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Periods and Estimations.

3 Chapter - 575 Words - Developed by:
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Don't know if you remember me as possibly Juicy_Peach or Melody... the whole period expert 2.0 fight. Anyway, I've missed doing estimations so here it goes. ALSO, I COPIED THE SITE TO FIX IT LATER

I am here to help you all and I will give you accurate estimations, answers and tips!

Thank you to all the people who encouraged me to create this!

Special thanks to YASMINE, Ella, and Period Expert 2.0

Before we start with, here is a table of contexts:
Chapter 1) (this one) estimations for period
Chapter 2) Period hacks, tips, and tricks
Chapter 3) FAQ (answers to frequently asked questions
Chapter 4) Not released yet but it is recommendations and facts for period products

✤ No commenting if it's related to things other than puberty/periods/girly stuff.
✤No arguing/swearing/cussing/cursing.
✤ If you have huge changes in symptoms. You are free to visit back for a re-estimate. You can also return if you have a question or just look at the tips in my chapters.
✤People involved in the fight besides Ella and Yasmine are not welcome here...

Please follow these rules (thank you!)

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23 hours ago
Oh and btw i'm 11:)
23 hours ago
Mom and/or female relative's age when she got her period: 12
Breast stage: 3? 4?
Cramps: sometimes
Acne breakouts: a TON. I have naturally greasy skin, though.
Bloating: Alot in the mornings:)
Mood swings: Um...noooooo?
Spotting: Yes, every time I wipe (for the most part...)
Discharge: White, thick.
Armpit hair: small and black
Leg and hair arm: small amounts.
Public hair: alot of it.
Height: 5ft?
Weight: 89 pounds
Hips: idk what this means...they seem normal...
Do you have a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend: no. to me, that's jut disgusting. What does that have to do with anything???
23 hours ago
@Sparrow cool name!!! That's also my bunny's name!
45 days ago
@hazelnut. You might expect yours in 4 months or 8 months
51 days ago
I forgot to say that I'm 12 and my mom got her period when she was 16, sister got it at 13
51 days ago
Br3ast stage: 2/5
Cramps: Yes, occasionally
Acne breakouts: No
Bloating: Maybe?
Mood swings: No
Spotting: No
Discharge: White and creamy, not a lot
Armpit hair: Black strands, slightly curled
Leg and arm hair: Blondish-brownish, same it's always been
Pubic hair: Curled and about three centimeters long
Height: 5,6
Weight: 112 lbs
Hips: Not that curved
Do I have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush: I have a crush on a girl (I'm pan!)
123 days ago


I would say pretty soon! Honestly, estimates are somewhat hard to digitally, but from what ive heard, id give you at most 12 months, 6-12 months is my guess. Where are the cramps? (center lower stomach, under bellybutton, or to the side, a bit lower than to your hipbone?)
123 days ago
hi! (maker of site went by melody bc i wasnt yet comfortable w/ sharing my real name) so sorry! i lost my laptop and just got a new one! Im back to od est. now!!!!
132 days ago
hi guys! thanks so much i you estimate me!
age: 13
br3ast stage: 4
discharge: i had it for about 11 months and its a lot every day and watery and clear
mood swings: so bad yesterday i started crying for no reason and hen i stopped like what?
cravings: mmmmm food
cramps: like a small one every other day
other: umm i have been p00ping a lot like a LOT lately
moms age: 14
spotting: once or twice a ew months ago
height: 5'1'' for like 5 months
weight: 90 lbs wont change
pubic hair: full bush
armpits: like a little black curly
leg and arm: ehhh not so much but you cant really see it cuz i am blonde soo
tiredness: 24/7

thx so much if you estimate me!
457 days ago
Your age: 11
Mom and/or female relative's age when she got her period: 12
Breast stage: in between three and four
Cramps: yes, occasioanly, for maybe a month
Acne breakouts: a few pimples here and there, nothing big
Bloating: a little
Mood swings: all the time
Spotting: none
Discharge: a lot, thick, whitish-clear
Armpit hair: lots, I shave
Leg and hair arm: Lots, I shave my legs
Public hair (hair down there): A ton
Height: 5'0
Weight: 87 lbs
Hips: A little curved
Do you have a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend: I have a girlfriend
465 days ago
Hi this is very helpful and informative!
466 days ago
466 days ago
I alrdy have one like that actlly...
466 days ago
well i made it just waiting for it to be added to the site
466 days ago
Omg yes!!!Thank you very much for visitingmy page :0
483 days ago
helo melody can u make another one like thisbut for crush problems and stuff? plzz