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❤️Natas' tips for school and love ❤️

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If you need advice for school and love life please, ask if you need help~

    Please ask when you need help
    I will be here for you, I will
    Check the comments daily
    If you need more support
    Go to Spicysoda she has
    A spot to talk as well

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104 days ago
Hi guys!😁 So am new here! I hope to get to know you all better!😁 And I also got a problem!😐😒 it had to do with my school and my ex best friend Saorise but let's just call her S ok?
174 days ago
Hi, is this site still active?
254 days ago
Hiiii everyone!!!
Borahae! (That means I purple you in Korean - ie. I will love and trust you for a long time. The phrase I purple you was created by Kim Taehyung - part of the vocal line of the k pop group BTS or bangtan sonyeodan. The other members of BTS are Jeon Jungkook, Park Jimin, Kim Seok Jin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok and Kim Namjoon. They are also known as Jungkook, Jimin, V, Jin, Suga, J hope and Rm.)

Random fact of the day for everyone!
492 days ago
Hi, my name is Jasmine.
I have a bit of a problem..
So, me and my friend last week (let's call her Lisa)were enjoying a nice inside lunch, when her friend (and my enemy), called over to me, and asked me who my crush was (this girls name is Izzy). I refused to tell her, because I know she's not to be trusted. Instead, she calls over my friend, Lisa. Lisa refuses to tell her either. So, Izzy takes me and Lisa outside. And then Izzy blackmails us to tell her our crushes otherwise she will tell everyone that we like somebody else. So, Lisa tells hers (which is actually a lie) and I actually tell her my actual crush. (Let's call him Issac.) Izzy trys to be all 'yes we're besties hehehehhe'

Okay, right now, I am in quarantine, so I can't go to school. Yesterday, Izzy told the WHOLE class. I knew I couldn't trust her but I was fooled by her little 'we're besties' speech. Now, 'Issac' thinks I actually like him, and the whole class does too. I told Lisa (because she's the one who told me) that I had 'lied'.
So, after that, I sent Izzy an angry email (cause, y'know, I'm in quarantine)and now I'm dying of embarrassement. And the worst thing is that me and Issac were just starting to get along well. I think he might like me too but idk I'm not allowed a boyfriend until I'm like idk 16?
Please give me some advice or ideas of mental support.

Btw sorry if it's kind of hard to read, I did a better one before but I actadentally deleted it. Whoops!
526 days ago
hey i need advice So me and this guy are friends okay well he always teases me and he Also touches me alot like we were both at work the other day and we were at the same area and he said there is so many people today and I touched his shoulder and said good luck and he touched my shoulder back and said u to also we were at the ball pit area I pushed him in the ball pit and he started smiling then he would push me in the ball pit well when he was pushing me into the ball pit he touched my waist also we were at the battle cource they have foam blocks and he would push me in the thing and hit me with the foam block's and when I was helping a kid get out the foam area he was talking to his friend and said she made my day go by faster talking about me and also he always talks to me but the thing is he has a gf but I like him even tho he has a gf and I hate that I still like him anyway he ship's me with 2 other guys but he doesn't know I like him BTW were 16 and 17 also he pulled my hair softly when we were play fighting I just rlly need advice thanks..for reading :)