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Snowraven - a venting hut

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To the stranger sitting in front of your screen:

Welcome to this venting page. This is a place for you to talk your emotions out and specially for people that are struggling with mental health or physical health. Please do not judge others as they will not judge you. Swearing is allowed but don't overly swear and censor them out.

If you are going through a tough time or people are always being sarcastic/mean to you or avoid you, I completely understand as I am going through a type of depression called "Smiling Depression" which means "I'm fine on the outside, but I'm dying on the inside." Here are two of my stories:

So, this story starts with a person basically telling me to be "kinder" while he is being quite rude to all of the people that are hiding depression. He spelled my name wrong on purpose (winter's raven) and after I told him before he judges me ignorantly, understand what I'm going through. I told him I did tons of quizzes and tests, and they all came out to one result: You are depressed. He started telling me I don't have depression because I tested everything except for a therapist. He also was talking bad stuff about me when I was telling the truth of people hating on China. He said and spread to people that I am stubborn and will not admit that people are not being rude.
Later, he said to me something that truly infuriated me: If you are having depression then according to YOU, the whole world has depression. He does not understand that Smiling Depression is very harming to mental and can lead to suicide/self-harm because you never cry out loud.

When I was going on vacation with my friend, I was giving her all the choices because she was such spoiled by my parents and hers, too. She understood me and told me I was doing more than enough for her - Maybe that was the person that really understood me. On every roadtrip I had to give her the space, but her parents do not understand. They think that I am being rude by letting her sit in the middle (actually, the middle is very comfy and spacious, even more spacious for that I am constantly giving her my space) and is bossing her around. I held my emotions in for the whole vacation.

You are a gift from god to Earth. God made you beautiful, unique, special and most of all - nobody can replace you. You are too special to be replaced by others. No matter what you are going through, every night journal your feelings down or cry out your grief. I am always here for you and am willing to listen to you. Tell us all your stories here and we will help you. Chin up, you might be one person in the world, but to somebody you are the whole word. You are perfect the way you are.

Thrive well,
Winter S. Raven

    An additional note to you:

    This may not cure your depression/mental illness right away, but it will make you feel better, that I guarantee.

    You are going through a hard time. Be optimistic! Remember that Jesus sent himself on the cross for you. Messing up doesn't mean you are terrible or nasty. Being perfect is impossible but as long as you believe you have a reason to be made and is a meaningful gift from God to Earth, then you are what you think you are-glamorous, drop-dead gorgeous, beautiful, meaningful, amazing.

    Think of your life as a white paper. There are a few small black dots. You make them larger by thinking too much about them - ignore or put little attention on them. Pay attention to the rest that are white as snow and pure as angel. You are an angel yourself. Stick to what you like - truly like. You never make progress on what you don't like. You will succeed in what you adore and are willing to pay attention too.

    Be happy and cheerful every day. There always is somebody that cherishes you and your thoughts. You might not know how much they care about you, but know every day that there are people who care about you and is willing to listen to your story. No matter long or short, plain or tough, I am willing to listen.

    Have a great day,
    Winter S. Raven

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1 hour ago
Thanks for the advice… I think I will put it in their bedroom while they are asleep. I’m not sure when I will do it though. Maybe tonight or tomorrow or some other night. I don’t know yet. But thanks for the advice and I have mentioned you guys in the letter so that they do know I am talking to people.
7 hours ago
Jess, I agree too! Do whatever you're comfortable with. Maybe the fridge? They're bound to see it there!
8 hours ago
Please can someone see the page
Give advice and get advice
I created it cos I really need some help!
💜 thanks
17 hours ago
Agreed with Twix! If your parents allow you to make virtual friends you can mention Twix or maybe Sophia. If they don’t, then as Twix said you can leave it somewhere for them to read, because that would also be a great idea. If they go into your room, then you can put it on your desk. I personally think you should give it to your parents.
18 hours ago
@jess it’s ok, do whatever makes you feel good you can even wait a little bit and give it to them in a few days and you could put it on their bedside table( if you have one) or maybe a bathroom counter when their not in their so you can kinda forget about it after that
19 hours ago
so ive finished writing the letter to my mum and dad but i just dont know if i want to give it to them because it does have a lot written in it but if i do give it to them i dont know how. putting it on their desk when they are asleep is a good idea but i dont know. it would be kind of hard. i think maybe ill just leave it hidden on the bed for them to find and attatch a note to say read it together or something. im kind of nervous about giving it to them to read. im not so sure i want to now that ive finished it.
19 hours ago
@winter s. raven thanks for the middle name suggestions! ❤️
22 hours ago

Oh boiii no, you shouldn't be on those last straws. Some things are hard and I will be with you the whole time. Take care.
22 hours ago
Hey guys I'm on another laptop. It's me. @Twix I suggest Coyote, Ophelia or Genevieve as Lennox's middle name.
@Jess you should put this on their table/desk when they're at sleep.
@Jess yeah I had some pain medicine and my foot looks weird and bruised
Maybe take some pain medication like paracetamol or something @Twix
My foot is like blazing in pain I go to the doctor tomorrow now my mom thinks it could be sprained badly and have a few fractures and maybe a ligament tare but I am wearing a brace and a walking boot so 🤞 nothing is bad
Hi ωιηтєя ѕ. яανє
I keep going back and forth with if I should show the letter to my parents but I don’t know. When I’m really sad and deep I want them to know but when I’m just numb and plain I don’t want them to know. I think I’m going to write some more things and then I’ll give it to them… I’m not sure when though. I don’t know when the best time will be.

Today death is on my mind. I feel like I am getting so many signs today to die. Death has been mentioned in multiple ways today.
Btw its me Sophia.
How is ur guys' day?
NOTHING. IT IS JUST... actually it is normal
adding 1:

Whoever told you do be yourself gave you some really bad advice.

Oops, For the sixth one I meant:

I don't $hu+ up, I grow up.
Hi @Freddie,

I read your comment about age regression. I searched it up, and I think it means your state of mind going back a few years or even getting infant-like. I've never been through this much stuff but this makes me understand how lucky I am with no diseases. But I heard some people experiencing age regression feel relaxed by having their mindset back a few years, but I'm not sure about you. If it does make you concerned tell your parents or if they know yet they are ignoring then you should seek support within us or other friends.


If they are constantly bullying you there are a few words to stand up to. (They might not be very kind, but they sure do the work!)

1-I really want to slap you, but if I did I'd be against animal abuse.
2-I saw you today, and it reminded me that I forgot to take out the trash.
3-You're like a cloud. When you disappear, the day is good.
4-Your birth certificate should be rewritten as an apology note.
5-I'm no astronaut but I believe the world doesn't orbit around you, right?
6-I don't 🐬, I grow up.
7-You hear that? That's the voice of me ignoring you.
8-Two thousand years of evolution just for this? I'm shocked.
9-I'm sure my brother/sister got my brains from you because I still have one.
10-You didn't change since the last time we met. You really should.
11-Wait a second, I'm trying to find an insult that you can understand.

OR, when somebody says this to you, I've got a few comebacks (matching order, A as the person you're standing up to, Y as you)

1-A: But yeah, we're animals, and that'll still count as a form of abuse, just physical abuse.
Y: I said animal abuse, which is towards all animals except for humans. Not physical abuse.
1a-Really? Do that!
Y: Ya know, you'd cry after I do.

2-A: The trash is you.
Y: I said, take OUT my trash, which means it's not me. Plus, if it could be me, why can't it be you?

3-A: I've heard that.
Y: Prove it. As a person who heard this this is all you can give me in return? What a shame!
3a- A: But it means I'm on top of the world!
Y: But honestly, a matter of wind can whip you around 360 times per second.

4- A: Your death certificate should be written as a thank-you note to the world!
Y: Seriously, death certificate?
Y: But your mom came with it though, did she give it to me? I don't think so. Your mom doesn't like me.

5- A: Of course it doesn't, who told you it did?
Y: Your actions, words, attitude, expression and tone.
But you told be verbally though, so...?

6- A: You still using that? So lame!
Y: You still putting this as a response! So lame!
6a- A: Seriously? You don't 🐬, but you don't grow up either.
Y: I might not grow a lot in size but I certainly do in knowledge! Unlike you.

7- A: If you ignore me, I can't hear that. Work your brain out!
Y: You just said I didn't have a brain a few days ago. I guess you don't have one either.
Y: When I ignore people, often I say "yes" often. Get that?

8- A: You too, no thanks.
Y: So you just confirmed that I was correct by saying "too".

9- A: You don't have one.
Y: C-O-U-S-I-N. Cousin. Read that word 3 times.

10- A: I don't have to. You're talking about last class, right?
Y: I said, "should". Plus, I said attitude. I could change that in a matter of seconds, but- not sure bout you!

11- A: You just ran out of insults.
Y: I have plenty that you don't understand, want me to say them?
If they ask you to say that just say: