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Any problem I will help, no matter what!

    Hiya! My name is SpîcySødå! And this is my Q&A page! You ask questions and I answer them!
    Mind you this for girls Øñlý! And no boys are allowed, unless you want advice from the view of a girl, I will help you.
    Here are the things you can ask me about:
    ♦Sexuality crises
    ♦Period advice
    ♦Bf/gf/crush problems
    ♦Friendship problems
    ♦Love life problems
    ♦Parents/Siblings/Other family member problems
    And any other problems you may be experiencing...Don't be afraid to ask, I won't judge you no matter your problem!
    Just tell me your problem and I will try my best to give you some advice!
    It is healthy to sometimes vent out your problems and ask for advice, it may actually help your mental health, Dont hesitate or worry about me being judgmental! I will understand anything!
    No matter what tell me anything and I will be here!:)
    Don't hesitate, just tell me!

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pls dont go but you know once part o a group always a part of a group
3 days ago
Ok so im leaving this group, no one is ever here, so goodbye, billie,krish, spicy soda, and everyone else. Goodbye
4 days ago
helo is anyone here im super bored
5 days ago
5 days ago
Hellooo again. Update: we are now completely fine :-) We both made up for it I said sorry if I was overreactive and they said no I’m sorry I didn’t know what you saw from your pint of view. So yay, we’re fine at the moment. We had some good time today I sat next to them lol there weren’t any other spaces in our area we had some good time together and also with other friends. Not gonna lie it was blissful💖
8 days ago
Hi Spicy Soda just to let you know I did confront them (not online in real life) and they seemed fine then a bit but probably because one of our other friends was there. I didn’t get to say everything so I had to tell them the rest online. I just said like I’m just a bit concerned if you were lacking a bit of responsibility and I wish you would know that obviously I like my privacy. And they just said ‘I did not let them take my phone I was completely unaware!’ ‘I am responsible…’ blah blah blah. What a load of rubbish! And they made an excuse by sending a screenshot of an inspirational Instagram post which was like ‘it’s ok if your friend doesn’t respond they need time to check their Instagram posts let them scroll a true friend would realise you can’t pour from an empty cup.’ Well a true friend would actually tell the truth and be more responsible and friends on Instagram are not the same as real friends you see daily right??? And like from now on they keep on making excuses about stuff. So yeah, we’re on thin ice. Do you know what I could do next???
8 days ago
it is a brand the company is called usborne books
8 days ago
whats an usborne book?
8 days ago
i want to ask her but its kinda a wierd topic to like talk to her about idk how i can make it not awkward
8 days ago
heloo i wanna talk to people so come talk to me here plzzz
8 days ago
thank you spicy soda soo helpful, but (sorry to do this again) im starting to think he wasnt lying. ever since that happened hes been talking to me more looking at me more and hanging out and smiling at me more. jeez boys are so fricking annoying and confusing when it comes to feelings
8 days ago
Thank you Spicy Soda! I did tell then about the situation. To be honest they seemed like they were trying to boycott around what happened the first time and they didn’t really explain themselves about the brother 😂😂😂 definitely will try to investigate a bit more. Even two of my other friends think they have been acting a bit strange. But thank you!
8 days ago
Well @ , I think you should confront them! It is not a healthy relationship if you ask me, but just make you think of your safety!

@Unicorn girl aka Aubree with TWO E's
Maybe he just wanted to play with your heart or to see if you liked him, but people who lie to you are not worth thinking about!

@Billie, I think you should ask your mom, if there is anything you need to know ask your mom to get it for you! But if you are too embarrassed ask her in a note or just don't ask her, if you aren't comfortable asking then don't!
8 days ago
whats an usborne book?
9 days ago
so there is a book on usborne books
and i kinda want it
but im to embarassed to ask my mom to get it fo me
what do i do
cuz like
i want it so i can learn more
but i dont wanna ask my mom for it
ill send you the link
the title sounds kinda wered like the generic stuff but i look inside the book and it is actually kinda helpful
https://usborne.com/ca_en/whats-h appening-to-me-9780746069950#
do i ask my mom for it?
do i buy it myself?
do i just not get it?
9 days ago
spicy soda thx for the advice but for me its difficult to move on. ben usually doesnt do that, hes usually sweet, charming, nice, and funny, i dont know why he did what he did. do you have any ideas?
10 days ago
*or do you have any other ideas?
10 days ago
Hi Spicy Soda can I please have help? I mean I guess not really help but more like your opinion. I just need to hear some different perspectives.

Short Story: I just don’t really feel like I can trust my friend on what we use to text because they have let people use their account on the app and text us making us and me one time think they are them.

Long story: so it is TWICE now that they have let someone use their phone to text us all on a group chat and a private chat. First time I was distraught and did not get a very good impression from this friend of theirs and second time it was their brother making fun of us. Plus, we all know they have a passcode into the app and yesterday I said (in a joking way) ‘oh they must of both known your passcode then’. They said yeah. Well that’s a LIE. They let them onto it. And I am just concerned about my privacy and how responsible they are, bearing in mind they are my friend for over 2 years. Yesterday I asked them how was their day, but they haven’t responded even today, but they have been active on the app way after I have texted them. It just seems a bit off, right? I asked one of my close friends if they had been avoiding her, and she said yes a bit.

So what should I do?

-Confront them? Which is what I’m definitely going to do

-If it happens one more time then I block them

-Think about whether it is a healthy friendship or not?

Thanks for reading :-)
12 days ago
Sorry, I meant
...anyway if his friends keep telling you...
.....or just flat out tell him how you feel.....
12 days ago
Well Krish, if you prefer being a girl then be a girl! Just remember no one else can tell you how to feel or who to be! Just stay TRUE to yourself!

@Unicorn girl AKA aubree with TWO E's
If you don't want to like Ben then don't, just remember all the lies and trickery and then stay away from him, if you like Mayson then move on, toxic people are bad for you!

@Natasha, its not that weird that you like your BFF's brother, just remember to consider how your friend feels. Yes, it may get awkward, but if you tell him you like him, then just make sure you make time for your BFF!

@HELP, Well if he likes then he should tell you, but some people can be shy and not know how to say it, I remember I was in a situation where a guy acted like he liked me but never told me, but eventually he told, but we are not dating! Right now it is just awkward between us...anyway if his keep telling you maybe just ask, 'Do you like me?' But be subtle, maybe ask in a letter or just faltered out tell him how you feel :) Or maybe you could tell his friends to tell him you feel the same way, but watch out! His friends may be lying!