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A safe place for venting

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Hi everyone! I have created this so people can let out their worries without being judged. Vent about anything and I will be here to listen

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Crazymadison and I love helping people! This is why I have a created this so anyone can vent about ANYTHING! Let out all of your stress in this safe community!

    No judging other people. You may not understand what some people are going through but that does not give you any right to judge them.

    No arguing. Please take that somewhere else!

    Swearing is allowed as it is censored by allthetests so any young people won't be able to see it!

    You can vent as many times as you like.

    I may not be able to reply to every comment but I will check these comments every day so rest assured that your vents have been read by someone who cares!

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2 hours ago
@baster hi i am doing this during math class irl so ya
Where did everyone I remember go? Venter and everyone else
worst. day. EVER! I embarrassed myself 3 times this morning. In an hour. How? I'm a klutz. And i got picked up early from school, to go to the dentist(if u must know, i have dentophobia; phobia of dentists). Woo-hoo(That was obviously sarcastic). But, it gets worse. When we got to the dentist, they gave me laughing gas, but it doesn't live up to its name. I don't like the feeling of laughing gas, i didn't want it. But i'd be very anxious if i wasn't relaxed. I have 4 1/2 loose teeth that wouldn't come out, and i put up quite a fight when the dentist tried to brush my teeth that were loose(bc i would rather brush my own teeth). So, the appointment was rescheduled for 6 months later(in May or June), and the other dentist gave me a toothbrush, and my dad banned me from eating sweets until i get it done. Hopefully him and my mom will forget about that.
3 days ago
undefined this is my first time using this :< i hate myself. If someone ever give me a gun, i will literally kms with that gun xd.
3 days ago
For like the past 9 months Ive been coming on here every day but for the past 2 months I have been really busy
3 days ago
Ya Catlover hasn’t been here in like a month I rlly miss her
3 days ago
Hey its me.I was some12yearold I changed my name.I am noy nonbinary an pan and ace
heheh I wondered why you left
4 days ago
wheres catlover? I haven't seen her in a while!
4 days ago
Hey! I have been AFK for months now, but school has been piling me up!
4 days ago
@unicorn girl
aubree, tbh if i was you i would confront him abt it. wouldnt want to played imp
4 days ago
people annoy me so much it makes me want to punch them across the face and m#rder them tbh, girl dated me just cos she felt sorry. honestly feeling targeted
5 days ago
How would he have been being a good friend??
And if he likes me he has lied to me like thousands of times cuz i have liked him on and off for 5 yrs and he has either never said anything when i asked or just said no
Also u can just call me aubree
5 days ago
Hi, I don’t really expect any advice or sympathy, I just needed a place to vent. Probably seems quite a small and stupid thing, but what can I say.
I’ve had a crush on this guy for 10+ months and he’s just nice to me and everyone. Being near him just feels comfortable. I found out that he liked me, but being the 😘 I am, I never said anything to him about it , I just let other people tell him, and he didn’t believe it.
I should’ve seen it coming, and I guess I sort of did but wasn’t ready to accept it, but it was this week his friend said to me
“You’re too late”
That kinda got me.
Today (with me there) two of my friends asked him if he liked me, he said no. But his friends are still asking if I like him. :(
(Just so you know, I don’t think I’m going to try and do anything because I want to respect his wishes)
5 days ago
Hi @YASMINE, i remember u
5 days ago
Anyway, i came here bc i went to my first optometrist appointment today, so i got picked up from school, and on the way home, i didn't see wut was coming my way. I was on the train, and randomly, this guy probably in his late 50s, asks my mom if he can sit beside me, and first of all, this seat can only fit 2 people. Second of all, there's very clearly a sign that says "RIDE SAFER: please leave this seat empty unless you are traveling together". Third of all, my mom said no, i KEPT saying no, but he sat down anyways, and it started an argument. Then, Someone just told him to sit in the empty spot the person found. Honestly, people are jerks sometimes. I'll give u more deets later, but i need to go eat my tater-tots. Byeeeee
5 days ago
@unicorn girl(can i just call u unicorn girl), yea, pretty sure ben likes u back. Either that, or he's just being a good friend. U can take this quiz 2 know 4 sure:
5 days ago
someone help me plzz
5 days ago
so i need advice.....
so i have a crush named ben. and one day my friend isabella was being annoying, and she somehow decided to go tell ben this, "hey aubree likes u and wants to be ur girlfriend" and apparently he said this "uh um tell her i'll think about it and that........ i might like her too" and then isabella and maddie (my other friend) came running up to me saying what he said and i was totally freaking out. and then in class (yes this was all in school) he kept looking at me and smiling and of course i smiled back. and then the next day at the end of lunch (btw im in 5th grade) isabella said that ben i said he likes me for the second time and thats whe i started to have my doubts. then isabella went up to ben AGAIN and said "do u want to be aubrees girlfriend" and he apparently said this, "yeah sure totally" that when i got mad. then when we wentback to class i was all mad and stuff and mayson (bens friend that i sit next to. PS. it 😍hes soo annoying) kept asking me what wrong and then he said this "ohhh its about bens plan isnt it?" and said this " did u just say PLAN?!" and he said this " yea ben had a plan to keep telling you and isabella what u want to hear" thats when i think literal steam was coming out my ears. then it was time to go home. and isbella overheard mayson pull ben aside and told him i knew about his plan and that i was super mad and mayson told ben to stop telling me yes. but then a couple weeks later (thats now) ben is smiling at me and talking to me a lot again.
and i have been liking him again for awhile since like a week after all that happened. and now im starting to think what ben said about liking me is true.

what do i do i will take literaly any advice
5 days ago
Oh hey @YASMINE you might remember me idk
5 days ago
hey does anyone remember me ??