to her that if Ally is her friend, she shouldn't be discouraging to her. You said yourself friends should build each other up, not tear each other down..
For your second comment, maybe you could leave him a note or something. Idk :)
1161 days ago
Great so more advice needed!

So the guy I like just got a phone (finally)! Though this is great, idk how to ask for his number or better yet, hint that I want his number.

What do you guys think?
1167 days ago
Hi! Drinking no longer hurts (omg thank goodness)! Thanks for asking! Also I’m beginning to like my new look. I look like a nerd but I think I can bear it.

Also I have this bad eye condition in my left eye so I can’t get rid of my glasses because if I damaged my good eye than I wouldn’t be able to see so 😕.

I actually am needing some advice too!
My two best friends are kinda in a bit of an argument, and I don’t know what to do. One friend, let’s call her Ally, isn’t really sporty. But she is going to try out for all these sports next year. My other friend, let’s call her Cat, is discouraging Ally to do this because she is “bad at sports”. Now I am closer to Ally, but if Cat gets mad at us, really bad things can happen.

Cat’s parents work lots with the school we go to. So if Cat gets mad at us, me and Ally get in trouble with the teachers. But Cat is the only person who lets us fit in with our group, and without her it’s a bit awkward.

Lately Ally has been getting really annoyed by Cat’s comments, and I am too. But what can I do? I will still have to deal with Cat in the future no matter what. Help!

Thanks and God Bless!
1167 days ago

Thank you so much! This is great advice!

Also like I earlier mentioned, please do consider speaking to your parents about how it hurts to drink water. Of course only if that's still happening. Is it? Anyways, because that's not normal for braces and it may get worse. Also, if your glasses bother you too much, maybe discuss possible other options such as contacts or other things.

Thanks again!

(sorry to hear that 'Bracie Gracie" is back) :(