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Tips for puberty/periods and accurate estimations.

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Hey! it's me period expert 2.0 aka WOW.

I am here to help you all and I will give you accurate estimations, answers and tips!

Thank you to all the people who encouraged me to create this!

Special thanks to: Eveline and THE period expert.

My mom is a gynecologist so I have learned a thing or 2 but please note that my estimations are not 100% accurate as everybody is different.

Before we start with, here is a table of context:
Chapter 1) (this one) estimations for period
Chapter 2) Period hacks, tips and tricks
Chapter 3) FAQ (answers to frequently asked questions
Chapter 4) Not released yet but it is recommendations and facts for period products

✤ No commenting if it's related to things other than puberty/periods/girly stuff.
✤No arguing/swearing/cussing/cursing.
✤If you are a "friend" of mine from the other website PLEASE don't talk to me via this website. I'm not "W0W" here, I'm period expert 2.0.
✤ If you have huge changes in symptoms. You are free to visit back for a re-estimate. You can also return if you have a question or to just look at the tips in my chapters.
✤Secret (secret is a name of a person) is not welcome here...

Please follow these rules (thank you!)

Heyyy! ((bold))((cur))I just wanted to thank everyone one more time for encouraging me to create this, it makes me so happy to know that I am helping

I just wanted to thank everyone one more time for encouraging me to create this, it makes me so happy to know that I am helping people!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that I am not a real life expert, my mom however is a gynaecologist so I have learned a thing or 2. I base my estimations using scientific data however everybody is different! So please don't expect my estimations to be a 100% accurate.

((bold)Comment down below your estimations or questions about anything related to puberty including periods. I have my period and I am more than happy to help you:)

If you need a estimate comment like this:

Your age:
Mom and/or female relative's age when she got her period:
Breast stage:
Cramps: you can answer the below 5 questions (including this one) with yes or no, if it is a yes, please add since when and how regularly, for example: Cramps: yes, have been getting it from 4 months ago, have it once a week.
Acne breakouts:
Mood swings:
Discharge: please answer the below questions with what colour and consistency (amount)
Armpit hair:
Leg and hair arm:
Public hair (hair down there):
Hips: (how curved are they?)
Do you have a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend:

The tips are in the next "chapters" ;)

Also feel free to give me any feedback or recommendations for further chapters! I would love to hear them!:)

Please give this a star rating and press "I like it" if you do!:)


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300 days ago
and I'm in absolute love
300 days ago
also, hru??? Long story short, I got my period like the day I left the site, Im now a competitive swimmer and 4th fastest in my state (biggest state in US) I'm really proud of that since I'm also one of the youngest.
300 days ago
Yasmine! tysm. I really appreciate the kind response. Im so happy that you're still active! I missed youuuu
301 days ago
Age;11 1/2
Mom got period:12
Sister got period:11 1/2
Breast stage: almost done with stage 2
Cramps: Every three days a week,painful!This has been going on. for like the past two Months
Acne breakouts: bad!I have more than 10 pimples!
Bloating :Yes it's been happening for a week now.
Mood swings: YES! I get them literally every 6 days!
Spotting : not really, probably happened once a week.I've had it for a month
Discharge: clear and gooey,sometimes it's a little bit thick.
Armpit hair :Dark and black,curly,long,medium
Leg hair and arm hair: A lot,like a jungle.If only my mom would let me shave
Pubic hair(hair👇)long,starting to curl.A little thick.
Height5'2(think I'm going through a growth sport
Weight:83- 85 pounds
Hips: have shape.Almost womanly
I have a crush❤
301 days ago
u have accepted your mistake and apologized too so its a big deal :)
i really hope everyone appreciates your honesty now
301 days ago
why is my comment now posting properly ...
301 days ago
omg i remember youuu
and thank you so much for the kind words
u honestly have no idea how much they mean to me and it made my day
301 days ago
Hi everyone! I was involved with some drama on here a few years ago. I was being a dumb 11 or 12 year old and argued with people on the internet. I lied and was honestly really rude to some of you. I used my friends name a while ago. So the OG's would know me as "Ella" or I believe I also went by "peach" -something. I just wanted to apologize to everyone that I deceived and mistreated. I had been bored. Soooo, if anybody is still active on this sight, prefferebly Yasmine. Yasmine was always so kind and understanding, I hope she knows that. Anyway, have a great day~

304 days ago
Your age: 11
Mom and/or female relative's age when she got her period: 12
Breast stage: 2 or 3
Cramps: sometimes in my lower abdomen
Acne breakouts: none
Bloating: rarely
Mood swings: none
Spotting: none
Discharge: none
Armpit hair: none
Leg and hair arm: brown hairs that are getting more noticeable
Public hair (hair down there): none
Height: 5'3
Weight: 60 pounds+
Hips: kinda curved
Do you have a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend: sometimes no sometimes yes
304 days ago
I have no 😻 or breeatst. Also not in puberty any longer.
328 days ago
breast stage:4
cramps: 5-6 a month for about a year
mom got period at:13
acne breakouts: 3 every two weeks
bloating: literally every two days, and it’s BAD.
mood swings: even when i was little i had so many mood swings, but i’m getting them more
spotting: once like a week ago
discharge: for about a year, and right now it’s creamy, whiteish yellow, and everyday.
armpit hair: got it like six months ago, a lot of brown STRAIGHT hairs
leg and arm hair: i’m filipino, so i’m always hairy, but i’ve gotten more recently
pubic hair: JUNGLE
weight:95-100 pounds
hips: pretty curved
crush: i’ve had a huge crush on this girl for about 7 months. x
328 days ago
age: 12 and 11 months
br3ast stage: 4 (been growing for 1.5 - 2 years
cramps: yes about 1-2 a week and i have had them for a few months
acne breakouts: yes just had one more on my forehead
bloating: yes like every day
mood swings: yes like one a day
spotting: 2-3 times 2 months ago
discharge: a lot every day since 11 months ago and its clear but it used to be white
armpit hair: a bit black curly
leg and arm hair: ehh a bit mostly bcuz i am blonde
pubic hair: alot since a year ago brown and bushy
height :last i checked 5 ft 1.5 inches
weight :90 lbs my weight wont change since like 4 months ago!!!
crush: mamma mia yessss he is so hot

oki pls estimate within like 3 weeks pls i have the feeling i will get it soon ;)
336 days ago
mom's age:12
Breast stage:3
Mood swings: ALOT
armpit hair: barley any
leg hair: medium amount
_ hair:brown straight hair
Weight: 65 pounds
Hips:very curved
Crush: I have a boyfriend
343 days ago
Your age:11
Mum's age:14-17
Breast stage:2
Cramps: occasionally since early this year
Acne breakouts: not rlly
Bloating: occasionally
Mood swings: frequently
Discharge: occasionally and when I do get it it's a fair amount of clear discharge
Armpit hair: a few bearly visible blonde hairs
Leg hair: medium amount of brown hairs
Arm hairs: alot of blonde hairs
P7bic hairs a medium amount of black hairs starting to curl
Height:4'8-4'11(148-152 CMS)
Weight:57-61 kgs(128-132 pounds)
Hips:very curved
S/O/crush: a crush on a fictional character and a small crush on two people irl
344 days ago
Your age:9
Mom and/or female relative's age when she got her period:10
Breast stage:3
Cramps: yes 3 times a day for a year
Acne breakouts: yes 2 throughout the year
Bloating: yes 1 a week
Mood swings: An emotional rollercoaster
Spotting: yes a bit for a week
Discharge: Yes Yellowish brownish colour
Armpit hair: yes straight brown hairs
Leg and hair arm: yes straight brown hairs
Public hair (hair down there): yes a jungle
Height: 5,2
Weight: 6 stone 14
Hips: (how curved are they?) yes very
Do you have a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend: A huge crush xx
358 days ago
I could use one....
Age:12 i will be 13 in a month
Breast stage: 4
Discharge: cloudy and sticky everymorning
Spotting: nope
Acne:can barely see them on my forhead
Cravings:Sometimes maybe?
Mood swings: i get angrey and stuff
Leg hair:straight black ones
Arm hair:same as leg ones
Armpit hair: nope
Hair down there: nope
Height: around 5,0
Weight: 75-80 pounds
Hips:sorta curvy
Crush: nahhhh
Lets see how i do!
360 days ago
I think it may be coming soon,Mae !
367 days ago
hey i have creamy white discharge and cramping. does this mean my period is coming soon?
369 days ago
Your age: 9
Moms age: 13-14
Breast stage: 4
Cramps: yes, been getting it for 9 months and every week or so.
Acne breakouts: Every week or every other week, for a year.
Bloating: Yeah, hate it. started 1 month ago. Every week.
Mood swings: Yes, for two years and almost every day or every other day.
Spotting: It’s happened only 5 times.
Discharge: Sticky/watery, white, brown, clear or dry yellow, happens almost every day, for a year.
Armpit hair: Yes, hate it sm 😭. Started almost 2 years ago, i have to shave every week. Almost full.
Leg and arm hair: Just started to grow one year ago, getting a little long for my legs and my arms still have brown short hairs. i don’t shave them yet.
Pubic hair: Yes, started 9 months ago and grows quickly it is dark and straight. I only shave a little off every month.
Height: 4’7
Weight: 96Ib
Hips: Noticed them getting a bit bigger for a year. Not full yet but close.
I don’t have a crush nor am I in a relationship.
373 days ago
Age:9 turning 10 december 26
Moms age when she got her period:11
Breast stage:idk what you mean but they are just a bit smaller then the size of a baby watermelon
Cramps:yes since about 5 weeks ago
Ance breakouts:not really but i do have acne time to time
Mood swings:all the time, AND I HATE IT!!
Spotting:do you mean spots?if so:yes