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The Period Hub

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My name is Charlotte and I got my period 3 years ago. If you are looking for estimations and advice on your periods here is the place to talk.

    There are a few rules you have to follow:
    1. Be Kind
    2. No Swearing
    3. Girls Only

    I will be able to get back to you from 1 to 7 days time.

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40 days ago
@Charlotte. Thank you and i might try to talk to her today.
46 days ago
If you are bold enough then try to talk to her about it. You could say,'Hey mum, theres something I need to talk to you about.
If you don't want to talk then thats fine, its totally normal to be embarrased about this subject. You could simply just send her a text or write it down on a piece of paper and give it to her. You could also try just dropping some hints now and then and she might start to get the idea.
Hope this answered your question,
47 days ago
How do i tell my mom i started my period?
70 days ago
Don't worry as for the first 2 or so years your periods may be irregular. If you are worried you should speak to your doctor, mum, or a school nurse.
Hope this answered your question.
80 days ago
I got my first period 58 days ago and the second still has not come. What should I do?