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Our own period club

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And this is my period club you can chat with other girls about estimations, tips and other websites that teach period stuff and you can learn more that you knew, whether you have your period or not!
GIRLS UNITE! Period club is here

    No uncensored vulgar language
    Don't judge others
    Respect other girls opinions

    You can chat share and do so much more on this club plz respect and abide by the rules

    Please don't be shy we are all girls unless some stupid sneaky boys are reading. Feel free. Express yourself in any you want don't feel shy!

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197 days ago
hey feye!!!
just bc your ovulating doesnt always mean youll get your period. have you had your first period
197 days ago
hey rubes! i would say ABOUT 3-6 months, but you can never be sure. i have a few questions: how old are you
how tall/weight
how long have you had discharge
what size are your breasts
199 days ago
hey! i really want somebody to estimate me and ill start off about my signs!
pubic hair(like a jungle omg)
armpit hair (not alot)
leg hair(another jungle)
tired ALOT
growing pain
a little discharge
tender breats
abit of acne
always craving junk food!
mood swings
always moody
never bothered to do anything (same as tired ig)
mom got it:1 year older
btw im in year 5 and most of my friends has it!(most girls get their period in year 5
238 days ago
Hi, Idk if this topic is welcomed here, I just need some serious help.
Basically my so called bff told everyone who my crush is. I really like this guy. I also am struggling mentally because I've got sleep plursy, which is where I have a dream where I scream, and when I wake up I can't scream or talk.
Recently, I have been in quarantine, so I haven't seen my crush in ages. I've been having dreams about him. My one yesterday was where I was 16. We were dating, and I had gone to the Netherlands (because in my dream he moved there because he's dutch) I met his parents. (Don't worry, we didn't even kiss or have it) his mum was an artist and we went on a walk. Before I 'went' to the Netherlands, we were dating then at high school. (Sorry if this is confusing).
I then woke up, cause you know, it didn't actually happen.
Last night's dream however was much longer and more detailed.
Basically, this time I was 17, and we were sort of on a road trip. (since when I graduate, I'll be 17, instead of beening 18, because I got an exception). First we were in Japan, we were getting along really well (in this dream we weren't dating) we got kicked out of our hotel, and we were forced to live in his car. After a few in dream days we made it to Spain. We got food from a guy from our class, and we got gas. We also stopped at a comunal shower. It was also a convenice shop as well. Me and my crush stopped to go shower (in our swimwear and no, we did not do it) we showered, and then I came across my real bff and I was so happy to see her, because, who wouldn't! Then I saw my other bff (who moved to spain literally). Then we speed run to my other bff's house (well they make me). I start to get really sad because I had been trying to find my crush for ages. Then I told my friends this 'just let me go back there. I really like ______ and I want him to be my boyfriend'.
And then I wake up. Apparently, if you dream about someone, then they are either dreaming about you too, or they are thinking about you. Idk if that's true but I hope it is! We're not that close but he knows that I exists, and we talk sometimes.
But here's the thing. If my brain said that I wanted him to be my boyfriend, is that true? I guess maybe it is. And heres the other thing. Do you think I like him if I don't really want to have it with him.

I am 12 turning 13 in two months.
Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š
241 days ago
im going on vacation in 2 days and im pretty ๐Ÿ˜˜(am i allowed to say that?) sure that i am ovulating, at .east thats what google and my disvharge have told me. i reallydont want to get it on vacay ad im hone for 2 weeks
243 days ago
Can someone evaluate me?
I'm 12
My mum was 13 when she got it
Discharge for 2+ years but I get it lots every day now
Kind of stage 3-4 (.)(.) (Kind of rounded triangles)
Loads of thick curly brown hair down there
Starting to get darker arm and leg hair
Mood swings almost every day
Headaches a few times a week
No cramp but my lower back hurts sometimes
Might be spotting? But if I am I literally started yesterday
Also I've been thinking about girls a lot... (I'm a lesbian)
And I get weird cravings like suddenly I just need an apple or dark chocolate ๐Ÿ˜‚
Pls tell me when I'll get my period, thanks!
243 days ago
Can someone estimate when I could get mine?
Age: 9
Breast stage: 2-3
Leg hair:Full :)
Arm: Full
Armpit: starting to get darker and curl
Mood swings: omg emotional roller coaster
Moody: I wanna die ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ญโœจ
Discharge: not very much watery yellowish
Weight: 30 kilograms/60-66 pounds
Hight: 140 centimetres
Craving:Y E S
acne: n0 :)
Craving: OFC
Lazy: YEA

Tell me now โœจโœจโœจโœจโœจ
245 days ago


Breast stage:3

Discharge:Not very often its watery too



Mood swings:I get angrey more.

Height:around 5,0


Cravings:YEAH FOOD

Public hair:A few short black hairs.

Leg hair:straight black hairs.

Arm hair:short brown hairs.

Armpit hair:Bald

Laziness:Active as ever.

Crush:Nahh the boys are my bros.

250 days ago
Could I get mine soon?

Age: 11

Mom when she got it: 12

Breast stage: 2-3

Mood swings: lol like a rollercoaster ๐ŸŽข

Acne: some pimples not much

Discharge : almost every day and sticky/slimy

Armpit hair: some dark hair - lil bit curly

Pubic hair: a lott

Leg hair: Brown / black hair (not much)

Height: 4ยด8

Crush: Lol I have a huge crush on Tanner Buchanan (an actor)

Cravings: CHOCOlATA ,fries

Laziness 20/10

Pls someone tell me if I am closeee
254 days ago
Is anyone alive???? on other comment sections ppl were saying bethyy is dead...๐Ÿš” HAS HAPPENDED
254 days ago
Is bethyy aliveeeeeeeeeeeee?
261 days ago
Well im alive...
269 days ago
I need some help...

Got my period like last year, December, but I only get every after a while. Is sm wrong wit' me?
270 days ago
292 days ago
I want estimate too plz

age:10 years old and 5 months

mom when she got it:10

breast stage:2-3

cramps:every 2-3 days

mood swings:one moment i kill you 2 seconds later i just wanna hug you

acne: starting to get serious

discharge: every week and sticky

armpit hair: none for now

pubic hair: starting to grow longer and blacker

leg hair; i have to shave

height; 4'8

crush; i have a huge crush on a girl ( i told her, she dosen't like me back)

Food cravings: yum... food....

laziness: on a scale of 1-10: 11

headaches: every second of the day
292 days ago
HAH?idk wut ya mean.....
292 days ago
........................................ ........................................ ...........................
299 days ago
It feels like my uterus has pressure building up what does that mean
303 days ago
Potato I think youโ€™ll get it. You sound a lot like I do and I just got mine yesterday.
303 days ago
can i get estimate?

age: 10 (11 in 28 days)

moms age: 9

breast stage: 3

cramps: every other day (like rn)

mood swings: one second i be like i luv u, the next i will kill u

acne: not bad, except i had a random outbreak on my jawline this morning

discharge: OH YES WATERY THO

armpit hair: thin blackish bush

leg hair: curly dark hairs

pubic hair: quite a bit of dark brown

height: 5'3

crush: mmhm boyz+me=*faints*

cravings: FOOD NOW (place b word in ur mind)

spotting: im 5% sure i did this morning

laziness: all the fricken time

headaches: every dang day

my mom and aunt think i will get it before my birthday (july 1st) and by my sings i think that 5% sure of spotting was my period