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Our own period club

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And this is my period club you can chat with other girls about estimations, tips and other websites that teach period stuff and you can learn more that you knew, whether you have your period or not!
GIRLS UNITE! Period club is here

    No uncensored vulgar language
    Don't judge others
    Respect other girls opinions

    You can chat share and do so much more on this club plz respect and abide by the rules

    Please don't be shy we are all girls unless some stupid sneaky boys are reading. Feel free. Express yourself in any you want don't feel shy!

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137 days ago
I personally have not worn tampons before, only pads. If pads are uncomfortable, then I would say try tampons. Just make sure you set it up properly. lol I’m not sure if that is good English but whatever. Anyway, there are also things called menstrual cups. It is basically a small cup that holds the 🩸. I am fine with wearing pads during sports and PE, but yeah, it can be annoying sometimes. For swimming, you should wear a tampon or wait until the “period time” is over.
137 days ago
I'm 12 and got my period. My mom says I could try tampons bc the pads are uncomfortable during PE and my sport (and just during the day). Also when I go swimming with friends. I'm really scared to use tampons so yea... Any advice?
139 days ago
5’2? Girl, I’m 12 and only 5’1 lol. I can’t give you an accurate estimate, but I would say at least 2-6 months.
141 days ago
Someone pls estimate me!
Age:almost 11 (in march)
Puberty: half a year-1 year?
Breast stage: 3 but kinda 2
Cramps: very rarely
Bloating: no
Acne: 1 or 2?
Breast tenderness: 3/10
Discharge: white and gooey, have it almost every day
Mood swings: YESSSS
Cravings: i love food so idk
Bloating: I've gained 2 lbs in a... month? idk if that counts
Pubic hair: a few black hairs
Armpit hair: none
Leg hair: noticeable ,black, but i dont shave
Fatigue: yep
Growth spurt: maybe??
Height: 5'2
Weight: 100 ish?
Crush: on one of my guy friends

My mom got it when she was 13-14
I've took some quizzes and they said either 8-12 months or 3-5 months
142 days ago
I think I estimate you a while ago. I think on page 2 of the comments. Anway, there is no specific estimate anyone can give you. If you have pinkish discharge, you are probably close. The first time I had pinkish discharge, I had my period the next morning.
148 days ago
My first period was on my brother bday. Well, I was on an excursion for my leadership role for school. I was with 4 other girls, only me and 1 other hadn't gotten it. The teacher who brought us was male. About 30. So, I needed to pee so me and friend who hadn't gotten period walked a long way down to the worst, stankiest, had no period products public bathroom. I saw the blood, told my friend and we went to the teacher. He was very awkward and said the girls would help. Thankfully I had a pad. But then later I had to change my pad and I didn't have one so I quickly asked a friend. She didn't tho and some lady told me to 🦄. But then we got boba and thankfully no pants were ruined because I was wearing period undies because they r comfortable.
152 days ago
More like earlier i think
154 days ago
Hey mira!
Your period is around the corner, expect it in 1-4months but could be earlier or later, who knows!
Good luck!
154 days ago
Hey girl stuff period!
I checked your message and i think you could be getting it 6months- 1.5 year(s)
It could come later or earlier just because some are harder to estimate (like you) but keep supplies with you just incase and for discharge/spotting you could use panty liners and it could make you feel also more secure for when your first period comes so you wouldn’t immediately leak
Good luck! :)
154 days ago
Hey Anna!
I see your period could be around the corner soon! If you’re comfortable enough maybe ask your dad’s mother or your mum’s mother to ask when they got their period cause it could make it easier to estimate but i think you could be getting yours around 2-10 months
Good luck!
154 days ago
Hey rio!
You could be getting it in 1-7months approx but it all depends on your BMI/weight, if your BMI is over 16 then yeah my estimate should be correct but if its under then it could take longer. For weight, you can be anywhere over 85 pounds to get it ( i got mine at 85lbs)
Good luck!
155 days ago
Also crush = no but I have a ✨girlfriend✨ and we've ✨kissed✨
155 days ago
Hey! Can someone tell me when I'll get my period pls?
I'm 12 and 9 months
My mum was 13 when she got hers
I've had loads of discharge every day for abt 1½ years
Rn discharge is like loads every day, and it's kinda clear??
I'm not getting lots of acne, just a few spots here and there
Bloating alot 😭
Cravings like all the time, like rn I need a green apple AND AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE GREEN APPLES?!?!
Full pubic hair 😳
Lots of dark leg hair
Dark armpit hair but not much it
Cramping about 2 or 3 times a week 😩
Mood swings = lots and lots and also I'm very tired
Breasts are in-between stage 3-4 I think
159 days ago
Ok so I'm gonna say my name and it's Evie and I am autistic so... Yah it's embarrassing
159 days ago
Hey I just found this place
167 days ago
Hi I still need some advice. I’ve gotten varying results
11 years old
142.7 pounds
Some Red arm/leg/armpit
4 feet 11 inches tall
Some reddish pubic hairs
Yes pimples
Yes mood swings
Yes food cravings (right now I want a chimichanga)
Frequent cramps
Some discharge every day
Mom was 13 when she got hers
Feel tired always
3.5 breasts
168 days ago
Anyone know what happened to @Bethyy???????
175 days ago
My mom's got her period when she was eleven or 12 .
175 days ago
Can anyone estimate and tell me when my period is gonna come .Age 10
Breast stage -3
Discharge, Been 1month
Mood swings -like a roller coaster
Food cravings,Lower abdomen aches frequently,Headaches , Unusual tireness,Irratated always,upper leg aches /lower back aches , spotting-everyday ,colour and consistency of discharge-Brown wet and also egg white or cloudy . Experiencing from 1to 2or 3 months . Puberty -1 year ,hair down there, A lot almost full. Armpit hair -medium amount .Arm and leg hair -Like a jungle
183 days ago
So can someone please estimate how long I have until my first period