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Our own period club

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And this is my period club you can chat with other girls about estimations, tips and other websites that teach period stuff and you can learn more that you knew, whether you have your period or not!
GIRLS UNITE! Period club is here

    No uncensored vulgar language
    Don't judge others
    Respect other girls opinions

    You can chat share and do so much more on this club plz respect and abide by the rules

    Please don't be shy we are all girls unless some stupid sneaky boys are reading. Feel free. Express yourself in any you want don't feel shy!

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7 hours ago
Idk I don't rlly get cramps and I already had 2-3 periods by I got rlly sick before one day before I get it
8 hours ago
I'm on mine RN and my cramps are really bad. Is there any advice on how to sooth cramps? I know about heating, and taking a pill. But is there any other way?
8 hours ago
@Kgirl, when I got mine I was freaking out like "HOW THE ____ AM i GOING TO TELL MY MOM???
And so I just compromised by going downstairs and saying "Mom, what is this? Did I get my period? And showed her the red stain. It worked for me, but that was really embarrassing!!!
But now I'd tell her "Mom, I think I got my period, theres this red stain."

Its really not a big deal, don't sweat about it.
4 days ago
I think I'll get my period so on. How do I tell my Mum when I get it????🤔
6 days ago
hey girls😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
6 days ago
6 days ago
Can i get an estimation,

age: 11
height: 4'11
weight: 80lbs
🚔stage: 3
hair: a lot of leg and arm hair, i have a couple dark hairs on my armpits starting to curl.
age of mom: 12
discharge/spotting: i get sooooooo much discharge i have to wear panty liners, no spotting.
mood swings: EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!
cramps: i get them every day each time getting worse......
acne: at least 5 red ones and 3 white heads.
6 days ago
hiiiii girlyswirlys!!!!!
7 days ago
I still haven't got my perioddddd
How should I feel about it ?
20 days ago
Lol, hi yasmine
22 days ago
that was like 500+ days ago 🦄nn
22 days ago
omg lmaooo
i realized i have been on here before
i texted hi on oage 13 lmaoooo
28 days ago
Sry, I'm bad at estimating , but probs within the next month ig
28 days ago
Hey i would like to be re estimated . I am 11 and I’ve had discharge for almost over 1 year almost 2 years it’s the stretchy and sticky kind , it’s clear. I also get brown discharge it’s definitely not stretchy but it’s kinda sticky but mostly it’s kinda of just there in my underwear. My bra size is A cup 34-36 I’m not completely sure. My mood swings are HORRID I don’t want to talk about them. I’ve had pubic hair for 2 years maybe 3. I know 5 girls in my grade that have their period and are all 10-11. I SEAWT AND I SWEATT I swear that’s all I do is sweat. I swear when it’s cold outside. I have stains on almost all of my shirts it’s really bad. I also wear panty liners because to be honest my underwear is ruined every single pair. My 🍒 started developing is I’d say end of 1st-middle of 2nd grade but wore a bra starting in 3rd grade. I get stomach pain every day just about and I’m not talking about eating too much or after running. I get pain in my pelvic area. I have a lot of neck pain, back pain and get ALOT of headaches. I’m really tired. This morning I got 11 hours of sleep and was still tired. In class I could barely keep my eyes open there were so heavy. My mom got here’s at 16 which I don’t think I’ll have to wait that long because of the signs I show right now. I have leg hair which I need to shave but don’t my friends point it out . Arm hair isn’t rly noticeable but I shave my armpits at least 2 times a week.but you never know I am really really sorry for the long message I just wanted to be really detailed about this!
30 days ago
Oops I meant ded silent not dedicated silent lol
30 days ago
Geez this chat is dedicated silent (anyone exist here??)
35 days ago
twix you got a lot of time
55 days ago
@twix you won't have yours soon
57 days ago
geez this chat is pretty much ded
59 days ago
i really want/need a phone for public school. do u guys have any really good reasons i could use to convince my mom?