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Period Estimates, Puberty, Crush and dating Advice

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Welcome to our site. This page was created to help others with their menstrual needs. Remember that this is a site for a period, puberty, and crush/dating advice! I just wanted to explain that our estimates are as accurate as can be from the information you supply us with! As everybody is different, these estimates maybe a few months off, but remember that we have researched how to get an accurate estimate. As for the crush and dating portion, those questions will be answered on Saturdays! First come first serve, although we can't get to every comment we try our best! On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we do estimates. On Tuesday & Thursday, we have period tips and hacks along with frequently asked questions answered!

Hi, if you haven't already please read the preview! This site has 8 chapters! This one is our schedule/days of operation & introduction. Chapter 2 is on rules, 3 is an estimate example, 4 is period tips and tricks, 5 is on puberty, 6 is on crush advice (There'll be a quiz linked on that page on if your crush likes you back) 7 is dating & 8 is just an extras chapter!

Okay! About our days of operation are listed below-

Monday- Estimates
Tuesday- Frequently Asked Questions (ANSWERS)
Wednsday- Estimates
Thursday- Frequently Asked Questions (ANSWERS)
Friday- Period Hacks
Saturday- Crush/Dating advice
Sunday- Questions on Puberty (Girls)

Our hours of operation are simple 8-9:30 on weekdays
On weekends we do 12- 1:30


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14 days ago
i need help.
i have a crush on my bff and i dont know if she likes me...Sometimes i caught her staring at me, but when she shows me shes smiling and looking away. shes a realy shy person and shes not realy open whith other people...
i want to tell her a lot but im afraid that if shes dont like me back ill lose the only real friend i ever had...
please help
i dont know what her sexuality is. shes probabl straight but when i am asking her about it she chnges the subject
im bisexual and she knows it
please somebody help me
i realy dont know what to do
97 days ago
What should I do? :(
97 days ago
Hi I started puberty a month or two ago and I'm to scared to tell my mom
107 days ago
I hate my period It caught me off guard last week and I didn't have any pads

i have only had a few periods so far but i hate it and my dad keeps acting like he knows all about it and its no big deal i hate when he does that
173 days ago
can i get an estimate please?
moms age when she got her period:13
Tender breasts:yes
how long have breasts been developing:2 years
How long have you had discharge:2 years
Hair :brow to thighs
arms:bit of hair
Boyfriend :yed
cramps : very
mood swings:yup
hips rounded :yes
178 days ago
ok so kinda detailed, hear the story before giving me any advice. So this guy said he had a crush on me, not asking me out or anything. I told him i would get back to them and then developed a HUGE crush on him. We have a crush on each other. I will call him Jakob because i like that name. So! He caught covid right before i was going to ask him out and i'm not seeing him anywhere. Not online, Not email, And i am mortified to cal him for anxiety reasons. What should i do? a day without talking to him is hell for me. We have liked each other for around two months
180 days ago
I have an oddly specific question. Is there anyone here who’s an adult or close to it (17/18+) who has dated a few people? Preferably a Christian who doesn’t want to have a physical relationship outside of marriage. I know this is probably a long shot, but if you are out there, what is your dating advice? How do you date someone outside of your friend group if you don’t want to be alone together? Or even before dating, just getting to know each other? What is the best way to do this?

I will also take advice from someone younger (with similar experience). I’m a sophomore in case that gives you a better idea of what to say. :)
180 days ago
what do i do if my friends don't remember my birthday??????
181 days ago
186 days ago
I really want my period to come!
186 days ago
Amorie, I can help you
186 days ago
It is ok Just A Girl... life can be tough sometimes
189 days ago
I have a girlfriend and I'm only 11 but nobody knows... I feel like I will be in trouble for dating so young and not dating a boy...
198 days ago
@yolo I mean... make the move. If you feel it's right for you who cares what others think? And if she shows interest in you, your friends should be happy for you and if not, they arent friends.

I usually do formal chats on here but i cant rn as I'm at my cousins party. Anyway bye!!!
199 days ago
209 days ago
so basicly i have a crush and weve been friends for like 2 years but my crush is so popular likeevery boy likes her but she seems to show interest in me and my 2 best friends most, but i dont know if shes friend zoned us and we're just hey best friends im to nervous to make a move and btw i have had a crush for 4 months. what do i do
215 days ago
hon ur a little young for a bf and he is too what you could do is tell ben to get bent and move on listen to 'you belong with me' 10000000000 times and all T. Swiftie songs 99999999999 time youll get over him its not the end of the world if all else fails talk to ur mom or if you have a sister talk to her
221 days ago
so i need advice.....
so i have a crush named ben. and one day my friend isabella was being annoying, and she somehow decided to go tell ben this, "hey aubree likes u and wants to be ur girlfriend" and apparently he said this "uh um tell her i'll think about it and that........ i might like her too" and then isabella and maddie (my other friend) came running up to me saying what he said and i was totally freaking out. and then in class (yes this was all in school) he kept looking at me and smiling and of course i smiled back. and then the next day at the end of lunch (btw im in 5th grade) isabella said that ben i said he likes me for the second time and thats whe i started to have my doubts. then isabella went up to ben AGAIN and said "do u want to be aubrees girlfriend" and he apparently said this, "yeah sure totally" that when i got mad. then when we wentback to class i was all mad and stuff and mayson (bens friend that i sit next to. PS. it 😍hes soo annoying) kept asking me what wrong and then he said this "ohhh its about bens plan isnt it?" and said this " did u just say PLAN?!" and he said this " yea ben had a plan to keep telling you and isabella what u want to hear" thats when i think literal steam was coming out my ears. then it was time to go home. and isbella overheard mayson pull ben aside and told him i knew about his plan and that i was super mad and mayson told ben to stop telling me yes. but then a couple weeks later (thats now) ben is smiling at me and talking to me a lot again.
and i have been liking him again for awhile since like a week after all that happened. and now im starting to think what ben said about liking me is true.

what do i do i will take literaly any advice
238 days ago
I'm 12, is that a normal age to date?
241 days ago
Is it weird that I'm between being pan and gay?

Someone help me😢