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A Safe Place For Everyone

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This is a place where anyone and everyone can vent, give advice, and make friends.

    Swearing, cursing, ect. is allowed, as it is not able to be seen, but alternative cursing or using symbols in swear words so it won't be covered up is not allowed.

    No judging others, everyone has their issues and nobody should be put down. Be nice to others and respect them.

    Comment as much as you like.

    That's all! enjoy, Folks!

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11 hours ago
@Liv thanks I think my mom will like it
3 days ago
Ooh thatโ€™s a nice name!!!!!!
3 days ago
Yeah actually lol
I think I am going to say Lennox:)
I had many different names lol and I almost have the middle name now:)
4 days ago
That good!!!
You got any ideas for the name yet?
7 days ago
I am so excited and happy for once in life!!! I get to name my new baby sister!!!
12 days ago
@Miss Know It All
Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š
13 days ago
It is fine for you to like both. As you are in a friendship group with them I would make sure that one of them is never more liked by the other as it could make them jealous. I really hope this advice helped.

Stay Safe,
Miss Know It All
14 days ago
Please help!!!!!!
18 days ago
So I like these two guys letโ€™s call them P and R ( the first letter of their name )
So P I have liked on and off since I met him ( about 14 months ago now ) and we are friends. He always helps me with things and compliments me and I have asked on the other advice pages if he likes me and they said probably. Oh yeah he also used to flirt with me! ( this is the guy Iโ€™ve talked about a lot on all the tests )
So R is also my friend and Iโ€™ve liked him on and off again since I met him as well (about the same time as P ) all three of us are all part of the same friend group and R is really nice to me and we always have the thing were you go to let the other person through the door but you both do it and well yeah ( if that made any sense ) My two best friends ( who are dating ) hopelessly ship us guys and thatโ€™s kind of what made me question my feelings for them.
Sorry this is really long.
Please give me advice.
Which friend do I like as more than a friend?
Do I like any as more than a friend or are we all just friends?
Is it possible to like both?
If so do I?
Borahae (I purple you in Korean )
I hope you are well
20 days ago
Wait is this the real li i l y? Or an imposter. Look at her most recent post

l i l y (60414)17 minutes ago
@everyone lol how are you guys online all the time? Iโ€™m on here because I am sick and have nothing else to do ๐Ÿ˜‚

@Terry Grace/maybe fake? I donโ€™t know, my mom lets me wear makeup. But I donโ€™t wear it because Iโ€™m lazy. It is isnโ€™t really something your parent(s) can control. You can wear it, but donโ€™t be surprised if they have a negative reaction. I am in seventh grade and at least half of the girls in my grade wear mascara/eye liner. More girls are wearing it than last year.

l i l y (34245)4 hours ago
Happy birthday :)

Look at the numbers. A fake maybe? Don't want to be mean. Ever since I got framed I am like hyer scared of impersonators.
23 days ago
Hey guys,
I am 12 years old a female, and Everyone says I am cute. Well at my school everyone says that Jason Sullenberger LOVES me. All the girls dream about this, except me. Because I like Carson Stopper. Yesterday I fell in the hall right into Jason and he grabbed me. idk if he noticed but he grabbed me by my chest, and I felt his hands on my bra. Another dude who just loves to touch girls, Zach, walked by and slapped my butt. Instantly the principal Mr. Green comes over and tells the boys to leave me alone. He tells me to meet him in his office. I do, because he is the principle. In there he talks to me and touches me making me feel uncomfortable. I am in a foster home since my dad left and my foster mom doesn't believe me. What should I do?
41 days ago
@Sophia hii.
42 days ago
Hi guys
48 days ago
E, hon, I've been trying that for eternity. I don't have the will to stop. I really want to tell Kate (miss Senior) but I'm having an internal struggle as to it she would care of not. She's my English teacher and head of seniors. Should I tell her?! And how? When? What details?! Where?!!!!!!! For what REASONS!!!!!! It's driving me madder than I already am. And i'm as mad as a March hare!!
50 days ago
Again, Freddie , just do it slowly.
54 days ago
I try but I cannot get for it my stash of self harm thingamabobs. I'm getting better, but can't recover. I need to sh every now and again when the world gets too much for me or everybody is arguing that heads off and I'm scared that they'll blame me.

I now have self harmed two nights in a row, which is bad,but I put it off for a weak so what can you say? I have the words 'freak' and 'alone' written *cough* badly carved *cough* on *cough* into *cough* my left forearm.

Help. I'm a freak and I'm going mad.

Advice please, anyone?!

Also I want to come out as a demigirl and lesbian asexual aromantic, and it's not like I hide it, but I haven't exactly jumped up and down on the table during lunch shouting 'I'm a demigirl that's lesbian asexual demiromantic ' at the top of my lungs. I want to come out in English on monday.

54 days ago
liI really like like this guy and every night I dream about kissing him. I think we both know that we like each other. Should I kiss him?! I really like him....
54 days ago
@chloe thank you I will try that :)
55 days ago
@liv. Also you can make your finger nails shorter. And you can wear gloves. Or you can keep your self busy.
55 days ago
@liv. Try to do something fun. And if that doesn't work.
Look on goggle and say why is it bad to pick at fingernails.