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This is a site that you can ask me anything about periods, boys, puberty. Please do not bring arguments here. Do not curse or call other names. Email me directly at matteamwaniki@gmail.com if you want private advice or estimations periods.

    If you ever need anything go down to the comment section or as I said in the description you can email me. Please be nice to each other. Have a nice day!:)

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76 days ago
@puberty Girl 123. Just tell your mom that you need to talk to her alone then tell her.
102 days ago
Can somone plz help? I am getting desperate ...
108 days ago
Can somone please help.???
I think I might need to start wearing a training bra but I have no idea how I can ask for one! I have a little sister and at the moment she will not leave me alone to talk with my mum about it. I feel so awkward at school because everyone else is in a cup bra or large training bra and in the changing rooms for physic ed I feel like in other peoples heads they just look at me and stare. Please respond to the name: Puberty Girl 123. Thank You