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Periods, Periods, and Periods!

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Hey girls! This is all about periods, puberty, breast development, and girly stuff! Let’s girl talk!

Hey girlie! I’m Cammy. You will learn all about periods in this book! Here are some rules for comments!
1. No cussing/drama!
2. No spamming!
3. Girl talk only, please!
4. No hate speech!
5. No sexual stuff, except when it’s related to girl talk!
6. Be kind:)

Let’s start now!

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28 days ago
Thanks for this xx
52 days ago
Thank you so much for this. This really helped me.
203 days ago
Thanks a lot for thisssss
218 days ago
Hey i just wanna say thank you this really helped me iv not got my period yet and tbh im to scared to ask my mum questions but I think I know everything I need to know iv done research!
250 days ago
Hiiii there!
252 days ago
Also,thanks for explaining how to use menstrual cups it helped me👍😅💟
252 days ago
Hellllllooooooooo anyone here??