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Period Estimates, Puberty, Crush and dating Advice

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Welcome to our site. This page was created to help others with their menstrual needs. Remember that this is a site for a period, puberty, and crush/dating advice! I just wanted to explain that our estimates are as accurate as can be from the information you supply us with! As everybody is different, these estimates maybe a few months off, but remember that we have researched how to get an accurate estimate. As for the crush and dating portion, those questions will be answered on Saturdays! First come first serve, although we can't get to every comment we try our best! On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we do estimates. On Tuesday & Thursday, we have period tips and hacks along with frequently asked questions answered!

Hi, if you haven't already please read the preview! This site has 8 chapters! This one is our schedule/days of operation & introduction. Chapter 2 is on rules, 3 is an estimate example, 4 is period tips and tricks, 5 is on puberty, 6 is on crush advice (There'll be a quiz linked on that page on if your crush likes you back) 7 is dating & 8 is just an extras chapter!

Okay! About our days of operation are listed below-

Monday- Estimates
Tuesday- Frequently Asked Questions (ANSWERS)
Wednsday- Estimates
Thursday- Frequently Asked Questions (ANSWERS)
Friday- Period Hacks
Saturday- Crush/Dating advice
Sunday- Questions on Puberty (Girls)

Our hours of operation are simple 8-9:30 on weekdays
On weekends we do 12- 1:30


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2 days ago
Thanks @olivia xx

I’ve finally decided which guy I like! Woop Woop! And he’s said he likes me too! Yay! But we still aren’t going out yet but yk!
20 days ago
Purple1Destiny same with me but I started a year and a half ago!!!!
20 days ago
I get mood swings all the time and am really irritable so I get in so many 😡 fights with my parents literally any time they say anything they hate me for it what should I do? Also they assume I'm not going through puberty cause I'm short and only have breast buds and so they don't get me deodorant!I SMELL SO BAD! But I'm to embarrassed to ask them for it so I have to live with being stinky😢😢😢😢😢😢😢☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
26 days ago
@Liv. Okay so how to know which guy you like more is by
Every time you talk to one of them which guy makes you smile more and makes you happier.. Next is which guy do you think likes you more?
And which guy makes you fell safe when your around him, which guy makes you more nervouse,

And yes it ois possible to like 2 guys but remember you cant date 2 guys!
73 days ago
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
74 days ago
How do you know which guy you have feelings for if you are friends with both of them? And is it possible to like two guys?
82 days ago
89 days ago
@Liv. And mabey you can try to talk to him more and mabey if he likes you he might tell you.
89 days ago
@Liv. I think he likes you. Because he's showing signs that he likes you
91 days ago
So I like this guy

We are both twelve
We are friends and also have the same friends too
He always helps me
He touches me on the arm randomly
He teases me and tries to scare me in a friendly way

I have asked on another advice platform and got told to ask him to an event at school or get him too tell me in truth or dare thanks @itz a v
But I’m really shy

Does he like me
If so what do I do
113 days ago
@Kenz the guy you like. you said he might like you to. so mabey you should just go up to him and say hi and try to become friends with him and when you do become friends with him then you should tell him you like him.

And i hope he likes you to💖
114 days ago
Bro you said you would give estimations and advice but you didnt ! I'm gonna give y'all a bad review!
115 days ago
Anyone gonna help me??????!!!!!
115 days ago
Can someone help me! I have a crush on this guy and I rarely see him but I think he likes me. I like him a lot but I don't no how to talk to him.. Help!
116 days ago
@sophia oooh thanks! 💜💜💜
117 days ago
@liv. Hiii. I got the purple heart in the emogis
117 days ago
@sophia hiii!
Also how did you do the purple heart!!! :)
136 days ago
Hii. 💜.
225 days ago
Hey anyone oooonnnnnnnnnnnnn
278 days ago
probably not but hey