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Ace Advice

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Need Advice? Or just want to chat? This is the place you're looking for both genders are welcome to have fun!


    1 No judging other people.

    2 Give advice to others if you can.

    I'm not a professional so the advice I give may not be so accurate, so I'm sorry if it isn't.

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Comments (202)


64 days ago
64 days ago
Whoops sorry that sent twice. And can you put a link?? Idek what that is
64 days ago
Alr I wanna chat with this shítbag. What chat is this??
64 days ago
Aic quiz
64 days ago
Alr I wanna chat with this 🕊 bag. What chat is this??
64 days ago
Their the exact same person too

Caroline (67731) 5 hours ago
I am I hate when people do that type of stuff you know!

Where are you? (67731) 5 hours ago
I agree with you their should have gone behide your back like that and Essay,Sapphire to like! You must be so mad,upsut!
64 days ago
Nah bro Caroline just called Essay a him and said Saph went behind her back because she didn’t reply…
65 days ago
AGREED. She keeps calling Korok Seed Moron Seed-its not funny. She also gets really mad when people dont respond to her in five seconds. NOT funny.
65 days ago
And also Caroline can be a jerk. She’s been a jerk to me accusing me for stuff I didn’t do, and saying she h8ted me then immediately asked me to be friends she calls people names and other stuff
65 days ago
And Caroline keeps calling people names. Like Korok Seed:

Sapphire (11357)Yesterday
That was NOT a typo Caroline and that was NOT funny in the slightest.
Your acting like a five year old now.

Caroline (67731)Yesterday
I meant to put Korok Seed srooy!

Caroline (67731)Yesterday
Moron Seed what are you talking about?
65 days ago
And it’s her choice for rping as a 12 ur old if she is a little kid
65 days ago
We’re not tryna be mean it’s just we have asked (or I have) Caroline to stop doing something and she honestly won’t stop. And I was just asking if she didn’t know how to C&P. Caroline might have a disorder but she’s been something else since were met her. Not to be mean but she is VERY annoying
65 days ago
And about the little kid thing-she said she was 12 and born 2011 which is my year so it's not my fault if she is some 7 year old rping as a 12 year old. And Caraolien has been spamming the chat and talking to herself under different names and stuff.
65 days ago
IK she prob has a mental issue and I'm sorry for overlooking it and being such a bit ch to Caroline. I didn't really mean any harm to her-I'm sorry
65 days ago
I'm sorry but... 🐬 sapphire!? And Eva (not sure who this is so correct me if there a jerk) but why make fun of Caroline like that? Some people have disorders that make them.. Less smart than most people its not right to make fun of them for it, what if its just some little kid also? (Again correct me if I have misunderstood the situation) (also I decided I can't stay away from you guys😭)
65 days ago
I read through AIC and Dayum Caroline dont know how to C&P
65 days ago
Exactly!!!!! Why her stuffed animal tho??
65 days ago
LOL-IKR? Shes soooooo stup!d
65 days ago
Oooh ace someone’s actually interested in u?

I can tell she’s fun to mess with and she think fairies r real??? What??!
65 days ago
XD-agaiiin, sorry Ace. But omg-Mya's like way too interested. I was not expecting that...

Anyways-Eva-you haven't been on AIC for so long!

Oh btw on AIC Caroline is soooooo stup!d! She doesnt even know what a link is! And she believed Ester when she said her cat just d!3d at that moment, XD. And so I said (NOT TRUE) I had a pet Walrus that died-XD!

I TRIED to play a game with her bcs I was bored and shes SO flipping fun to mess with! She can't even tell if I insult her!:

Caroline (67731)9 hours ago
Um no I was born in 2011!

Sapphire (11357)9 hours ago
..................................... ... .... Caroline-what year were u born? Ima guess....uhh 2015?

Caroline (67731)9 hours ago
And Daisy are you a person or a fairy? Cause I got a fairy named Daisy

You should try messing with her its HILARIOUS. She'll bellieve almost ANYTHING!!!

Caroline (67731)8 hours ago
OMG am so sorry Essay! What was your cats name?

Essay (34028)8 hours ago
My cat just died 😭😭

Dude Ester doesnt even own a cat..