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Ace Advice

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Need Advice? Or just want to chat? This is the place you're looking for both genders are welcome to have fun!


    1 No judging other people.

    2 Give advice to others if you can.

    I'm not a professional so the advice I give may not be so accurate, so I'm sorry if it isn't.

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66 days ago
[Ronald McDonald was known by many names. The fast-food jester, the play-place prince, the fry lord, but those who knew of his TRUE secrets (and not just the actual ingredients in his food), knew him as The Clown Lord. He was infamous. A shadow. Known for toppling entire chains overnight. Sabotaging any start up that threatened the reign of the golden arches. But this came at a cost. He made a lot of enemies. This exact problem was what caused him to be running through The Jagged Valley while being chased by Colonel Sanders.]

[The Clown Lord ran and ran. He ran untul his legs were numb. He ran until his clown outfit was in tatters. He ran until eventually, he stopped hearing KFC's acolytes behind him. He slowed down just a little, just enough to turn his head. But when he looked back, he saw that they were no longer chasing him]

"Odd," remarked Ronald, "i know that they would never give up that easy."

[He racked his brain for answers. What was happening? And who would they send after him? Surely they were not done. McDonald knew that Harland wouldnt rest until he sacrificed him to the Fried Chicken gods. But he did know that, at least for now, he was safe. With that, he lay down, and fell asleep in the middle of the valley.]

btw im not annoying yall with this am i?
66 days ago
66 days ago
[Guy Fierri was a man of many talents. He was handsome, he was certified to wed people, and he made lots of money. But his biggest talent, and the most widely known talent, was his prowess at finding things. Most knew of his abilities to scout out the best places to eat. Legend has it that he once survived for 3 months in the desert, by finding hidden civilizations of five star restaurants. But what people didnt know about his talent, was that he could also find people. Thats why he was known in the fast-food underworld as the best bounty hunter for restaurants. And thats why, when Colonel Sanders called and asked him to hunt down Ronald McDonald, he accepted readily]

sorry today's is short bc im really busy
67 days ago
Yes a good story to look forward to its kinda making me hungry tho
68 days ago
[As the Colonel pulled the knife out, he filled with rage at what he saw. The blade was not covered in blood, but the Clown Lord's Fancy Ketchup. It was a fake.]

"FIND HIM!" Sanders yelled. "Dont let him escape!"

[The acolytes stopped all trace of being solemn. They scattered about, panicked. The Clown Lord was nowhere to be found. At least, thats what was thought. As the acolytes searched for Ronald, one spotted him dashing along the valley below.]

"Hes there!" cried out one of the acolytes.

"How will we get to him?" asked one of the acolytes. "Hes down in the rocks, we cant go after him like that."

[But Harland would not be so easily deterred. He knew EXACTLY who he would call for this job. The best bounty hunter in the fast food world.]

[As Colonel Sanders put the number into his phone, he could see Ronald McDonald running farther and farther away. Anger flushed his face until he was as red as his apron. When his contact finally picked up, the Colonel almost felt sorry for the Clown Lord]

"Youve reached Flavortown, how can I help you?"

"Glad I could reach you. I have a finger lickin good contract for you, Guy Fierri"
68 days ago
@colonel sanders
Love this!!!
69 days ago
fox requested more so here we go ig

[Two of the acolytes, similarly dressed in white robes and red aprons, walked up behind Sanders, dragging someone between them. As the Colonel stepped out of their way, the acolytes crudely dumped the person onto the stone altar. As they did, the runes engraved at the bottom of the table started glowing red and gold. The sacrifice was dressed in the same colors, in the form of what looked to be a clown suit. He was wearing a red afro wig, and had white makeup and a red nose on. The makeup was streaked by tears, but he was still unmistakable.]

Lifting his hands to either side of him, extending towards the storm above, Harland Sanders cried out.
"Behold! The face of the enemy! Ronald McDonald, for too long you have bested us! As our sales plummet, yours rise! As our food gets cheaper and worse, yours gets even worse, and still captures the heart of the people! Clearly the gods favor you, but I will wager theyll love your captured soul even more!"

[With this, the devotees below began to cheer, excitement rippling through the crowd. Finaly, they would gain favor and best their enemy! Colonel Sanders raised the knife high above him, and brought it down into the clown lord's chest]

More will be available tomorrow
69 days ago
@Colonel Sander LOL. Best story ever. Write more plz!!!
69 days ago
@colonel sanders
69 days ago
Oh mighty fried chicken god bring us fried chicken and we shale worship you in turn
69 days ago
@colonel sanders
That made me smile
69 days ago
[a hooded figure steps forward. Around them, the ruins of what appears to be an ancient pagan temple sits around them. As the surroundings fill slowly with red light, the location, and the stranger, become visible. Extending past the ruins, one can see that thw stranger is on a barren mountain, jagged rocks and dying flora stretching out as far as the eye can see. A storm rages in the distance, but with no rain. The eerie red light grows more and more, as bits of the stranger become visible. Black dress shoes. Then, white dress clothes. A red apron, and a stick figure black tie. Finally, a goatee, a moustache, and a pair of black glasses. This, is Harland Sanders]

[The Colonel pulls a knife out of their sleeve. As the continue walking along the trail in the ruins, a stone tabe comes into view. Acolytes in white robes and red aprons gather below the table, looking up to it as if an audience. Looking up, at Sanders]

Out booms a voice with a southern accent
"Today," Colonel Sanders yelled, "is the day we appease the gods! Long have they forsaken us, cursing our restaurant. Sales decrease, recipies get cheaper! We must make this sacrifice to the Fried Chicken gods if we are to restore glory to our name! Bring him forth!"

Lol idk why, i just decided to write this randomly
70 days ago
I'LL take some of that there fried chickenโ€ฆ *Smacks lip hungrily*
71 days ago
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75 days ago
Hello everyone I am here now lol
78 days ago
Can I get sauce with the fried chicken
79 days ago
*exited fast food magnate noises*