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Tips for puberty/periods and accurate estimations.

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Hey! it's me period expert 2.0 aka WOW.

I am here to help you all and I will give you accurate estimations, answers and tips!

Thank you to all the people who encouraged me to create this!

Special thanks to: Eveline and THE period expert.

My mom is a gynecologist so I have learned a thing or 2 but please note that my estimations are not 100% accurate as everybody is different.

Before we start with, here is a table of context:
Chapter 1) (this one) estimations for period
Chapter 2) Period hacks, tips and tricks
Chapter 3) FAQ (answers to frequently asked questions
Chapter 4) Not released yet but it is recommendations and facts for period products

✤ No commenting if it's related to things other than puberty/periods/girly stuff.
✤No arguing/swearing/cussing/cursing.
✤If you are a "friend" of mine from the other website PLEASE don't talk to me via this website. I'm not "W0W" here, I'm period expert 2.0.
✤ If you have huge changes in symptoms. You are free to visit back for a re-estimate. You can also return if you have a question or to just look at the tips in my chapters.
✤Secret (secret is a name of a person) is not welcome here...

Please follow these rules (thank you!)

Heyyy! ((bold))((cur))I just wanted to thank everyone one more time for encouraging me to create this, it makes me so happy to know that I am helping

I just wanted to thank everyone one more time for encouraging me to create this, it makes me so happy to know that I am helping people!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that I am not a real life expert, my mom however is a gynaecologist so I have learned a thing or 2. I base my estimations using scientific data however everybody is different! So please don't expect my estimations to be a 100% accurate.

((bold)Comment down below your estimations or questions about anything related to puberty including periods. I have my period and I am more than happy to help you:)

If you need a estimate comment like this:

Your age:
Mom and/or female relative's age when she got her period:
Breast stage:
Cramps: you can answer the below 5 questions (including this one) with yes or no, if it is a yes, please add since when and how regularly, for example: Cramps: yes, have been getting it from 4 months ago, have it once a week.
Acne breakouts:
Mood swings:
Discharge: please answer the below questions with what colour and consistency (amount)
Armpit hair:
Leg and hair arm:
Public hair (hair down there):
Hips: (how curved are they?)
Do you have a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend:

The tips are in the next "chapters" ;)

Also feel free to give me any feedback or recommendations for further chapters! I would love to hear them!:)

Please give this a star rating and press "I like it" if you do!:)


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240 days ago
Age:12nearly 13
Mom got hers:12
🍒:4ish roundish
Cramps: yes sadly 😩
Acne: who doesn't? Also its EVERYWHERE
bloating: depends
Mood swings: yes 🤣 lol
Spotting: once I thought I had my period bc it was so much
Discharge: sometimes pinkish and yellow but usually just white
Pits: its medium black hairs curly and super noticable so I shave
Leg arm hair: brownish hairs barely noticable
Height: 5/7 or 5/8 my dad is 6/4 so that's why lol
Weight: 119? I think I haven't checked in a while
Hips: one of my best features 💅
Crush: absolutely!
256 days ago
@Lyra: You will be getting yours in 1-3 months. Please remember I am not an expert so if I am wrong I do apologise. I hope this was useful.
264 days ago
Your age:13
Mom whe she got period 12
Breast stage:4
Cramps: only once a while ago
Acne breakouts: a few recently
Bloating: a lot
Mood swings: yes I can't stop crying over small things
Spotting: none
Discharge: I get a lot daily its white and sticky
Armpit hair: some
Leg and hair arm: only a little
Public hair (hair down there): a lot
Height:140 cm
Hips:quite curved
Do you have a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend:I have a realy big crush but have never done anything about it
266 days ago
266 days ago
Ana you have about 2-3 months till you start yours. But im not a expert
267 days ago
Your age: 11
Mom and/or female relative's age when she got her period: 11-12
Breast stage: 4
Cramps: yes, a couple of weeks now. I get cramps every night around 7-10 pm
Acne breakouts: 1-3 spots
Bloating: no
Mood swings: sometimes
Spotting: nope
Discharge:Watery and I’m pretty sure it’s yellow.
Armpit hair: I shave but I have more than a medium amount
Leg and hair arm: some black hairs starting to curl
Public hair more than medium. Thick and curly. Had it for about 1 year
Height: 5’6 (had a growth spurt recently)
Weight: 150 lbs
Hips: curved
Do you have a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend: I have a small crush
272 days ago
estimate pls!
yes a few times a week
yes since August and maybe twice a month
a lot sice june
all the time every week
quite a bit
quit a bit white
quite a bit of brown curly stuff
crush yes
272 days ago
Hey rose!
Because of your weight i cant give you an accurate estimation but i got my first period at 12 and i was 155cm like you and i weighed 80lbish
I see your period could be very very soon!
About 1-5months
273 days ago
Wait did she just see my comment before that???? 😳😳😳🥺🥺🥺😖😖😖 *dying of mortification*
273 days ago
Sorry 'hihi' is my sister being silly
273 days ago
273 days ago
My age: 11 (almost 12)
Mums period age: idk i think around 12?
Breast stage: 4
Cramps: nope
Acne breakouts: nope (think thats genetics though)
Bloating: nope
Mood swings: yes DEFINITELY
Spotting: Nope
Discharge: few drops, watery clearish
Armpit hair: Medium amount, blondish brown ( head hair is blonde)
Pubic hair: LOADS and dark brownish black, super curly
Height: 155cm i think
Weight: idk haven't checked in ages
Hips: quite curved I guess
Crush: yep, but only a small one
(I personally think its gonna be in around 6 months?)
277 days ago
Ohh Hii im 10 and going through puberty but havent gotten my period soo ya
288 days ago
Your age:9 almost 10
Mom and/or female relative's age when she got her period:sis 11 mom 14
Breast stage:4
Cramps: yes, have been getting it from 3-4 months ago, have it once a week.
Acne breakouts:yesssss
Mood swings:emotional rollercoaster
Spotting:brown every day!
Discharge:very tiny rarely
Armpit hair:very tiny black/brown
Leg and hair arm:no
Public hair (hair down there):very few
Height:155 5'1
Weight:42-45 kg
Hips: curved medium
Do you have a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend:huge crush
298 days ago
ohh 🐬nn
can u come on the accurate period place tho ??
ig if u are active
imma be active too
cuz ngl nobody replies to me anymore
i think it would feel good to talk with someone llol
299 days ago
im trying to be more active on here though, bc i had broke my laptop and i finally got another one lmaoo
299 days ago
omg slayyy, same w/ me. ill probably just pop on to talk!
300 days ago
i too like a guy rn lmaooo
300 days ago
im not active tbh
i just pop in once in a while lol... but if u plan on staying i will try to be active to chat with you lolll
300 days ago
omg wowwww
congratulations on both your period and being an amazing swimmer