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Tips for puberty/periods and accurate estimations.

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Hey! it's me period expert 2.0 aka WOW.

I am here to help you all and I will give you accurate estimations, answers and tips!

Thank you to all the people who encouraged me to create this!

Special thanks to: Eveline and THE period expert.

My mom is a gynecologist so I have learned a thing or 2 but please note that my estimations are not 100% accurate as everybody is different.

Before we start with, here is a table of context:
Chapter 1) (this one) estimations for period
Chapter 2) Period hacks, tips and tricks
Chapter 3) FAQ (answers to frequently asked questions
Chapter 4) Not released yet but it is recommendations and facts for period products

✤ No commenting if it's related to things other than puberty/periods/girly stuff.
✤No arguing/swearing/cussing/cursing.
✤If you are a "friend" of mine from the other website PLEASE don't talk to me via this website. I'm not "W0W" here, I'm period expert 2.0.
✤ If you have huge changes in symptoms. You are free to visit back for a re-estimate. You can also return if you have a question or to just look at the tips in my chapters.
✤Secret (secret is a name of a person) is not welcome here...

Please follow these rules (thank you!)

Heyyy! ((bold))((cur))I just wanted to thank everyone one more time for encouraging me to create this, it makes me so happy to know that I am helping

I just wanted to thank everyone one more time for encouraging me to create this, it makes me so happy to know that I am helping people!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that I am not a real life expert, my mom however is a gynaecologist so I have learned a thing or 2. I base my estimations using scientific data however everybody is different! So please don't expect my estimations to be a 100% accurate.

((bold)Comment down below your estimations or questions about anything related to puberty including periods. I have my period and I am more than happy to help you:)

If you need a estimate comment like this:

Your age:
Mom and/or female relative's age when she got her period:
Breast stage:
Cramps: you can answer the below 5 questions (including this one) with yes or no, if it is a yes, please add since when and how regularly, for example: Cramps: yes, have been getting it from 4 months ago, have it once a week.
Acne breakouts:
Mood swings:
Discharge: please answer the below questions with what colour and consistency (amount)
Armpit hair:
Leg and hair arm:
Public hair (hair down there):
Hips: (how curved are they?)
Do you have a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend:

The tips are in the next "chapters" ;)

Also feel free to give me any feedback or recommendations for further chapters! I would love to hear them!:)

Please give this a star rating and press "I like it" if you do!:)


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2 days ago
Age:11 Discharge: yellow-clear-gooey. Breast stage: 3 pubic hair:short brown curly hairs lots of emotions. Sooo much acne!!! 💕
5 days ago
All the other girls except for like two my year have got 💝
it doesnt make sense like that with the emoji so this is what i really wrote there...
All the other girls apart from 2 have bigger 🍒than me 😭😭😭
5 days ago
can someone please tell me when my breasts will grow?
All the other girls except for like two my year have got 💑. And i'm so jealous. I wouldn't say i'm flat and i can't tell if im in stage 2 or 3 for breast development. My mum has got 32B breasts. I don't know what breast buds are meant to feel or look like either. And i don't know what stage 3 breasts look like. My breasts have stayed about the same size for 1.5 years. I do think they have gotten more bigger recently but not really a huge amount. I always feel so self consious about my breasts and i just want them to look like all my friends. I am definetely not flat but my breasts aren't big. Im 13 yrs old and don't want to have to wait ANOTHER year for my 💑 to look like all my friends.😭
Pls estimate me and tell me!!
I can provide more info if needed.undefined
6 days ago
I agree with @sophia
Also it’s fine about the name 💜
7 days ago
@user2848284821849. I would say you should getvbyours in mabey 8 months to a year.
7 days ago
sorry about the name and also could you please specify how much more longer in months for me please.
9 days ago
Don’t think you have long to wait now!
Took me way to long to type your name!
12 days ago
Age:12 ( i turn 13 tmrw )
Moms age: I don't know and am too scared to ask her
Breast stage: stage 2 coming into 3 i think as they are starting to grow a little
Cramps: No i don't think so
Acne: I have a few pimples in between my eyebrows starting to get more my mum never really had acne I've had it reoccurring pimples for 2 years now.
Bloating: Yes every-night after dinner even if i barely eat anything I've had it for about 2 months now.
Mood swings: Yes for a month I've cried for no reason then are happy after.
spotting: none
Dishcharge: Yes everyday, sometimes a lot other times not too much. Had it for 2 1/2 months now.
Armpit hair: none
Leg/arm hair: Yes not blondish on the arms and brown on the legs. Not too much but enough to shave once a month.
Pubic hair. Yes. Shape of a triangle is very long, dark and curly getting more still.
Height: 153 cm
Weight: 35.8kg
Hips: slightly curved a bit more noticeable now
Crush or bf: No bf. A lot of crushes but there aren't that many decent guys that i know.
undefinedPls estimate me
21 days ago
I think you still have a fairly long amount of time 💜
Also happy birthday for next month 💜
22 days ago
Age:11 and 11 months( I turn 12 very soon)
Mums age: 12 or early 13 I think
Breast stage: 1 I don’t even need to wear a bra or anything
Acne: I some times get pimples but not very often no acne
Bloating: never
Mood swings: never
Spotting: never
Discharge: no
Armpit hair: none at all
Leg+ arm hair: none at all really
Pubic hair: none
Height: 5’0
Weight:25kg about 58-59lbs
Hips: no curve really
Crush/Date: well I have a partner but I think of them as a really good friend:)
Pls estimate me
23 days ago
I think you have quite a while left
I would estimate 2 years ish
This might not be right I’m not an expert but I hope this helps 💜
24 days ago
age: 10 and 2 months
mums age of period: 14/15
breast stage: flat not even 1
cramps: none
acne: i have a pimple on my chin rn but i dont get them often and no acne
bloating: only if i eat a LOT
mood swings: all the time
spotting: none
discharge: nope none
armpit hair: none
leg + arm hair: very hairy arms baby leg hairs
pubic hair: none
height: 4,8/9? idk
weight: 28 kg?
hips: flat as a wall
crush/date: crushing
pls lemme know :)
32 days ago
@that one ageender kid. You should not expect your period for a long time my estimate for you will be 1 year or 2 years.

Just remeber im not an expert that's just my estimation for you.
33 days ago
Breasts are about stage one
33 days ago
pls estimate for mah.

Oh, and mood swings started a year or so ago
33 days ago
Your age:11 and 9 months
Mom and/or female relative's age when she got her period: Around 13/14
Breast stage: Sort of non-existent, but thats normal for mah family
Cramps: A few, since about 2 weeks ago, not very often.
Acne breakouts:No
Discharge:No chance
Armpit hair: Black, about 2 inches long
Leg and hair arm: Brown, not very grown yet.
Public hair (hair down there): Same as armpit hair.
Height: 147cm
Weight:45 kg (ish)
Hips: (how curved are they?) Not curved
Do you have a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend: I am aroace (I think)
34 days ago
@ashley. You might not expect yours to soon but my estimation for you will be 3 months or 5 months.
35 days ago
my moms age when she got her period:12..?
breast stage: stage 3 i think
cramps: not really
acne breakouts: none
bloating: yes started recently
mood swings: like 2 times a week
spotting: none
discharge: a tiny bit, watery and yellowish
armpit hair: like the tiniest bit ever
leg and arm hair:arm hair not very noticable, some leg hair
pubic hair: some dark hair starting to curl a little
height: 5 feet
weight: 77 pounds
hips: idk sorry...
crush/girlfriend/boyfriend: i have a crush..

I rlly want my period; please estimate me!thank you!!!
35 days ago
@Savannah. You might get yours in about 5 months or 1 year.
36 days ago
Oh sorry i forgot pubic hair…
Pubic hair: some dark, straight hair