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A safe place for venting

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Hi everyone! I have created this so people can let out their worries without being judged. Vent about anything and I will be here to listen

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Crazymadison and I love helping people! This is why I have a created this so anyone can vent about ANYTHING! Let out all of your stress in this safe community!

    No judging other people. You may not understand what some people are going through but that does not give you any right to judge them.

    No arguing. Please take that somewhere else!

    Swearing is allowed as it is censored by allthetests so any young people won't be able to see it!

    You can vent as many times as you like.

    I may not be able to reply to every comment but I will check these comments every day so rest assured that your vents have been read by someone who cares!

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11 hours ago
Night girl pirate!!! Still at the hospital but I had to do school work because I missed it sry it’s been really frantic!
11 hours ago
i feel like an owl.
the wind shakes this old house.
my dad snores quietly in the next room.
down the short hall, my brother just coughed.
the door to my other brother's roomed is moving on it's own because of the sloped floor and the window.
i'm alone but there are sleeping monsters (my family) around me.
if i awake them, i'm dead.
i want someone to talk to, but they've all gone.
so goodnight.
11 hours ago
I made a quiz and safe space here:
check it out :)
12 hours ago
I just got finished with a mental breakdown, tried to sleep, couldn't, now am quietly typing here. :) how is everyone?
13 hours ago
Hi:) :) :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13 hours ago
I'm actually crying from stress and confusion about the world and life. Ugh.
13 hours ago
It's 9:00 PM here.
How is everyone doing?
Is Eli doing okay?
13 hours ago
I think Eli lives in south United States I think based on the times bc my long distance friend lives there
15 hours ago
i live in the united states
15 hours ago
thank you and i will stay strong
15 hours ago
And thanks for the advice, Twix and Sophie.
Enough about me, let's help Eli and anyone else who needs it.

I don't care what your mom thinks of you, we love you no matter what! :)
If you're comfortable with telling us, do you live in New England (in the US) perhaps? Literally no pressure if you don't wanna say. :)
16 hours ago
I am so sorry for you Eli/Jade. Stay safe and strong
17 hours ago
my mom hate me for being bisexual and polyamorous i live in the us and my dad left when i was 6 because my phyco mom
17 hours ago
I think you live in the us just a guess! Thx for being helpful Eli!!
17 hours ago
I think Jade is a beautiful name. But I think you should keep eli in case your "friend" finds out. Sorry to be nosy but what happened to your parents? Do you live in US?
17 hours ago
no i do not live in the uk
17 hours ago
Hey pirate girl.
I love acting too. I believe that you can do anything you put your mind to. I you feel nervous before going on stage just take a few deep breaths. Hope this works. I am bo except on stage fright, since I don't have it, but I know you can do this.
17 hours ago
Wait you live in the uk jade/Eli?!?
17 hours ago
im notin the uk and you guys can call me eli or jade either one also who thinks i should change my user name to jade instead also i already called childline
18 hours ago
@Freddie I think I know where Eli lives based on what Eli says it is and yes little sistah I will call you Grace!!!