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So I need some ADVICE, please read, and please use the comments to give advice.
I'll try to make it as short as possible:))

    I have always loved to dance. But mostly it was dancing to the radio at night... until I took a hip hop class last fall. Then we moved, and I started a Zoom ballet class by a studio nearby.
    I started late, in more ways than one. The studio's year is July to June, I think, and I wasn't the ONLY late-comer there, although I didn't know that for a while. I started about nine or ten months late! Also, most professional dancers started YOUNG (before 9) especially with girls. There are some exceptions (You will definitely find Misty Copeland's name) but mostly?
    I'm 13. (In other words, I want to be a professional ballet dancer.)
    So near when year ended, my mom asked if I wanted to continue ballet or go back to hip hop. I almost told her hip hop, but decided to push telling her until after the Zoom recital. It was kind of amazing and ballet is what I went with. In the past couple months, I have looked up some random things about ballet and watched some YouTube videos, and I have discovered some things.
    Including: A lot of training, four or five or six days a week, is something you should have. Here's a couple problems with that... I have 5 siblings. We do not have a ton of extra money laying around for paying lessons that I *think* are usually *fairly* expensive. At least if you are doing a lot of them!
    I probably don't need to dive into everything right away. But if you could read "Advice for Late Starters to Ballet" by Dare to Dance, one of the pieces of advice is "Get serious fast."
    (And yes, I know I will have to work very hard because of the late starter thing, but you know what? I'm willing and I'm not giving up.)
    (Also, I discovered Christian ballet companies exist which I definitely did NOT know and is kind of amazing since I'm *if you didn't know now you do!* a Christian)
    Also, I went through something similar to this with acting and writing. But acting... it seems like something I could give up eventually in pursuit of this.
    You don't have to be a professional to answer my questions. They are:
    1. Should I just wait things out and see where they go? The studio I am currently going to has several dance teams (competitive and non-competitive) which one day may be something I can do to get more hours in.
    2. I'm a shy person. Should I tell my family about this new dream, or wait a little while?
    3. Might this be like the acting and writing things, where I just think I need it for a while and then move on to another thing?
    4. Should I talk to the people I know who do ballet or know about it? Such as: my aunt told me about pointe shoes several years ago, my cousin (her daughter) does ballet (or did? And we have each other's phone numbers) and I have a friend (though we are not as close as we used to be, mainly because we haven't seen each other as often) who also does ballet (we have each other's messenger kids but I unintentionally spammed her a year or two ago.)

    I am sorry this is not as short as I thought it would be. Please comment any advice!
    Note: I was not planning on writing this unless I still felt this way April 1 of next year, but I couldn't resist! Thanks for reading! 💜💜💜💜

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@itz a V. If you need any advice i will try to give you the best advice i can.
8 days ago
Hey thanks for replying, sorry I sounded angry and everything. I was mad with my life and all so….yeah. Im the happiest person I know….most of the time.
20 days ago
@itz a V. I hope your doing OK.
22 days ago
What would u do, if ur a random shoulder to cry on, nobody big or important. And then u witness a big family argument in which ur mam threatens divorce? It doesn’t matter nobody’s going to reply BYE
76 days ago
Eli,I have 2 extremely annoying brothers,who r always insulting me,this never works wth them, but it might work 4u. 1.burn out any anger or feelings in a Journal, 2.ignore anything rude they say,and complement them or say something nice. 3.repeat step 1,and2,for a couple of days, 4.once their rude talk Has kinda like died out,go talk to them,and tell them how u feel,if that doesn't work,(and don't hate me 4 saying this,)ur 'friends' aren't actually friends💕. Keep me posted😜😜😜😝😝😝😝😝😝
142 days ago
If anyone needs advice or just need to vent come here!
150 days ago
151 days ago
Anyone aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeee
162 days ago
192 days ago
472 days ago
sry nvm thought this was for advice!!!!!!!!!!
473 days ago
hey i rlly need friendship advice. my friend group has been rlly rude to me, and today they called me racist and it rlly hurts bc i am NOT racist. i said "k and j r twinning today! they have matching fits!" and then some of the girls blew up at me calling me racist and i went home early crying bc i cant take it. they have all been superrr rude to me and then they were talking behind my back today. what do i do? pls respond ASAP if u have any advice!!!!!!!
599 days ago
Hey I've created a advice page to help girls with girl problems and much more than just that! Go here if you need my advice: https://www.allthetests.com/quiz39/quiz/1623710243/Advice-30
893 days ago
Thanks so much Elise!
899 days ago
Sorry I think you should tell everyone. Dreams change sure but if you don’t want to do it, DO IT GIRL! You don’t have to be in class to practice, so you can have a class once a week or once a month to save money. You could also have a lemonade stand or a small business on the days you are free to raise money so that you can pay part of the payment for your class. I think it’s awesome you found a great dream. Reach for the moon and fly to a new galaxy is what my mom says to me. It’s good advice, and that’s what you need.
899 days ago
I need advice from you guys please
914 days ago
BUT, I don't think my mom really likes the competitive thing. However... if I told her some things... I might be able to convince her. Although right now I have anxiety that would keep me from going on a stage (too complicated to explain)
I'm not even sure this comment has any point any more.
914 days ago
Tysm, Ashleigh and Maya! That really helped :)
916 days ago
I will try to help you!
1. That sounds great, one day I definitely think you should go for it!
2. Wait a while. Not very long, though. Just until you are sure that ballet is your passion. Definitely tell them soon.
3. Maybe, you should wait a while to find out!
4. Yes, I think you should talk to others who do ballet since they could give you tips!
I really hope this helped you!
916 days ago
(1) If the studio your at is doing dance teams competitive and non competitive, that's a good thing because you could join it one day!

(2) I would wait a little while to make sure that dancing is something you really want to do, they I say you should definitely tell them!

(3) It could be just like that, but you'll never really know unless you give it a try

(4) I would definitely say talk to people you know who do Ballet because they could help you and give you some tips!