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Ask questions or for advice you can talk about anything!

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In this, you can ask me questions or if you need advice about something I will try to respond to everyone

No being rude
Don't judge

Everyone can discuss anything just be kind!

    Hi everyone my name is Katie

    You can ask me questions or ask for advice and I will try to respond to everyone
    Or you can just talk to others and make friends!

    No being rude
    Don't judge


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8 days ago
Hi is everyone okay?
💜 borahae 💜
15 days ago
@maya. You should really stop it's not good for your health i know it may be hard but you just shouldn't do it its not good for you.
37 days ago
I know this is what everyone will say but it is really bad for your health and can get you in very deep trouble. I understand it is hard but I would try to stop. :)
47 days ago
@maya. You shouldn't do it at school again. And you should try to stop vaping because its really bad for your health.
48 days ago
@Maya, I get how it’s difficult, I never did it. I mean I have but I’m not addicted. Don’t do it at school you will get caught.
51 days ago
I got caught vaping and i got suspended for 5 days if it happens again i will get expelled. the thing is i'm addicted to vaping so its hard not to vape at school i'm also 13 and i lost my family's trust and i lost a lot of friends. so i was thinking about vaping at school again without getting caught or yall think its risky
73 days ago
@Ace, actually No. I apologize. Im just a ‘normal’ girl who is uh? Very uh laughing at everything I don’t know how to start conversation I apologize 😅
73 days ago
I'm so sorry for your loss!! I'm sure that your best friend was an amazing person and she'll be remembered!
I think you should tell her! I'm sure she'll support you!
74 days ago
Meant tegan if yes i know you if no never mind
74 days ago
Wait Alex do you know a girl named regain by any chance
75 days ago
Hello, I’m Alex! I need help… I have a crush on a boy at school. He plays around with me but the thing is that he rejected me before we got out of school in December 16. He seems like he doesn’t care. But he been really nice January 13th. A Friday, I was very confused but really blushing..
75 days ago
Thx yk just someone saying you can gives you a lot of courage
76 days ago
@Ace you need to tell your mom ik you might be scared but you need to tell her.
76 days ago
It's becoming a problem because she hints to me like she knows but I'm not sure if she does and my friend can barely keep a secret and she calls me ace information of almost anyone and she'll be like oh there's no one here the but my moms art room(she's a teacher at my school) is right next to our classroom and I'm scared I won't even be able to tell her cuz my friend will blurt it out...
76 days ago
I'm Trans idk how to tell my mom tho and it's stressing me out bc ik she already accepts the LGBTQ community it just scares me and I get nervous and change the subject what should I do?
77 days ago
im so sorry. i cant imagine how hard that would be. i know sometimes when people say sorry it feels pointless, but i am. it must be awful that the parents blame you for it. not many people i know have passed, except my dog. she was so amazing, and was only four months old when it happened. it was months ago, but thats really the only way i can relate. i hope you get through this, and i hope youre not alone.

79 days ago
@isabella im so sorry for your loss.
79 days ago
@zoey 'how is everyone ?'
Ok so my best friend was coming home from school with me and without warning she ran out into the road and there was a screech of brakes and a loud crash.
My friend was taken into hospital imediatelly but sadly 2 days later she went into a coma and then left us.
School is not the same without her and I can't stand everyone being so nicey-nicey with me. Over the last 3 days I have lost 16 pounds and I have gone completely of my food. Her funeral is next week but I can't stand seeing her parents again as they blame me for everything that happened.
Sorry if this is to long but I feel like I just need to talk. Thank you for reading. Bye.
93 days ago
@sophia. You should not be friends with your ex best friend she will just use you again.
93 days ago
Hi i have a question. So my ex best friend wants to be my friend agian so what should i do? By the way she used me.