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Ace Advice

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Need Advice? Or just want to chat? This is the place you're looking for both genders are welcome to have fun!


    1 No judging other people.

    2 Give advice to others if you can.

    I'm not a professional so the advice I give may not be so accurate, so I'm sorry if it isn't.

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46 days ago
hey mar! thx about my story, although i feel like the last two bits were not as good
46 days ago
Hey I'm back!
@colonel sanders that's actually a really good story!
@ace I'm so sorry about the fires! Stay safe!l
48 days ago
Can barely catch up with all the news
50 days ago
no it was my dads friends house.They were renting it out and now they've fleed the coop to avoid paying for 4 houses
51 days ago
that vacuums. im sorry. was it in the building you live in?
52 days ago
This has become my own personal vent spot x)
52 days ago
A fire happened last fridaynight or (assuming your american) thursdaynight the building on fire was 6floors tall it burnt from the 1st all the way to the 5th floor there were four fire trucks the corridoors metal floors were kicked down.And the cause? somebody left their electric mattress on
Actually a similar fire happened in the corridoor next to mine just a day before I moved into this house I live right now. It happened on the 4th floor and stayed on the 4th floor the cause was also an electric mattress left on.

Well stay safe and turn off all unneeded electricity when you leave the house
54 days ago
very soap opera over there. it sounds real enough. this ddefinitely s going to sound cold hearted but i kinda have a hard time caring. i like alex but idk nothing feels real enough, especially this, for me to feel anything about it
54 days ago
I feel like somebodys making something up with all this drama on A Safe Place For Venting probly more than one but I dunno who is and if I try to confront somebody Im afraid I'll be wrong or get called "cold hearted" something like that.
55 days ago
Everythings so active but I dunno what to say its just a bit too much. I think I'll stay quiet for a bit. I'll still be watching tho
58 days ago
That will be how Mcdonalds fall
58 days ago
[As Guy Fieri hauled the Clown Lord out of the bus, Colonel Sanders had the biggest grin on his face. The day had finally come. he would see the Clown Lord laid low, begging for his life at Sanders' feet. Finally.]

[Fieri dumped Ronald at Harland's feet. As the Clown Lord picked himself up to his knees, his face was filled with terror. And just as Sanders wanted to hear, he started begging.]

The Clown Lord talked even as he was being hauled on the alter.
"Please! You can't do this to me! I'll give you anything you want. Coupons for free fries, a Big Mac, I'll even make an early Shamrock Shake. Just don't do this to me! Who will give happy meals to the kids?"

[But it was to late. The Colonel strapped down his sacrifice, and, after prayer to the Fried Chicken gods, plunged his chicken-bone dagger into Ronald McDonald. And no Fancy Ketchup saved him this time.]

The end
59 days ago
@Ace & @colonel sanders
I love this story too it makes me smile 💜💜💜
60 days ago
I love this story am I the only one who likes it? You should post it on some more sites its an awsome story
61 days ago
[Ronald McDonald had no doubt in his mind about who he would call. It was someone who he'd been with a long time. Wendy.]

[As he resolved to call for help, Guy Fieri took notice of the Clown Lord doing something on his watch. H stopped the bus, and smashed McDonald's watch against the dashboard. Well, that plan was gone. He had to figure out SOMETHING to keep him from being sacrificed.]

[But as he was thinking, he looked up and saw he was too late.]

Guy laughed from the driver's seat
"Welcome to Flavortown. Home to the altar to the Fried Chicken gods."
61 days ago
ok ill be there
61 days ago
we regret to inform you that there will be no colonel sanders story today bc im super busy. it will most likely continue tomorrow
62 days ago
《The magic food bus》
62 days ago
[Ronald woke up zip-tied in the back of an empty bus. He tried to sit up, but he was too weak and his head hurt too much, so he lay back down. He tried to stay calm and figure out where he was and who took him. Unfortunately, his captor noticed him wake]

"So, you're finally awake," said Guy Fieri from the driver seat. "I will congratulate you. It took me two days to find you."

"Where am I? Where are you taking me?" asked the Clown Lord

"Simple. We're taking the bus to Flavortown. Only, for you, its a one-way trip"

[With that, the Mayor of Flavortown accelerated. The bus took off at impossible speed. When Ronald thought they were going to crash right into a large truck, somehow, they passed right through it. McDonald tried to think. It wasnt easy. His head hurt, the bus was travelling faster than the Super Speedy Gonzales, and the scent of food was overpowering. He knew he coupdnt escape alone. He would have to call for help.]
63 days ago
No no no not bothering at all this is awsome its my highlight of the day
What happeneds when McDonald wakes up?
Colonel sanders:Ah finally...
Colonel sanders:Hey there Ronald
McDonalds:*wakes up*
Colonel sanders:Ready to meet some gods?