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Advice for Everything, for Everyone!

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Ask friendly people for advice and we (the community) will try to help!

Welcome! This was an advice site for boys because I looked at all the other ones but they're all for girls.But it didn't work so now its for everyone! Also, if you want a good community for advice also go to Crazymadisons a safe place for venting. Say anything let out your worries and ill be here every night at least at 9 pm GMT. Swearing is allowed it will be censored. also I'm asexual sooo:). no judging people and HAVE FUN! Enjoy!

(also I love my hero academia/boku no hiro academia so there will be a lot of qoutes and will also be why deku is my bff on here)

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15 days ago
I was on here several years ago under a name i don't remember.

Need some advice. My bf is still in the stone ages so he doesn't have a phone. He uses his parents phone to call me (and they are split up). anyway he hasn't called since summer break started (like 3 weeks ago) and every time i try reaching out his mom gives me some dumb reason he cant talk (example, he is mad at a video game) I want to try calling him again today but i did two days ago. I dont want his dad to think im possessive but also I really want to call him.

Anybody know any believable reason to call him again
16 days ago
26 days ago
(srry if that sounded rood) idk how to spell atm
26 days ago
26 days ago
Ask SpicySoda is a good one for girls
26 days ago
oh ok hello from another girl i guess. also are you ok?
27 days ago
it isnt actually just for boys, something just haopened with the name. anyways, welcom.
(btw i need help bc i am actually having a mental breakdown)
30 days ago
strawberry please get off this is for boys only
31 days ago
im a girl but is there a page for girls like this
34 days ago
@Deku, yay! I guess... heh heh. My friends threatened to tell my parents about my insomnia, so yea....I just started pretending, but honestly I can sleep for 3 hours every day for two weeks and I'll be fine...how is life?
39 days ago
Insomnia club!
49 days ago
I'm probably going to stay up all night today as well.
49 days ago
@Deku, ok thanks. I haven't watched that movie yet, I'll check it out. I have exams soon as well. I probably have insomnia too, I'm only asleep from 11:00 to 2:00 and that's only so my parents don't get suspicious.
56 days ago
hi ur good. i changed the name but it didnt work. non binary is cool. :D
just fineshed mha movie 3 btw.
(conserving energy for next week coz its exam week soon and im an insomniac). everyones welcome!
83 days ago
I'm also asexual, but I'm not aro. I also think my hero academia is cool. :)
83 days ago
I know this is for boys only, but I'm not a girl either. Can you come on here if you are non-binary? I use all pronouns, but maybe I'll just use they/he, not really sure about that. Anyway... I just wanted to say hi and ask if I was welcome here. How are all of you doing?
118 days ago
jrepsa it sounds like some kinda secret mission
119 days ago
yoo kitsune we about to make this test active???
119 days ago
hi Fox! sorry i havnt been on here for a while. imma change summit
120 days ago
Im Asexual too !!!!!!
im talkng to the creator if he's even here, but um yeah.........I am also known as Kitsune but I changed my name to "The Fox"..