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Free advice!

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Hey! Come to me for anything and I'll help!

    Hey! So I think I'm really good at giving advice and I want to help people. so come to me for anything and I will respond with the best help I can. I love to help y'all! I have been through a lot so I think I'm a good candidate for this. Please don't be afraid to talk to me. And I have a link that will be in here below the comments so if you are not comfortable putting it in the public comments, email me.

    Use purple to ask questions and I will respond in blue. Any comments that do not require advice just type them in without color. 😁 I'll help as fast as I can! Love y'all!

    - Be you

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184 days ago
I told my mother i'm bisexual but it changed to Pansexual and i don't know how to say i'm actually Pansexual. Should i? Or not?
501 days ago
20 days ago
I like this guy, and I only just realized this, but I’ve been shutting him down for the last three years... so I’m afraid that he don’t like me anymore. What should I do? I haven’t told anyone. I can’t even tell my friend I can’t get the nerve. What should I do?
623 days ago





623 days ago
Betrayed bff,
No it's okay! I wouldn't make them an enemy. I would just tell them that you don't like it. And if this keeps up that you won't be their friend.
623 days ago
No, it's fine! I just try to relate to people and tell them what I would do if I was in their shoes.
632 days ago
Hey sorry this isn’t in blue but my best friend has been spreading rumours about me to my old school and has been sharing my number with a bunch of mean girls but she is still my best friend should I keep her as a friend or make her an enemy
633 days ago
This may sound odd, but can I have some advice... on giving advice?
648 days ago
a sad person,
Hello! Your mum does have a good point. I don't have any social media either. I would also like to say that if you aren't 13 you are not allowed to register into Snapchat, Tik Tok, etc. I know what you're dealing with because the same thing is happening to me. But, if you would really like to ask her, I would just find a time when she isn't busy. Maybe at dinner or when you go to the store. I would say, "Hey mum, I really want a social media and I've been wanting to tell you a lot about it." Or something like that. Get her attention then go on to say "I have told you that there are privacy settings, but I don't think you were listening to me. I do understand your concerns, but I promise to be extra careful." I hope this helps you! Thank you so much for trusting in me. :)

-Be You!
653 days ago
hi! I am literally the only one in my friendship group at school that doesn't have any social media. all my friends have tik tok, Snapchat and Instagram but I'm not allowed them. The one I want the most is Snapchat but my mum is worried because she doesn't understand it. I have tried explaining to her about the privacy settings on it but i dont think she was listening to me properly. Also I can never find a good time to ask her. When should I ask her and what should I say?
658 days ago
First of all, thank you so much! And if you think you can trust your friends, tell them! I'm sure they will support you no matter what. As for your crush, if you don't think that he realized you like him, I would tell him again. If you can't say "Hey, I like you," try and give him some hints so that he will catch on. Once you feel comfortable enough, go ahead and tell him! Remember that you got it! You can do it! Thanks for your story!

-Be You!
658 days ago
I'm sure nobody has forsaken you. I'm sure that you are an amazing person at heart and that is all that matters. Have you ever tried to talk to your parents or guardians? I would ask them to help you because you sound like you need as much help as you can get. I would talk to them and they can get you settled with everything. Thank you for sharing your story! And you keep up the great work. :)

-Be You!
662 days ago
And, I apologize that did not come out in purple. would you please respond anyways.
662 days ago
So here it is. I feel as though my entire life has been a lie. I'm a Christian you see. And I'm trying to find all of my answers Through the Bible. But I want to know why I feel like everyone has forsaken me. The majority of the time I feel sad. But when I'm not sad, I feel like an outsider. If you think you have any answers as to why I'm feeling this way, please respond soon.
662 days ago
662 days ago
so I like this boy, got his number and sorta told him (I'm not sure if he realised) anyway I told my bff that I like him and I have some other friends that I trust enough to tell. So should I tell them? Also should I text my crush again to make sure that he knows I like him?

Thank you for any advice also love this idea 😊