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Advice and Venting

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Join us for venting, advice giving and just a fun time!

    Hi! I'm Kaylee, I have been through a lot and have decided to use my skills to help others. I can give advice, and am a good listener. I will listen to vents, and give advice. I will do my best to be on every day.

    - Judging will not be tolerated
    - Hatred is not allowed
    - No name-calling

    Please, don’t be nervous to open up seeking help is good, needing help is okay as well,

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23 hours ago
@aanya. Im so sorry for what your going through and i hope things get better soon.
sorry i’ve been venting a lot but here i go again so my parents are in the verge of divorce because they fight too much and at school i have to deal with bullies and drama and my social life and my friends and my studies and getting ready for high school and working nonstop everyday and when i come home i want to have a safe relaxing not toxic environment but when i get home today after dealing with the worst shįt ever my dad is having an attitude and telling me to go pick up the poop and my dog is barking everywhere and my mom has a cold so she upstairs my grandparents are packing up because they leave tomorrow and i need to go to the bathroom and after i’m done my dad asks me if u picked up the poop and i said no and he said why didn’t u and i said that i was in the bathroom and while i was in the bathroom my dog was barking like crazy and everyone was telling me to take care of him because everyone is resting and i said that i’m in the fricking bathroom and had the worst day ever and they should calm down and then i go to pick up the poop and my dad takes my dog out and since it’s snowing he shouldn’t be out for a long time because his paws will hurt but he keeps him out and when my dad finally takes him inside he’s shivering he’s limping because his paws hurt and whimpering because he’s cold and he throws up because of stress and anxiety and then my dad yells at him because he threw up and i have to clean up after him and then i try to calm my dog down and my dad goes upstairs and i have to do my hw and then i go upstairs while my mom goes downstairs and i cry because of that whole situation and then our family friends come here (the same ones house i was at) and they bring food but it’s indian food (in indian) and all we ever eat is that and j didn’t want to have that today because of how bad a day i had but then me and my mom has this really big argument about how i want to order in and if i don’t i might just have a piece of toast and sleep after but she won’t do that so she orders food for me after having that big fight and flashback to a couple weeks ago so my mom has a couple of cards right like three or four and my dad shuts down her costco one because “we are spending too much of his money” and now back to present day and she tries ordering my food but the one she uses for uber eats is also blocked and i can’t order food and i’m about to go take a shower rn and then i don’t know what to do about the food situation
6 days ago
Sorry I didn't answer then but if this happened again go to the bathroom and calm ur self down for a few minutes and then just say whatever and do what ur mom says
13 days ago
btw i’m back home and didn’t talk to anyone on the car ride
13 days ago
i’m in the shower rn or ig the waters running but my mom wants to talk to me after i’m done so can someone please help
13 days ago
if anyone’s online can someone please tell me what to do or give me some advice i’m freaking out and i’ve known that my family’s is toxic for some time now but i don’t want a long term solution i just want to know what to do right now
13 days ago
please help i don’t know what to do
13 days ago
hey guys so i need to vent and maybe need some advice so for a little context my grandparents are visiting and i’m at my aunt and uncles house rn. we are supposed to leave soon and asked for half an hour more and when my mom said no i asked why and she said that i have school tmrw and things to do at home and i said that half an hour won’t make a difference and then my grandma said that i should stop stressing my mom because of half an hour and leave at the time that we are supposed to and i snap and say to my grandma that she isn’t part of the conversation and she snaps back at me and say will i not stand up for my daughter when i see she is stressed and upset and then my aunt also says what difference does half an hour make and you should listen to your mom and then everyone teams up on me and no one’s on my side and i get up and say that i can’t deal with this right now half in tears that i’m holding back and rush to the bathroom and now i’ve locked myself in a bathroom, crying and venting here
15 days ago
Hi!! I try to vent a lot on different venting places✌️
26 days ago
Ohhhhhhhh i get it now lol 😂
27 days ago
When you say the (word) the comments will delete back to a few days ago in other words time travel
27 days ago
Ya I'm confused af rn
28 days ago
@Tomboy girly yeaa… i’m with u what’s going on
29 days ago
yea basicaly
29 days ago
30 days ago
time travel
30 days ago
@ace @bigmancheesyboi
????? What r y'all talking about
31 days ago
yea it was jokes but whatever wont do again
32 days ago
Yea and so am i and everybody here but i wouldn't do it.
32 days ago
@ace duz that meen man now has the time stone?
i am...... INEVITABLE