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Period Talk 101

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I am so HAPPY to help you learn about periods, or talk with you about periods. I am here to help you with your period needs, and questions. Feel free to share your period stories or share your first-period story. I haven't started my first period but have done a lot of research and will share when I start my first period!
NOTE: I will try my best to answer you! Remember I will not be able to be here every day! Have a Great rest of your day!

A very important thing to do before you start your period is to make an Emergency Period Kit!

You need a cosmetic pouch or small bag to put your stuff in!

A small travel-sized deodorant

Pads, Tampons, and Panty Liners ( It's your choice)



Extra Underwear

Pain relievers

Zip lock bag (for underwear you leaked on or for other needs)

If your school offers machines in the restrooms for menstrual products, or if you are out on a field trip or away from home, having a dollar or two quarters can be nice

Hand Sanitizer

Maybe a little mirror if you need help putting tampons in

And last some of your favorite candy because you deserve it

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7 days ago
@joel. It usually normal to nor get your period for a while. Expiciall when you just started.
18 days ago
i got my first period on january 15, it only lasted 4 days and it was very light. i havent got it again and its day 48! i have cramps and nausea a lot, and a lot of discharge anyone know what's going on? all my friends have mostly regular periods, but ig not me!undefined
23 days ago
Have you spoke to an adult about this? If not I would.
I hope you are okay 💜💜💜
23 days ago
Hey guys I am 13 almost 14 and I got my 1 period 3 months ago and I think I was r@ped and like I have nausea and I look kinda pregnant and I have to wear big clothes maybe I am just gaining stress weight but I don’t know what I should do
90 days ago
Thank you :) and I'm not that worried ik that at the start of periods there irregular but it's still a bit frustrating lol
95 days ago
Guess who had her first period at 2:51am?this girl!
97 days ago
Do not worry sometimes at the start of your periods they can be slightly irregular. If you are getting really worried speak to your mum, school nurse, or even a doctor. This also happened to me but after I was completly fine and I started to get a regular pattern.
102 days ago
My 2nd period hasn't come yet,its been 38 days 😑
124 days ago
I am very moody,I have cramps sometimes, my face always has these weird bumps plus a couple pimples,I have been craving milk chocolate, and French fries,and salty snacks.I also have a HUGE crush problems,(go to 'Does he like me?'test in the comments.)
124 days ago
Not excited 4 puberty.I am 12,tests say I have 5-8months.my mom gave me som we stuff but she has not talked to me about much🙁
134 days ago
Thank you for this god bless
134 days ago
Will I have not got it but can you make a other puberty one so I know thank you everyone so I am in puberty can you make a other discharge one anyway have a good day everyone
183 days ago
Hi. so i got my period in august and im going to start dancing weekly. i've tried tampons and im comfortable with them but when i put them in my flows heavy but i take it out and its light. is that normal? and its so irregular. i started end of july beginning of august and ive had it three times.
200 days ago
im just psycho but thx for ur advice
200 days ago
ok tysm God bless u
200 days ago

Hey look don’t worry about it if it’s late I had my first one in December and didn’t get another until august. Anyways it’s normal for that to happen for the first 2 years. Also if your still worried about it, you might wanna tell a trusted adult or mom or etc. also anxiety and eating habits definitely do effect your period. I also have really bad anxiety and from what I know (I might be wrong) I’ve heard that stress/anxiety sometimes does effect your period as well as eating habits.
200 days ago
imma 13 in april too and im 5'3
200 days ago
ok i need some help here. i got my first period in january then my secong 16 days later my cycle varies from 14-40 days and lasts 8 days but my last period was on july 20 and i expected to get it any day now but its very late ive been getting cramps and moodswings im nauseous after everytime i eat food there is no way im pregnant im only 12 im a virgin im waiting til marriage and i havent m@sturbated for over 100 days for religous reasons im so scared ik im just jumping to conclusions but i did lose 5 lbs (i weigh 102 lbs ) idk y i think its bc i have severe anxiety and i sometime dont eat bc of it so that could be y ive been having very bad anxiety lately but its getting better so idk im prolly just being crazy but any advice and idk how to gain weight when i get nauseous when i eat but my mom said to drink more water and not to eat junk food or skip meals so ill see abt that
201 days ago
Hey @kaylee and @Susie tysm for the advice I needed that
202 days ago

So when you just start its better to use a pad, maybe you should start wearing a tampon when you are ready and more used to your period! But this is your choice if you feel tampons are better, go ahead :)

Good Luck!