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Tips for puberty/periods and accurate estimations.

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Hey! it's me period expert 2.0 aka WOW.

I am here to help you all and I will give you accurate estimations, answers and tips!

Thank you to all the people who encouraged me to create this!

Special thanks to: Eveline and THE period expert.

My mom is a gynecologist so I have learned a thing or 2 but please note that my estimations are not 100% accurate as everybody is different.

Before we start with, here is a table of context:
Chapter 1) (this one) estimations for period
Chapter 2) Period hacks, tips and tricks
Chapter 3) FAQ (answers to frequently asked questions
Chapter 4) Not released yet but it is recommendations and facts for period products

✤ No commenting if it's related to things other than puberty/periods/girly stuff.
✤No arguing/swearing/cussing/cursing.
✤If you are a "friend" of mine from the other website PLEASE don't talk to me via this website. I'm not "W0W" here, I'm period expert 2.0.
✤ If you have huge changes in symptoms. You are free to visit back for a re-estimate. You can also return if you have a question or to just look at the tips in my chapters.
✤Secret (secret is a name of a person) is not welcome here...

Please follow these rules (thank you!)

Heyyy! ((bold))((cur))I just wanted to thank everyone one more time for encouraging me to create this, it makes me so happy to know that I am helping

I just wanted to thank everyone one more time for encouraging me to create this, it makes me so happy to know that I am helping people!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that I am not a real life expert, my mom however is a gynaecologist so I have learned a thing or 2. I base my estimations using scientific data however everybody is different! So please don't expect my estimations to be a 100% accurate.

((bold)Comment down below your estimations or questions about anything related to puberty including periods. I have my period and I am more than happy to help you:)

If you need a estimate comment like this:

Your age:
Mom and/or female relative's age when she got her period:
Breast stage:
Cramps: you can answer the below 5 questions (including this one) with yes or no, if it is a yes, please add since when and how regularly, for example: Cramps: yes, have been getting it from 4 months ago, have it once a week.
Acne breakouts:
Mood swings:
Discharge: please answer the below questions with what colour and consistency (amount)
Armpit hair:
Leg and hair arm:
Public hair (hair down there):
Hips: (how curved are they?)
Do you have a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend:

The tips are in the next "chapters" ;)

Also feel free to give me any feedback or recommendations for further chapters! I would love to hear them!:)

Please give this a star rating and press "I like it" if you do!:)


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35 days ago
when will I geeta my period?
Age: 12
Age mom got hers: 12
Breasts: VERY tender buds
Pubic hair:blonde but lots
Headaches and Cramps:EVERY Day and more
Lower back aches:heck yah!
Bloating:all the time
Leg hair:again blond but dense
Height:short but have lots of short genes
Weight:75 lbs-gained about 10 lbs in 14months
I want to date but no one is right for me😰😢 I'm a lesbian
51 days ago
56 days ago
also my Breast stage is stage 4 almost stage 5
57 days ago
undefined I’m 10 almost 11.
bloating: kinda
Mood swings: yup!
Spotting: not rlly
Discharge: YES! clear and kinda thick
Armpit hair: I have to shave
Leg and arm hair : arm hair is light and my leg hair is dark and curled
Pubic hair: oml so much
Height: 5”2/3
Weight: 114 I’ve gained a bit
Hips: little curved
I have a bf.
I also have a lot of headaches recently and lower back aches.undefined
57 days ago
Age: 11 1/2
Mums Age when she got hers: Idk
Breast Stage: 2
Cramps: All The Time
Acne Breakouts: Yes
Bloating: I have always been thin
Mood Swings: OMG Yes
Discharge: No
Armpit Hair: Thick, dark and curly
Public Hair: Thick, Dark and curly
Leg Hair: N/A
Arm Hair: N/A
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 68 pounds
Hips: Have always been thin
Partner: N/A
60 days ago

I would say not too much longer, maybe a few months.
62 days ago
Age: 11 1/2
Sister’s age when she got hers: 12
Breast stage: 4 1/2
Cramps: None
Acne breakouts: ALL THE TIME!
Bloating: all the time..
Mood swings: Extremely
Spotting: I think so? I’m not sure, it was VERY a very small amount
Discharge: Egg white or clear, had since June 2022
Armpit hair: A jungle.
Pubic hair: A JUNGLE.
Leg and arm hair: Must I explain further? A. JUNGLEE!!
Height: 5”4
Weight: 90 lbs
Hips: Very large.
Partner: I have a crush, but I don’t want to date..
64 days ago
@help me pls?
I would say around 3 months to 9 months ish. I’m not an expert so I may be wrong.

Hope this helps,
64 days ago
Age: 11 1/2
Sister's age when she got period: 13 (christmas holidays of year 9 (England))
breast stage: 3
cramps: no
acne breakouts: no
bloating: used to get it, but my mum said it was because of something new she put in the food
mood swings: I think so/sometimes?
spotting: nope
discharge:every day, for a year now (got larger in past few months)
armpit hair: no!
leg and arm hair: same as before(genetics from my dad) so no
public hair: no
height: 156cm
weight: 43kg
hips: kind of larger? only by a cm
crush/bf: crushing
let me know asap pls!!! but if ur busy, take ur time
66 days ago
As far as I know I don’t work for the FBI? May I just ask why you asked?
75 days ago
I will check to marrow but my 😘 are triangle and yes pubic hair, no discharge
75 days ago
I hate bras and I need on be cause my 💗 show though shirt. I made a promise to myself 6 years ago I would never wear them and I don't wana break it.
75 days ago
@Lol123 same, but I'm 11.
Liv, sorry if this sounds weird, but do you work for the FBI?:)
77 days ago
Mum when she started:13
Breast stage:3
Mood swing:sometime
hair pubic?yes
leg and arm hair?yes

The information not given is all no!

80 days ago
Age:11 Discharge: yellow-clear-gooey. Breast stage: 3 pubic hair:short brown curly hairs lots of emotions. Sooo much acne!!! 💕
83 days ago
All the other girls except for like two my year have got 💝
it doesnt make sense like that with the emoji so this is what i really wrote there...
All the other girls apart from 2 have bigger 🍒than me 😭😭😭
83 days ago
can someone please tell me when my breasts will grow?
All the other girls except for like two my year have got 😘. And i'm so jealous. I wouldn't say i'm flat and i can't tell if im in stage 2 or 3 for breast development. My mum has got 32B breasts. I don't know what breast buds are meant to feel or look like either. And i don't know what stage 3 breasts look like. My breasts have stayed about the same size for 1.5 years. I do think they have gotten more bigger recently but not really a huge amount. I always feel so self consious about my breasts and i just want them to look like all my friends. I am definetely not flat but my breasts aren't big. Im 13 yrs old and don't want to have to wait ANOTHER year for my 😘 to look like all my friends.😭
Pls estimate me and tell me!!
I can provide more info if needed.undefined
84 days ago
I agree with @sophia
Also it’s fine about the name 💜
84 days ago
@user2848284821849. I would say you should getvbyours in mabey 8 months to a year.
85 days ago
sorry about the name and also could you please specify how much more longer in months for me please.