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A safe place for venting

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Hi everyone! I have created this so people can let out their worries without being judged. Vent about anything and I will be here to listen

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Crazymadison and I love helping people! This is why I have a created this so anyone can vent about ANYTHING! Let out all of your stress in this safe community!

    No judging other people. You may not understand what some people are going through but that does not give you any right to judge them.

    No arguing. Please take that somewhere else!

    Swearing is allowed as it is censored by allthetests so any young people won't be able to see it!

    You can vent as many times as you like.

    I may not be able to reply to every comment but I will check these comments every day so rest assured that your vents have been read by someone who cares!

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4 hours ago
Guess who's back for a part two?

The reason why I can't confront my "best friend" is that I'm scared. I've always been by her side, comforting her in her troubling times and defending her from the world of people who dislike her and want to hurt her. Or at least, so she says.

I'm worried what might come after. She's blown up in my face more than once, and can get very angry very quickly. Angry, as in willing to hurt me.

To her, I'm just a fat, mindless person in a crowd that offers free protection, as well as a practice dummy for all her new insults.

And not to mention she can expose my identity to her YouTube channel. I've seen a few videos of hers that are vents about me doing stuff I wouldn't dream of, making it sound like my little story is flipped, where I'm the bully and she's the victim.

So I can’t say s_ck apparently but whatever
Hey I’m back

Problem 1:
My friend tried to commit suicide 3 days ago and the police called me and now she hates me and says it’s all my fault like wow

Problem 2:
Break is almost over and at my school we have 6 perverts in my class and I’ve been victimized by 3 of them and it’s really bad I don’t feel like going into detail today

Problem 3:
My friend group is falling apart really bad like one of my friends even made a TikTok shaming all of us it 🌻and I feel like no one is on my side anymore it 🌻so bad

Problem 4:
Everyone in my school knows I have the most drama in the school so now no one will talk to me it’s really sad

If anyone can help with any of these or want me to go into more detail pls tell me
Hope I can go to school on monday. I feel better, but still have covid.
2 days ago
I'm sorry, @Sergei about your friends, but are you Russian? Τι στο καλό όμως; Κανείς δεν έρχεται και απλά λέει "Γεια σου, θα πολεμήσω έναν πόλεμο μαζί σου!" Συμφωνώ ότι σας μόνο ένα citizin, αλλά ο ηγέτης σας είναι τρελός.
2 days ago
i have adhd but my parents wont believe me
3 days ago
someone please give me adivce so i can help my friend and myself

i was bullied so badly last year that i cut myself i ended up in er last year due to self harm
people bullied me all because i'm bisexual now my best friend is going through this but her moms abusive and she lives with her . my friend needs help what do i do i also feel like i need help to as i have done self harm recently and have had thoughts out committing suicide due to my autistic brother and my mom who doesn't pay much attention to me and doesn't really support my sexuality she said she thinks i'm gross and she yells a lot i just don't know what to do
someone please give me advice on me and my friend i don't wanna live in my house anymore and i want my friend to be safe at home and school her mom refuses to call dcf(Department of Children and Families) but i feel she is not safe at home and i think we both need help she even comes to school some days terrified cus her mom yelled at her or did somthing

id be happy if anyone had advice that could help us both as we need it
3 days ago
@... Freaking confront her! Say, "You know, just stop. Stop if your really my friend." It works.
4 days ago
Sometimes I wonder if my best friend is really my best friend.

I like animals, so she calls me a furry. I attempt to starve myself, but she still says I'm fat. I allow her to hurt me (mentally and physically) and steal my things, to which she calls "funny." She denies me of my wishes, like when I ask her to stop cursing, she continues.

I've tried so hard to believe that she could change and we could be good friends again, just like we were in second grade, five years ago, where it all started.

I'm almost ready to give up.
4 days ago
ADHD is real commen in children bout 1 in 10 kids are have it so real likely you could be one.
ADHD is also more commen in boys I think.
4 days ago
I move around ALOT I'm almost never still whenever I have time I'll run the shiТ outta myself to move less also I lost my cap some badmitton rackets and way to many water bottles grades been going down too.
Do I have ADHD? Maybe? Idk?
5 days ago
I know how it is like having a mental problem and no one believes you...
Im self diagnosed with depression and fatigue and I think I may got ADHD too. When I talk to my parents they say that it's just a phase witch is not true because I've been struggling with these for months
5 days ago
If your parents don't believe you maybe you should talk to a relative or a teacher who can talk to your parents. You are not a attention seeker, I'm pretty sure it's ADHD
5 days ago
@Julia, your not an attention seeker. Those clues ARE ADHD, just say to your parents "Please take me to a docter, I am having trouble focusing at school and I think I have ADHD." The fact about the school will get your parents.
5 days ago
NVM, got tested. I got Covid. It just feels like a cold bc of the Covid vaccines. BUT, don't worry I feel better.
5 days ago
I have self diagnosed ADHD. just the fact that it's self diagnosed will probably make you think "oh no, an attention seeker", but please hear me out. my parents refuse to take me to a doctor where I can get a proper diagnosis. I have seen a list of symptoms and and I identify with almost all of them. it is affecting my life everyday, especially my school life. listening to teachers is not a big problem, I just zone out sometimes and then I didn't hear what they said. my problem is studying and homework. I just can't focus on them. I either zone out every 5 seconds, or get caught in a daydream, or something outside is distracting me etc. no matter how hard I try, I just can't bring myself to focus. I ended up crying several times because this just made me so incredibly frustrated and angry at myself. I just wamt to focus normally. maybe meds will help, but as I mentioned my parents are against that. please, all I want is a diagnosis and treatment, it's 💑 driving me crazy.
anyways, thanks for listening. hope ur okay
5 days ago
all my friend got conscripted into army and then they blew up from Ukrainian missile (Vasily lost only legs and now is cripple, think of Joe from that Family Guy show). Vlad was sad then very mad... then he bled out from being blown apart into many chunk. Miroslav was a fast, fast man but drone was faster... he is olympic trackstar in heaven now, no doping rules in place up there... Dimitry drinks St. Peter's vodka now in Jesus' apartment stairwell, may we soon all join him. As for me? I doged draft by hiding behind refrigerator. The policeman was not as wise as me!!! Acquaintice of mine had his legs broke by fatty so he was spared as well, until he healed and then was shipped off to war. I then saw video of him taken as prisoner of war and now fights for Ukraine.

After all I experience I then go around internet and as soon as I even hint of my nationality I get cussed at and called Moskal and 🌻 and Evil and other nasty words. You must learn that the average citizen does not want this war to carry on, and most of the soldiers on the battlefield were either brainwashed or conscripted just like their fathers and uncles in Afghanistan 30 years ago. Putin created the war, not me.
5 days ago
Glad ur safe.
6 days ago
No covid over here sorry bout the covid.
6 days ago
NO😲! I don't have it, tho I have a cold. :(