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Our own period club

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And this is my period club you can chat with other girls about estimations, tips and other websites that teach period stuff and you can learn more that you knew, whether you have your period or not!
GIRLS UNITE! Period club is here

    No uncensored vulgar language
    Don't judge others
    Respect other girls opinions

    You can chat share and do so much more on this club plz respect and abide by the rules

    Please don't be shy we are all girls unless some stupid sneaky boys are reading. Feel free. Express yourself in any you want don't feel shy!

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359 days ago
HAH?idk wut ya mean.....
359 days ago
........................................ ........................................ ...........................
366 days ago
It feels like my uterus has pressure building up what does that mean
369 days ago
Potato I think you’ll get it. You sound a lot like I do and I just got mine yesterday.
370 days ago
can i get estimate?

age: 10 (11 in 28 days)

moms age: 9

breast stage: 3

cramps: every other day (like rn)

mood swings: one second i be like i luv u, the next i will kill u

acne: not bad, except i had a random outbreak on my jawline this morning

discharge: OH YES WATERY THO

armpit hair: thin blackish bush

leg hair: curly dark hairs

pubic hair: quite a bit of dark brown

height: 5'3

crush: mmhm boyz+me=*faints*

cravings: FOOD NOW (place b word in ur mind)

spotting: im 5% sure i did this morning

laziness: all the fricken time

headaches: every dang day

my mom and aunt think i will get it before my birthday (july 1st) and by my sings i think that 5% sure of spotting was my period
370 days ago
(as in i did mean it not in a literal way. sorry about any confusion)
370 days ago
yes XD i did
379 days ago
i think avacado didnt mean literally....
382 days ago
i know i know but... i wish i could
383 days ago
avocado it does NOT work like that
383 days ago
guess who got her period on her flipping birthday???? me!!!
i dont understand the hype around periods. i don't like mine. i don't want kids, i don't want my period. i don't care if it 'make me a woman' i don't want it. can i give it away to someone who wants it and doesn't have it?
394 days ago
I just cramped so bad😭
399 days ago
409 days ago
Hey guys! OMG!!! Its been so long! Yeah I've been gone for a while probably about 6 months! For those who do not know I'm QUEEN DEE, I just changed to PinkAngel24!
411 days ago
Estimate PLLSSS

age: 11 turning 12 next year

moms: 12

breast stage: stage 3 near 4

cramps: EVERY DAY

acne: I get it on my back a lot. And on my face.
mood swings: Ill be like (insert bad words here) the next ill be like I wuv u
Spotting: Not that I know of-

discharge: UGH YES

armpit hair: Light brown small ones slowly darkening

leg hair: Straight Light colored ones

pubic hair: Dark Brown almost black, curly and a lot

height: 4'10 almost 4'11

Crush: :> Yes. and Yes. and yes. God Im so gay-

cravings: everyday I am soo hungry I just want food

Headaches: everyday

Laziness: ALL THE TIME
418 days ago
Congrats Quinn sorry Harley I’m not ignoring you i just know nothing about periods
418 days ago
is it normal to have your period twice in a month i mean i have had my period for over a year but sometimes i feel scared that its abnormal to have the period twice a month
420 days ago
430 days ago
I think your mom is right. At the most, I feel like it could be 6 months, but at the very least a few weeks. I could be wrong.
431 days ago
Hi! Can someone estimate me?

Age: 10, almost 11
Moms: 15, but she thinks I'll get mine soon
Breast stage: 3, and sooo tender
Armpit hair: Nope
Leg hair: Yeah, black and straight
Pubic hair: Black and straight, I think its gonna curl soon
Discharge: Yes, clear and sticky, dries yellow. Its a lot. Also, every day.
Spotting: Twice, pink-ish.
Weight: 85 pounds/38 kg
Height: 4'10, and I was 4'8 about 9 months ago
Cramps: So much and they hurt really bad. I've had them for about 4 months now.
Cravings: YES. All I want is FOOD.
Mood swings: YES! I hate my parents one second, then I want to hug them!
Hips: Much more curvy than half a year ago.