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Advice and Venting

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Join us for venting, advice giving and just a fun time!

    Hi! I'm Kaylee, I have been through a lot and have decided to use my skills to help others. I can give advice, and am a good listener. I will listen to vents, and give advice. I will do my best to be on every day.

    - Judging will not be tolerated
    - Hatred is not allowed
    - No name-calling

    Please, don’t be nervous to open up seeking help is good, needing help is okay as well,

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77 days ago
yea it was jokes but whatever wont do again
78 days ago
Yea and so am i and everybody here but i wouldn't do it.
78 days ago
@ace duz that meen man now has the time stone?
i am...... INEVITABLE
79 days ago
Yay I'm so happy for u! Happy new year
80 days ago
I listened to yalls advice and i think im getting close to getting a gf!

Also happy new year
84 days ago
Yep probably 😭
85 days ago
Coments went back in time again.

Proly cuz @Big man Cheesy Boi said that word.
94 days ago
I have a bf too, it's ok not to have one, I'm in middle school to I've dated 4 guys and 1 girl. U will get a bf when the time is right
95 days ago
@ace thx will check it out later
95 days ago
@amy ur so lucky to have a boyfriend plus one that uve had for two years. ive never dated anyone and i’m actually really sad about it even though im in middle school and im still really young so good for u
96 days ago
If u guys get bored somebodys always talkin at (Am i suicidal?) i found it a few month ago just never wanted to say nothing.
97 days ago
I forgot i can't say s-u-c-k-s oops 🤣
97 days ago
Omg good for u!!! I'm doing like actually horrible

Dang that 😍I'm sry

97 days ago
Hi everyone! Been a while huh? Hope everyone is doing well. I’m sorry for the unwell times you all might be going thru. Love you all!
97 days ago
also i forgot to tell u guys since last last week friday on the second i had the flu but i got better on monday the twelfth. it sucked
98 days ago
Hi guys, been like a week or two since I came on. Me and my boyfriend just went put on a date a few days ago for our 2 year anniversary. He kissed me, I was like OMGGGGGGG, even tho we’ve kissed before. But then he stayed at my house and we watched movies and played with my dogs. How is everyone?
99 days ago
Woah!? This place dead?

Thanks im better now
109 days ago
I'm so happy for you ❤️❤️
111 days ago
i’m getting better and i’m so glad that most likely one of my friends is coming over tmrw
112 days ago
@aanya omg heyy what is going on? you don't have to sh if you don't feel good with yourself. i understand how hard it is, and how annoying is people telling you that "it's gonna be fine" because i used to do it too. but if you ever need to talk (if you feel comfortable) you can always write to me 🙃
@Ace get well soon xx