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Advice for LGBTQ+ and more!

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I'm bi and I want to help any of you I can. All questions are welcome for any topic even if you aren't part of the community.

    Hi my name on here is Bifive haha. Well ask me any questions about anything. I'll be here everyday for all of you lovely people.

    My story: so I still haven't came out but I always secretly knew I was bi but didn't accept it until this one girl I met (just a friend) opened my eyes. She wasn't bi but I loved her and still do.

    If you have questions about how to know if your LGBTQ please let me know.

    Things to remember:
    1: being bi doesn't change you or life around you.

    2: if your friends don't accept you, they aren't friends

    3: come to terms with being you and bi. It's not bad it just means you see the world different.

    4: God loves you and so do your parents no matter what they do, it's out of love.

    5. I'm here for you.

    Signs you might be LGBTQ:
    you like girls and guys
    You find girls or guys vice versa hot

    If you have questions ask me I can't exaggerate this enough! Don't email me, I used a fake email.

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5 days ago
also its good that you have people who will support you 💜
5 days ago
Your welcome! 💜
6 days ago
I also know that all the teachers are either part of the community of supportive, and they have the only opinions I value, cause I literally would've killed myself years ago if it weren't for not wanting to disappoint them.

Thnx for the advice!!!
6 days ago
Hey I only have three friends and they all know I'm gy, but only one knows my exact orientation.
6 days ago
Hi @Freddie do your friends know because I feel like if your friends know than they might be able to help you with your class
Im not an expert but I hope this helps :)
7 days ago
I want to come out to my English class on monday, and I know that my teacher is part of the LGBTQIA+ community and don't care what everybody else thinks but I really just want to let's everybody know. How do I do it?!
13 days ago
Honestly ur siblings are big jerks to go though ur personal stuff. Not everything that goes through the search bar is open for everyone to see. I don’t want my parents seeing me search up gay frogs……
18 days ago
im not sure what To do
18 days ago
my siblings looked at my search history and saw that I was gender fluid and omni told me I was going through a faze and said that I was 2 im not though im old enough to know. they said they aren't going to tell dad because he will feel the same way so
26 days ago
I’m super scared or coming out to my parents. Ik my dad will be fine probably with it, but my mam and the rest of my family might want to get rid or me, disown me, or give me the cold shoulder.
27 days ago
I’ve been rejected by 3 girls and 2 boys. My love life sucks. My guy bestie who’s younger than me has already been through like 2 relationships and is currently on his third. It’s not fair that all the girls in my area like guys who play hockey! He gave me some advice on how to get all them girls, but it ain’t working for. I’m pan and genderqueer and all the guys Ik that like me are creeps about it and stalk me, and I know 1 single girl who liked me but I messed that up when she asked me out. I panicked and pretended I didn’t hear her, then I just asked to borrow her notes. I’m so stupid
39 days ago
48 days ago
I think u should only tell them if u feel comfortable doing it, if u don't feel comfortable telling them i think u should wait for now
49 days ago
should i tell my family that im bi, only my sister and friends and my aunt knows no one else i dont really feel comfortable telling them tho
57 days ago
If u think u should tell her family tell them one at a time, but only do it if u feel u should and u feel comfortable with telling them.

Talk to a friend trust me it helps
57 days ago
I’m pan only 4 people know
My crush (my bestie) isn’t homophobic, she’s more a not for me keep doing what you doing person
I go to a catholic school and LGBTQ is illegal
Help pls
How do I come out or do I not worry about until I find a partner
59 days ago
I'm a lesbian and my parents are SUPER homophobic I don't know who to talk to
59 days ago
Just don't listen to them! Ignore them! I'm sure that you are an amazing person and you don't deserve people like that! Be yourself!
67 days ago
Ur welcome i love to help ❤️ i am bi and idk how to tell my family
68 days ago
@tomboygirly thank you